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Glau Spalding
Glau Spalding
Arbroath Sports Centre
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My name is Glaucia Spalding, I am very passionate about helping others find happiness in their life and feel good about themselves. I believe that when you FEEL GOOD, you excel in life.

For me, a healthy lifestyle is much more than just lifting weights and having a restrictive diet. It’s about learning how to eat healthily, doing the right exercises, and getting happy with yourself inside and out, without an obligation to do these changes but because you want to. I love to see when they experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. I make it a goal to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health-related issues. If you feel that you haven’t yet found a person to help you to achieve your goals, you’ve found one now.

If you ask, “will this work for me?” the resounding answer is “Yes”. Tell me what your goals are, we will work together on the game plan, and we’ll be a winning team.

Experience providing instruction for one-to-one sessions, buddy sessions, and group training.
Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer
First Aid Certification
Speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish
Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre and Postnatal Clients with Exercise and Nutrition
Fat Loss
Muscle & Strength Gain
Mental Health
Educating Clients On Proper Nutrition and Hydration Needs
Bespoken Training Plans
23 Reviews 23 out of 23
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Glau is an amazing PT, she is really understanding and helped me through my mental breakdowns on my weightloss journey.
She is 100% focused and keeps pushing you to your full potential... if you hear her say "come on one more" ..just know she is lying 🤭
Glau is so easy to speak with and funny it actually makes your PT session fun. Thank you so much
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Glau has taught me and continues to teach me so much about the best way to work out for my body, what's healthier to eat and overall how to make myself stronger. She is so lovely and puts 100% into focusing on you and your needs. I've recommended her to everyone I know. I'm still going with Glau but I can't thank her enough. :)
Erin Frith
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When I started at the gym, I really needed a PT as I had extensive surgery on one of my arm a few years back so was unsure of how to approach using all the equipment or a fitness regime without injuring myself. G came highly recommended and I must say she hasn't let me down. She has tailored my programmes exactly to how I can manage weights and movements and never once felt I couldn't achieve. If I've ever felt a strain she knows how to adapt or alter what I'm doing to correct for me and my special circumstances. I for one would highly recommend her to anyone of any level in any circumstance or capacity to sort you out. Thank you Boss lady x
Cliff Cuthbertson
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Awesome trainer! G infectious optimism make exercise fun. G always works hard to tailor her program to the client’s level, assists in setting realizable goals and when met makes getting to the next level. I am enjoying my sessions very much. G helped me to reach great levels of health and fitness that I could not have reached without her training and motivation.Meeting G has been a life-changing experience for me.
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I started to go to the gym about a year ago now and felt intimidated by the machines and wondering how to start. I decided to contact G and have never looked back. I had a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder and although I had been to see a physio and was given excercises to follow I still had limited motion.
Then once I had my consultation with G she set up some strengthening exercises for my shoulder and exercises for strength and to help me get fitter as it had been such a long time since I had stepped inside a gym. With the expertise from G I now have full motion back in my shoulder and I’m truly overwhelmed by my recovery and it is all down to this amazing lady.
G puts you through your paces but is very skilled in what she does.
I have now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip and together with G’s expertise and help we are starting a new exercise programme tailored to my needs.
G is approachable, warm, friendly and fun and I would never have thought that I would ever enjoy going to the gym. I truly cannot recommend her enough she is just fabulous!
Alison Spink
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Requiring to improve my fitness G was recommended. I had reservations at first however as the weeks progressed so did my flexibility, strength and stamina. My waistline shrank by 5cm following the recommended change to eating habits and portion control. Each session was tough but became easier from G’s encourage and coaching. Thoroughly recommend her as a personal trainer, she makes exercise fun while pushing you to beyond what you think you can do.
Ron L
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Glau is very professional, motivational, energetic and fun PT. Every time looking forward to our sessions although I know it will be hard. As Glau would say "No pain, no gain". She is very approachable and friendly. Answers all your questions and helps you to become better version of yourself.
Roberta Kizuk
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I've been with Glau for almost a year now. I've become a different women because of her. She has helped me in a way I never thought possible. I feel better, look better and the compliments I keep getting from people is great. She has helped me so much and I love working with her. Our sessions are alway filled with laughter and sweat haha. She is very good at what she does passionate and encouraging. Xx
Vicki Smith
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It's been amazing to work with G. From the very start she has listened to what I wanted to achieve and has produced tailored programmes to work through. G's energy and enthusiasm are infectious and sessions with her are so much fun. I really needed someone to keep me accountable and she is great, very encouraging. G keeps the sessions varied so it's never boring. Sessions are tough but definitely worth it, I've lost 10kg in 12 weeks which I wouldn't have been able to do on my own.
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Working out in the gym was a new type of exercise for me. But a running knee injury made me try it for the first time. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but now feel so glad that Glau is my trainer. She is so understanding of my needs and ability and is really encouraging. I've been training now for 2 months and I've never felt better. My knee has really improved and I can see positive improvements in my body shape. Glau is also so helpful with diet and supplement advice. Glau is a wonderful, kind and extremely professional trainer. She has motivated me to look at fitness in a new light. I wish I'd gone to the gym years ago!! I'm so glad Glau is with me for this fitness journey.
Johanna Summers
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Training with Glau has been amazing! As someone with little gym experience, and awkward medical history, she tailored a bespoke program just for me that works perfectly. She's always kind, enthusiastic and knows when to push me to new heights! I've seen a huge improvement since I started, and that's all thanks to Glau! Amazing work!
Paul Gardiner
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What can I say, what a great personal trainer. I train first thing in morning and she's always superb cheery and enthusiastic. Ive lost more weight than I thought I would 5lbs in 4 weeks, I feel great and my whole lifestyle has changed. She's the only person that can make me laugh whilst putting me through my paces. Your given motivational texts, meal plans and excerise plans to do at home or on gym. Would highly recommend Glau
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Originally, I began my journey with G to help improve my fitness, to lose weight and to help with my health issues, relating to fibromyalgia. I have been training with G for a month now and already I have noticed an improvement In my strength, cardio and my eating habits. I have still a long way into my journey but with the support and encouragement that I get from G, I know I’m in good hands!
Sarah Henderson
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Can’t recommend Glau enough. She really made me feel at ease in the gym. Something that doesn’t come natural to me and don’t feel confident about. After telling her my goals she quickly put together a programme for me which was enjoyable and also challenging. I could feel the difference in my fitness and also strength. Always on hand for help and advice she really made me feel at ease. I am really looking forward to working with Glau again in the future.
Vicki Redmonds
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I have recently started some PT sessions with Glau, she is extremely knowledgeable and also very professional, though she also makes the work fun.
Glau has helped me understand the right and wrong way of exercising and has in a short time taught me a lot.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone
Gavin Swankie
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I just wanted to say how pleased I am to have Contacted Glau for advice. I hadn’t been to a gym in over 15 years and didn’t know where to start. That’s where Glau came in with her expertise, experience and kindness. I am now on a programme to help me get fitter, toned and feel good about myself.
If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals then I couldn’t recommend this lovely lady enough 😊
Alison Spink
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I was very nervous attending my first session but G instantly put me at ease. She is very warm & friendly.

I was very inactive but G worked to provide me with a programme that is challenging but not so difficult that I don't want to go back. That has been my problem previously that things have felt too hard or not suitable for beginners so have scared me off. Working 1 to 1 with her is really beneficial as she takes the time to explain the exercises, makes sure you are doing them correctly & also how to work the machines & equipment in the gym. She has given me the knowledge & understanding to realise that even small changes can make a huge difference to my lifestyle.

If you are considering personal training I would highly recommend G. In a short space of time I am already seeing improvements & I now have the confidence to try things that I wouldn't have before. If I can do it then I honestly believe anyone can!
Amy F
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I've always wanted a personal trainer, I was in a position to be able to get one so I messaged Glau we got on straight away. She listened to what I was looking for and was when I said I need someone to tell me ' come on Vicki give me 2 more' she is pushing me in a fab way and I feel better in myself again enjoying the gym again. I'm very grateful to Glau. She is kind, attentive and has a passion for health and fitness that is infectious. I am always looking forward to my nxt sessions x
Vicki Smith
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In the short time that I’ve been working with Glau, she has been amazing.
She has always been very friendly, supportive and overall just has an fantastic positive attitude and outlook on life.
Glau encourages and motivates me when I’m doubting myself and fully believes in you and your potential. She gives amazing advice, her workouts are well planned and she always does her best to boost your confidence and make you feel proud of yourself.
I’m very grateful for all of her support so far and I’m looking forward to many more sessions.
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I've been doing workouts with Glau and I am amazed at the progress I have made! I'm hitting goals I never thought were even possible for myself! She is amazing!
Andrea Amarante
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Glaucia has transformed my health, weight and lifestyle in a very short time. She inspired me to go to the gym and keep up going with a well planned and stress free routine that made me enjoy going to the gym and not have that knackered feeling, but energised and knowing that I had a well planned workout.
She has a great approach with a fantastic positive attitude and is not someone who tried to squeeze the last bit of energy out of you.
Her plworkoit plan was well formed and easy changed when some workouts were beyond my ability.
Each workout was well explained and she made sure that I kept the right posture or movement with each session.
Daniel Radtke
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I couldn't be happier to have invested in a good personal trainer to accompany me on this journey of change. Glau is very dedicated, and professional and motivates me to keep going strong, even on days when I want to give up. Training with her I discovered that I was capable of so much more and I am grateful that she showed me that. Thank you for every encouragement and friendly words.
Nivia Birse
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What could I say about Glau...?
She was very professional all the way. She knew very well what she was talking about, and understood very well what I was looking for. And then, she created a fitness plan which worked perfectly with my timetable and limitations.
Rafael Sanches

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