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Gonzalo Garcia Sanchez
Gonzalo Garcia Sanchez
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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As part of the LGBTQI+ community, I had always felt nervous and exposed when training in a busy gym so one of the reasons I decided to become a Personal Trainer was to help other Queer folks like me, who are extremely overwhelmed by the "gym experience", to feel strong and confident while working out in a judgment-free environment.

My job as a coach is to make sure that your time in the gym is as enjoyable and safe as possible. My speciality being powerlifting, I believe strength training is the basis for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I have a friendly approach to fitness, and I believe that kindness and patience are key components of a well-rounded Personal Trainer and the best approach to lifting.

Whether you have previous experience working out or you are a total beginner, I am here to support you and help you develop lasting fitness habits that will make you feel confident and empowered.
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Focus Awards Level 3 in Personal Training
Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Water-based Exercise
Box fit CPD
Group Cycle CPD
Kettlebell CPD
Strength training
Muscle building
Weight loss
Body recompositing
Lifestyle Improvement
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