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George Richardson
George Richardson
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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Living with daily back pain at the age of 18 was a blessing in disguise for me. It was a constant reminder that I wasn't looking after my body properly and that I needed to make a positive change to my sedentary lifestyle as continuous discomfort was not something I wanted to experience for the rest of my life.

Now, over 10 years later, I am essentially pain free, have been regularly training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 5 years, recently ran and finished a 100 mile ultramarathon, and continue to work on bulletproofing my joints in the gym. It is safe to say that little by little I have completely changed my life around for the better.

As a dedicated personal trainer with years of experience, I can confidently say that you are in good hands with me as my many verified reviews reflects. I am passionate and committed about helping all my clients improve the quality of their lives, feel strong, and achieve their fitness goals.

I will tailor a plan to meet your individual wants and needs with keen attention to detail in sessions when it comes to form, and outside of sessions regarding progress tracking, whilst ensuring a fun and effective fitness journey.

Let's work together to unlock your full potential and make lasting positive changes in your life.

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Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (NASM)
Corrective Exercise Specialisation (NASM)
Optimum Performance Training™ (NASM)
Level 3 in Sports Science
Level 2 in Fitness Instructing (NASM)
Low Back Pain – Resolved! (NASM)
Low Back Dysfunction: Extension Intolerance (NASM)
Low Back Dysfunction: Flexion Intolerance (NASM)
Integrated Core Training (NASM)
Corrective exercise
Back pain
Long distance running
Barefoot style running/training
Joint pain (especially knee and shoulder)
Injury prevention
40 Reviews 40 out of 40
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I have had lower back pain and lack of energy along with poor posture. I decided to work with George back in January and have been with him for four and a half months twice a week. I didn't know that he himself suffered from back pain and this is a testimony from George that you can correct and eradicate back pain and build muscle. He is an inspiration to me, he thoroughly knows physiology all the different muscle groups and how they interact. I feel much better physically and mentally after having a period of illness last year. He has a friendly and helpful approach and will always encourage and motivate you. I look forward to continuing my work with him and I consider him to be one of the best people I have worked with.
Kenneth Driscoll
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George has really transformed the way I approach gym work, and also helped alleviate a lot of the chronic back pain I’ve had for many years. His tailored approach to workouts, friendly demeanour, and goal driven attitude is exactly what I was after in a PT - highly recommend !
Caspar Harvey
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George is highly specialist, patient, and is very thorough in his approach. I like his attention to detail in the sessions and the programs, his quest to help by always giving in-depth answers to any questions, and his incredible knowledge to guide the process. He is making remarkable gains with my injury and I look forward to what’s next. Highly recommend
Rob Newman
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George is highly specialist, patient, and is very thorough in his approach. I like his attention to detail in the sessions and the programs, his quest to help by always giving in-depth answers to any questions, and his incredible knowledge to guide the process. He is making remarkable gains with my injury and I look forward to what’s next. Highly recommend
Rob Newman
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I consulted George with a neck & shoulder injury after seeing his considerate approach with his clients in the gym. Since then, he has educated me with a number of exercises, stretches and self-massages that have already contributed in lowering the chronic pain associated with the injury. Highly recommend!
Anthony Perera
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Couldn’t recommend George more highly. I was clueless in the gym and overwhelmed by the thought of weights and George has got me to a position where I’m actively looking forward to my workouts.

George is supportive and patient, yet always pushing me to work hard. Particularly appreciate his focus on form and technique and that my workout is evolving and being kept fresh. I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident with George’s support!
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George is a fantastic trainer who knows how to positively push you when required. George has worked with me for over a year which has provided a positive impact in the areas we focus on.

I would 100% recommend George to any one.
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My wife Emily and I have been working out with George, and he's been awesome! He's always pushing us to do our best and never lets us slack off. George is always making time for us and adjusting workouts to fit our needs, especially for my leg issues. Plus, his positive vibes keep us motivated even when we feel like giving up. Thanks to him, we're feeling stronger and healthier than ever. If you need a great trainer who's also a cool dude, George is your guy!
Massimo and Emily
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From the outset, George listened to what I wanted to achieve and created an evolving, tailored plan to target my specific needs. This has enabled me to become stronger, more stable, and more confident, both in and out of the gym.

Over the past three months, George has encouraged me to push further than I'd be able to on my own, while making the experience enjoyable and less intimidating.
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I have been training with George on and off for several months now and have been struck by how well he listens and adapts routines to suit my needs. As someone who has a number of comped injuries he has been great at being creative and also helping to motivate me at moments of frustration with his usual warmth. Definitely seeing shoots of progress and most importantly focus and confidence in areas I would ordinarily not focus on!
Amir Rizwan
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I have been training with George for a couple of months and I’m really enjoying our sessions together.
George is really good at explaining the rationale and benefits beyond each exercise, and always ensures that we keep the sessions well balanced.
I had used other PT’s in the past but they all generally focussed on weights and cardio.
Of course we do those with George too, but we also work on improving flexibility and overall strength, particularly for my lower back.
Highly recommended!
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I’ve been training with George for a little over a month. I’m really enjoying the sessions. He is very good at understanding your abilities and goals. The corrective positioning training is amazing, who knew I was doing a plank wrong all these yrs. He is very knowledgeable and explains why we’re working on certain muscles. Always fun and interesting session. Top bloke, great trainer. Thanks 😁
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George is an excellent personal trainer with the skills, enthusiasm and drive to push you as a client. His consultation was through and I felt listened too, he tailored the programme for me based on what I told and pushed and challenged me in a positive way which is what I needed as someone who has been out of exercise for a while. I would highly recommend him.
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George is a meticulous trainer who has helped me regain confidence & strength after sustaining an Infraspinatus injury. I would highly recommend!
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George is a top bloke and an excellent personal trainer. He’s an absolute professional who’s got crazy patience and a wealth of knowledge.

He really took the time to get to know me and my fitness goals, and then tailored sessions to meet my needs (I had a blood clot in my leg and he factored that in his plan). He’s results orientated, and will push you as an individual, but he does it in a way that you’d enjoy and not hate lol.

George has made the gym a less intimidating place! 10/10!
James Kealey
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Been training with George for a few months and he has pushed me in ways i couldn't imagine. He is very encouraging, approachable and focused on the task at hand. When I started I was low on confidence and George helped me overcome this struggle in the gym workouts. His knowlegde is immense every time I have a question relating to training he has an answer. He has motivated me to eat better and train more contributing to a more healthy lifestyle. Would highly recommend using George as a PT.
Dara Olusegun
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I've always been someone who's never been much of a gym goer - more just swimming and cycling regularly for pleasure. So when a cycle accident left me with knackered knee - I found I didn't have the knowledge or confidence to rehab by myself.

Working with George has been fantastic - within a few weeks my knee was a lot stronger and I'm feeling fitter and more confident. His patient, encouraging approach and knowledgeable attention to what's within my ability makes me feel confident to push myself in a way I wouldn't if I was on my own.

I now plan to continue with George for my knee rehab and also to improve my overall fitness. I'd gladly recommend him!
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Can’t recommend George enough. He has an extensive knowledge on corrective exercises and he tailors every session to my specific needs. He truly understands what is necessary to help me meet my goals whilst being highly supportive.
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I was really pleased with my session with George, he put together a personalised workout for me and introduced me to many of the gyms weights training machines. I found it all incredibly useful and would definitely recommend you book a session with him, he really knows his stuff.
Will Clarke
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George is the best. I came to George 10 months after having two major lumbar back surgeries and was sceptical about how much a PT could help my recovery. I need not have worried, George is extremely well informed and holistic in his approach. What I really like about George is that he is ferociously curious, as such he always seeks out how he can approach any of my physical hurdles from a different angle to get the desired outcome. He is genuinely passionate about understanding his clients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals. I now live a relatively pain free day to day life - something I thought might never happen for me, and I think a great deal of that is down to my journey with George. He is such a great motivator, relentlessly positive (without being annoying) and just an all round great human who’ll undoubtedly have your back as well as he has mine.
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George is great! I came to George as a regular runner who had never done any strength and conditioning work but who wanted to build it into my training. George took time to understand my running and my goals and developed a tailored plan.

We have worked our way steadily through a range of running-specific exercises. George is always very patient with my bad form – and careful to correct it! – and explains what we’re doing and why it’s helpful in good detail. I have already seen good progress and feel much stronger, especially in my core.

I look forward to my sessions with George! I would definitely recommend George to anyone – runner or otherwise – looking for an attentive, patient and fun PT. He’ll find a plan that works for you!
Tom Stottor
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Training with George has been a fantastic introduction to the world of weights, after a lifetime of over-focusing on cardio. He's got a unique mix of patience, knowledge and injury awareness which has meant that every session has been productive, enjoyable and sustainable. George took time to understand my personal goals in and outside of the gym, and it's been particularly good to train with someone who is a keen distance runner as well. I can feel the benefits of his well-rounded training having a positive impact across the board and I'm looking forward to continued gains. I would highly recommend George to others.
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I've been training with George for 5 weeks and he is amazing. He has showed me so many different weight training exercises that's working muscles I didn't even know existed. The change in how ì feel and my flexibility has really impressed me. The best thing about having George's training expertise is that he always explains everything we are doing in-depth and ensures that my form and technique is correct. Highly recommend George he's brilliant!
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I've been training with George for 5 weeks and he is amazing. He has showed me so many different weight training exercises that's working muscles I didn't even know existed. The change in how ì feel and my flexibility has really impressed me. The best thing about having George's training expertise is that he always explains everything we are doing in-depth and ensures that my form and technique is correct. Highly recommend George he's brilliant!
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George has been a game changer for me. Came to him with a long history of injuries and he designed a program that took all of that into account. He's built my confidence back up, always new exercises to keep things interesting and got me doing things in the gym I would never have down without his support.
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I joined the gym in May 2023 after a recommendation from a friend about the benefits of exercise for intermittent lower back pain and balance issues. I’m 64 years of age and also wanted to exercise to improve my general health and well-being.

After an initial consultation at the gym it was recommended that I consider working with a personal trainer. The gym consultant suggested George Richardson as a trainer who would be able to address my specific needs with his experience in working with clients with back pain and his ‘biomechanics’ approach.

I arranged for a free consultation with George and was impressed. The consultation was very thorough and George was clearly very passionate about fitness and wellbeing. I felt encouraged by George’s approach and skill set and booked an initial 10 sessions.

George’s bespoke sessions have been very productive and I am already feeling the benefit of my weekly session with George and two visits per week on my own to follow George’s programme.

George is professional, friendly and has excellent interpersonal skills. He has shown me how to use the gym equipment safely and efficiently. George keeps me motivated and is always happy to answer any questions. George takes notes at each session, tracks my progress and adapts my fitness plan.

I will continue my sessions with George and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others seeking a personal trainer.

Thanks George!
Martin Goodsell
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George has been amazing during our PT sessions, he’s been really good at helping with my long term sciatic issues and has shown me how to adopt strategies in managing this. He knows how to push me to my goals and more and still keeps the training fun and engaging. He’s definitely helped with gym confidence and made training manageable again, I thank him for that.
Nimesh M
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I started working with George 3 months ago, to help rehabilitate an old shoulder injury, having already completed physio. His methodical and knowledgeable approach has meant I've made significant improvements to my shoulder strength and stability already. He is professional and dedicated. Recommend+++
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Been fantastic having George help me work on a new exercise regime for my back injury.
I’m certainly feeling more aligned!
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We have absolutely loved our PT sessions. Our main outcome as a couple was to build strength and become more confident in a gym so that we started enjoying the workout process more. George made the sessions fun & challenging he continues to push us both as individuals and tweaks each excercise so that myself and my partner Joe get the most out of everything we do. I couldn’t recommend George more!
Lauren P
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I have been working with George for the past 4 months, and he has helped me to improve my overall fitness and health, particularly with my lower back issues.

Prior to working with George, I was experiencing chronic lower back pain. I had tried working with other personal trainers in the past but this often led to more injuries.

When I started working with George, he immediately took the time to assess my physical condition and understand my goals. He then created a personalised training program that was designed to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility.

George is a very knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer. He is also very patient and encouraging. He always makes sure that I am using proper form and that I am not pushing myself too hard.

After working with George for just a few months, I started to notice a significant improvement in my lower back pain. I am also sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day.

I am so grateful for George's help. He has made a real difference in my life. If you are looking for a personal trainer who can help you improve your fitness and health, I highly recommend George.
Adam B
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George is a great all-round personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge of how the body works.

As I hobbying gymnast I wanted to improve my flexibility in my shoulders and hamstring as well as work on my general fitness and after doing an initial consultation with George over the phone I decided to book a block of four sessions.

I also mentioned that I had also been suffering with wrist problems recently. During our weekly sessions he has shown me some exercise that would help alleviate some of the pain whilst also helping me regain strength in this area.

George takes the time to carefully plan our weekly sessions tailoring these towards my specific needs with stretches and exercises I can take away and work on myself.

I cannot recommend George highly enough.

Thank you!

Chris Deering
Chris Deering
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George has been great for me as a PT. I came to him three months ago with a recovering back injury and plan to do a marathon in April and he's massively helped me reach my goals.

I'd previously had mixed experiences of PTs who focused on building muscle mass and not listening to my goals - which are mostly to support running, swimming and cycling through strength building and injury prevention. George listens to what you want and then designs the training to fit. He also keeps mixing in new exercises, which both helps keep it fresh and also identifies new areas to work on.

He's easy to get on with, works you hard (but with a good eye to good form), has an apparently encyclopedic knowledge of the interactions of all the muscle groups and is generally just full of energy. I'd strongly recommend him for anyone looking to make progress towards their fitness and strength goals.
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I’ve been training with George for 9 months. He has helped me to recover from surgery that left me with a weak lower abdomen area. George is always making the effort to increase his knowledge and experience. I really appreciate his efforts in designing programmes for post-op rehabilitation that change frequently to keep me interested and motivated. I look forward to the sessions. For one hour I don’t have to think because George has done all the prep and he monitors my posture and form throughout.
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George has been my trainer for about six months now and I highly recommend him. He listened to my goals at the start of our working together, and the programme we have gone through has made a big difference to me. I have never been able to stick with gym memberships before - but working with George has made attending the gym fun, enjoyable and a great challenge.

I look forward to the sessions and I always feel properly worked out after. George also listens if I say, for example, my back hurts. He devises exercises to strengthen it and to avoid risking injury.

George is also very encouraging. He ensures I never give up, but he also doesn’t push me beyond what I can do, or ever make me feel I have failed if I can’t complete a set.

George is a great PT!
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Working with George is a pleasure. George clearly has a great passion for his work and a great knowledge of how the body works, e.g. how to build strength and mobility while protecting against injury, which is very important to me because I'm relatively new to the gym. George is also a great listener, so I always feel fully involved in the evolution of my exercise programme - it is like working on myself, but in a team, which is great. I look forward to every session and afterwards always feel like I've achieved something quite tangible. After less than ten sessions the improvements in my body shape and strength were already clearly visible, so, really, I couldn't be happier.
Saul Holding
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George is an excellent PT. He took note of my fitness goals and tailored the session accordingly. I have seen some pleasing results. I highly recommend George.
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Having spent 5 years+ running long distance, in 2022 I began struggling in my ability to do what had previously come so naturally to me. My stride was shorter, my confidence was down and my body simply refused to do what it once had been so good at.
I chose George because unlike other PT's he shared my love of running and knew how important it was to my daily routine and mental health.
Having trained with George for 4 months I am pleased to be able to say that I am running as well as I ever did and my confidence is back.
In addition, George has taught me the importance of listening to my body, taking rest days and has provided me with the tools and knowledge to correct muscle pain and tightness.
When we first starting training I had very little strength, very little interest in strength training and couldn't even balance on one leg, unassisted. I am now setting myself strength training goals because I want to, because I enjoy it and because I want to improve every day. My balance has improved ten-fold and this has seen other areas of my exercise schedule improve with equal measure. I've never been happier with my physical abilities and can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for me.
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I've been working with George for just over a year now. At the start, I was fresh from a low back injury and had been suffering from chronic low back pain since my teens. I heard nothing from doctors about my chronic pain other than "don't sit for too long and take ibuprofen if it hurts too much." George took a much more active and effective approach with me.

George is clearly a expert in corrective exercises. In the first few sessions, he demonstrated some very stark imbalances in both strength and flexibility that caused my long-term issues. We got right to work in building greater mobility and symmetry. Within a month, I was already seeing significant improvements. A year on, I've been injury free, despite my very active lifestyle. Plus, I'm definitely MUCH stronger, which has helped in my baseball performance :)
Tyler Cote
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George has been an excellent personal trainer who has built my confidence in the gym. He listens to my goals and tailors each session to push me to reach those goals.
He maintains a perfect balance of pushing me to my limit whilst still making the sessions enjoyable.
I would highly recommend!

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