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Gokce Stringer
Gokce Stringer
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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For all my life I have been involved in sports, with background in gymnastics, swimming, running, cycling, boxing and resistance training. Keeping fit and maintaining a balanced diet has always had a positive impact on my life. I am constantly striving for improvements for my clients and myself on goals such as gaining muscle mass, fat loss, increasing strength, conditioning and speed, learning techniques of lifting, boxing and more.

Working in corporate environment for twenty years, I know the stress and rush of city life and how important it is to exercise to release stress, stretch those muscles that have been sat on a chair all day, burn the calories consumed at your desk in front of a computer or in a rush at a sandwich bar, loose the fat from those unburned calories.

Pre/Post Natal Training: Having had two children myself, I understand the importance of staying fit and healthy both during pregnancy and after the baby is born for mums and dads. I can tailor sessions to ensure you are in a great shape for both you and your baby.

There are plenty of issues work and social life brings, we can resolve this by understanding your needs and personality so as to fashion a program that suits you to gain your optimum health and fitness targets. I achieve this through open communication and intuition. Seeing the physical and mental benefits of the training will boost your confidence. I am confident you will see results within six weeks of starting the training.
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Sports Nutrition
Gym Based Boxing Instructor
Spin instructor
Circuit Instructor
Sports Nutrition
Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Athletes
Pre-Post Natal
Fat Loss
Resistance Training
Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery
Core strength
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I have been training with Gokce for only two months now, but she really motivated me and helped get a really strong headstart.

I am already seeing results!

She is so professional and supportive. I am sure that I will meet my goals as I carry on working with her.

She helped me with my nutrition plan and inspiring me with some healthy and delicious recipes 😋.
I never liked the gym before. Now I started enjoying being there and understand how everything works.
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I've been training with Gokce for 5 months and I'm so happy with the results I have achieved with her. Not only I have lost 6kg, but I generally feel better, have more energy and after two pregnancies I'm regaining my body.

She has also given me the confidence to step inside the gym by myself, and in a time in my life dominated by total chaos, exercising has truly kept me sane. Our sessions have provided a consistent outlet for stress.

She is also extremely flexible, fun, and knowledgeable!
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Gokce was the perfect PT for me. I am very grateful to her for giving me the confidence and encouragement to train regularly. Before meeting her I was too nervous to try any gym equipment and didn't think I'd be able to stick to a fitness plan that wasn't just running and swimming. She taught me how to feel comfortable in the gym and before I knew it I had stopped feeling self conscious. She helped me push myself to train harder, in a safe way. She was always patient, made each session unique and I had a lot of fun too - we had great chats in between reps! In a few months I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have - which, after having three kids, feels like nothing short of a miracle. I'm in debt to Gokce for the way she's changed my view of resistance training and gym sessions. I can't thank her enough.
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Gokce is an amazing personal trainer. I’ve been training with her for 3 months now and I’ve not only lost 10kg of weight but I feel stronger, more confident and more energetic than before. I have osteoarthritis and back pain and I can already see a big difference in my daily life. I’m able to do so much more and be more active with my kids thanks to her!

I’m really happy with our sessions and her help, they’re tailored and personalised to me and what I want to achieve. Gokce is also highly skilled, patient and incredibly professional and my sessions with her have been invaluable. I look forward to continuing to work with Gokce and I’d definitely recommend her to everyone!
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Gokce is a brilliant trainer. In the 6 months that we’ve been training - I can see significant changes in my strength, fitness and physique. She really tailors our workouts in line with my goals, capabilities and schedule, and I always feel motivated to get to the next session! Gokce is highly skilled, patient, flexible and very inspirational. She’s keen to advise on nutrition and additional exercise options, and always ensures our workout plans are varied. Gokce is everything you’d look for in a personal trainer - couldn’t recommend her enough!
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Gokce is incredible. I’ve been working with her for 6 months and my body has changed so much!

I’m stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities at the gym. I love doing weights, which I never thought could happen. She has started training my partner too and he loves it and is seeing results really quickly.

She listens to what you what to achieve and encourages you to work hard without being patronising or judgemental. She’s ACE!
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I have been training with Gokce for 8 years - and that includes through 2 pregnancies. Training with Gokce has now become a necessary part of my week, both for my mental well-being as well as my physical. I’ve gone from being the unfit kid in school to being the fittest (and critically, strongest) I’ve ever been and actually enjoying it. Without her, I dread to think what state I would be in! Gokce works around your schedule: as a mother of young children and someone who has worked in the city, she understands there are many different factors pulling you in all directions. The ability to train online has allowed even more flexibility. I would strongly recommend Gokce to anyone training for a particular event or occasion as well as anyone who wants long term, sustainable fitness support.
Evie Meleagros
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Gokce is an amazing and inspirational trainer. When I first started training with her, I thought I was weak. She has built my strength and confidence by being honest, challenging and supportive. Over three years, Gokce has challenged and motivated me. We have built up and worked around my limitations, to the point where I have lifted weights and done exercises that I never thought I would be capable of. Honestly cannot recommend her more highly.
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Gokce is a fantastic trainer.
I’ve been training with her now for little under a year and I can honestly say that the progress I have made with her help has been incredible. Not only physically, but mentally too. After being with other PTs, you get to understand what works for you. Gokce can quickly see your potential and pushes you to achieve your best. The sessions are well thought out and have a structure to them. She includes a variety of training tools so that no one session is the same, keeping things fresh and exciting.
It’s great to see the physical changes these training sessions bring, and I look forward to continuing to work with Gokce and achieve my goals

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