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Haroldas Alekna
Haroldas Alekna
Burnt Oak Leisure Centre
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YMCA Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Instructor, an advocate of High-Intensity-Training or HIT discovered by the latest Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones in 1970’s often summarising the general philosophy as “…train harder, but train briefer” located at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre.

I have trained hundreds of people from all walks of life and of varying abilities who
had knee and heel replacements, fragiled, de-conditioned seniors with extreme back pains so bad they could barely walk, clients with bone marrow, lung, intestine cancers, double hip replacement, severe cases of arthritis and osteoporosis, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, dwarfs, and professional athletes as well.

I believe that achieving and maintaining good health and a high level of functional ability should be among your top priorities. You only live once, your enjoyment and length of life are directly affected by your health, your physical capabilities and your appearance.

Please feel free to contact me if you are serious about the best possible results in minimum time and I will help you build a body you’ll want to show off, without having to spend your life in the gym, starve yourself, or beat up your joints in the process.
YMCA Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
YMCA Level 2 Diploma in Health, Fitness and Exercise Instruction
Level 1 Diploma & Certificate in Skills for Sport and Active Leisure
BSc in Physical Activity and Lifestyle (Lithuanian Sports University)
NOCN Level 1 Certificate & Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development (QCF)
NOCN Level 1 Diploma & Certificate Understanding Healthy Living
3-Year Certificate Of Competence For First Aiders (Expected in January 2025).
High Intensity Strength Training
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Senior Training
Body Recomposition (Muscle Hypertrophy & Fat Mobilisation)
Bespoken Health, Nutrition, Meal & Workout planning guidance.
Time Static Contraction Training
Body Weight Training
Strength Circuits Training
Metabolic Conditioning Training
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An amazing trainer who taught me a different way to look at exercise! He is all about education and my technique has really improved.
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I highly recommend Haroldas Alekna as a trainer and a brilliant motivator.

I don't know how typical my approach is, but I had serious difficulties motivating myself to exercise. I promised myself countless times that I would be 100% systematic because I care so much. Unfortunately, reality exceeded my expectations, and I struggled with motivation and consistency. Finally, I decided to use the services of a personal trainer to achieve my goals. I started working with trainer Haroldas Alekna, which made sense to me given our agreed-upon goals: improving fitness, weight control, and adopting a healthy diet. I must admit that I can't imagine any other path than meeting Haroldas Alekna twice a week. The progress we've made over the last 3 months has truly amazed me.

Whenever my demotivational voice tempted me with various excuses, the fact that I had a training appointment helped overcome my reluctance. Haroldas Alekna is someone I wanted to make an effort for and fulfil our agreements—I didn't want to disappoint him. What was also crucial to me was Haroldas Alekna's meticulous attention to each exercise performed; there was no room for mistakes. I used to exercise without proper form, but now I've gained a lot of knowledge on the subject.

I also appreciated Haroldas Alekna's flexibility in considering my body's condition on any given day; it made me feel valued and cared for. Additionally, his knowledge about diet was invaluable. Haroldas Alekna provides comfort by seamlessly integrating exercise and diet topics to ensure everything aligns with our expectations.

In summary, thanks to our collaboration, I've improved my fitness, weight, and, most importantly, my health. I spent this time in a unique way with a great person who, in my opinion, has the competencies and qualities to inspire people to fight for themselves and take action, while also showing kindness toward what's important in their lives. Many thanks to trainer Haroldas Alekna!
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Since moving to London, I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety. On top of that, a lacklustre social life led me to unhealthy habits, resulting in weight gain to a level I’ve never experienced before. Realizing I was on a slippery slope, I decided to give training with a personal trainer a chance, as my solo efforts weren’t giving much results.

I found Haroldas' details and decided to contact him after many months of going back and forth. During our initial consultation I was firstly impressed by his calm and composed nature. His approach to training extends beyond simple exercise; he considers overall well-being, from
your current mental state, your life goals, short term versus long term objectives, your motivation (why are you doing this change). I think I was convinced ever from the first discussion that he will be the help I was looking for, to meet my intentions: learn how to exercise correctly and avoid injuries, become stronger and more resilient to pain and effort, develop a routine and be enthusiastic about it, develop healthy habits and ultimately lose some weight, but as a long term life style (and not gain it back after some time). I felt I resonated with his approach and he delivered to my intentions ever from the first session.

He's a very dedicated and professional teacher first of all, as he pays great attention to details and is eager to answer all questions and teach even more.
I appreciate that he is extremely respectful, considerate, and proactive in everything, but most of all I'm grateful for his kindness, as he always finds gentle words of encouragement that feel genuine. He manages to adapt the training to my body's capabilities and still brings me to push boundaries and mental barriers with every session.

I'm proud of myself and grateful for finding the courage to reach out to him in the first place, and regret I didn't do this earlier. I find in him not only an instructor but a guide helping me tap into forgotten potential, in many aspects. It's sort of a mix of physical activity, coaching, therapy and meditation.

I think he genuinely has a kind nature and good heart, and this paired with his passion for the profession, makes the ideal personal instructor (at least in my vision).
I feel like in only 2 months of training with him, I'm not only physically stronger but more in control of my movements and better control over the weights, and my confidence level has increased seeing and feeling the results week after week.
I've also started losing weight and he's been kind enough to help me with nutritional guidelines as well as checking in periodically on my nutrition to make sure I stay on track. I also appreciate that he doesn't recommend certain diets but more he provides general guidelines that are more sustainable to include on a long term nutritional program, in a balanced way, without making drastic changes or giving up favourite food items.

I'm enthusiastic about continuing to train with Haroldas and can't wait to see how my fitness journey will progress!

I cannot recommend Haroldas' personal training enough, and I do have a friendly warning, that training with him might become addictive!
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Excellent trainer! Very patient and kind! Great motivator!
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After years of minimal progress in my fitness journey, a friend suggested I get help from a personal trainer, which led me to meet Harold—a decision I'm grateful for. Initially skeptical when Harold mentioned just 30-minute sessions twice a week, I couldn't believe it would create significant results compared to my previous exhausting 40-60 minute, five-day-a-week regimen that left me exhausted and disheartened. Yet, within three weeks of training with Harold, I witnessed remarkable progress, exceeding my expectations. Not only did he tailor a workout routine that delivered outstanding results, but also crafted a structured nutrition plan that has been key in achieving my goals.My enthusiasm for fitness has been revived by Harold's expertise and commitment, and I look forward to making more progress with his support.
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I have had the pleasure of training with Haroldas, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional personal trainer. Haroldas' knowledge and patience shine through in every session. He takes the time to explain the purpose behind each exercise and how it will benefit me, which really helps in understanding the training process.

What sets Haroldas apart is his ability to tailor each session to fit my specific needs, goals, and injuries. I have had sciatic pain in my leg and arthritic pain in my knee which has affected my mobility. He respects my limitations and designs workouts that are both effective and safe. I appreciate the personalized approach he takes to ensure that every session is productive and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Haroldas for anyone looking for a dedicated personal trainer who truly cares about their clients' well-being and success. Thank you, Haroldas, for your expertise and support in my fitness journey.
Prabha Jina
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I have been very satisfied with my training program with Haroldas. He created a personal exercise routine in line with my needs. He spent a lot of time explaining how to use the equipment and patiently watching me to make sure I exercised correctly and safely. He set new training goals after each session which were challenging but feasible.
I think I have benefited greatly and it was time and money well spent
Les Elstein
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Best decision to start PT sessions. Haroldas is super passionate about training and has lots of knowledge and understanding. I have already learnt so much in such a short period of time. I can already see improvements in my technique and body.
Although I was initially skeptical about a trainer I can confidently say PT sessions with Haroldas are well worth it. I look forward to making more progress.
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My trainer Haroldas has come to be the best trainer I could ever have found. He is going so far beyond my speciations in the quality of his training, his care for my person, his knowledge, his desire and patience to share it with me, the contagious enthusiasm of his training, and many more things. He is respectful, professional and supportive. highly recommended!
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I had the pleasure of working with Haroldas as my personal trainer, and I must say that he is an exceptional professional. From the very beginning, he showed great kindness, attention, and care towards my health and fitness journey. I have never been a fan of sports or exercise, but Haroldas managed to inspire and motivate me to improve my overall health. His passion for his profession and dedication to his clients is truly commendable.

What sets Haroldas apart is his ability to tailor workouts and training programs to suit individual needs. He took the time to understand my goals and limitations, and then designed a personalized plan that pushed me to my limits while still being manageable and enjoyable.

Throughout our sessions, Haroldas consistently provided encouragement and motivating words, pushing me to go further and surpass my own expectations. His extensive knowledge in the field of fitness and health is evident in the way he explains exercises, techniques, and the science behind them.

I have the utmost respect for Haroldas and his commitment to helping others make positive changes in their lives. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness, health, and overall well-being. With Haroldas as a personal trainer, you can expect professionalism, kindness, attention to detail, and a true passion for helping you achieve your goals.
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Training with Haroldas has been a great experience. Over the summer I was looking to lose body fat and gain some muscle. Through training with him I gained knowledge and guidance about training intensely over short periods of time until momentary muscle failure. I am eagerly waiting for great results. His form of training is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules, as one can improve their performance in their workouts and health without spending excessive amounts of time in the gym. Thank you very much Haroldas for your help👍
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Haroldas has helped me build confidence in the gym and provided me with a great personal workout program. Can’t wait to see my progress!
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The best way to describe my experience is like the moment you switch your phone off and switch it back on again and a Apple Update all in one except it’s a ‘ Haroldas Update ‘
After a few years of working out and not really achieving anything,this man has helped me improve 100% and totally changed my whole exercise regime which I’m feeling after just 5 weeks or so.
Do yourself a favour and a big present 🎁 to yourself and let Haroldas give you the best update your body didn’t know it needed.
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Training with a PT has been the best decision for me. Trading with Harold has truly educated me so many different angles. My nutrition knowledge, working out & how to work out has tremendously helped me achieve the results I have so far.
I am a matured lady waiting to have a knee replacement. His training to help me pre op has improved my day to day life immensely. I am now able to go about with my daily life without wincing in pain at every movement.
My training is specifically target and his knowledge & experience to train someone with I just is top level.
His patience and motivation to help me has been life changing for me.
Going to the gym for me was always a big NO till I started training the RIGHT WAY with him and now I look forward to each session.
After the workout I am very energetic & can carry on home life without having to take a nap.
Al in all it has be very beneficial & helpful for me.
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Harold is an absolute legend. He helped me with my rehabilitation process during w difficult time after rupturing my achilles.
His sessions are enjoyable and I could feel the difference in my leg after our first 5 sessions of working together as it got more stronger and really helped a lot with my mental health and confidence which wasn't something I thought about before starting out with him.
I definitely recommend working with Harold 🙌🏾👍🏾
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Haroldas is a one-of-a-kind personal trainer! He has significantly improved my outlook and methodology about gaining muscle, both from a physical and mental perspective.

He’s able to demonstrate how to correctly perform exercises to the point where you can really feel the isolated muscle groups being targeted and worked effectively.

I’ve also picked up some real wisdom from Haroldas’ mental perspective on working out, and it’s really inspired me to think more objectively about how I can connect my mind and body together to get the best workout possible.

As well as being very nice, inviting and respectful, I feel both humbled and grateful that Haroldas has been able to help me reach a much higher fitness potential, so much so that things he’s advised me - which have worked wonders - I’ve never heard from any other PT (both offline and online).
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Working with Haroldas has been an incredible experience, and I can confidently say that he is one of the best trainers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Haroldas is incredibly helpful, always going above and beyond to ensure that his clients are comfortable and getting the most out of their workouts. He is an excellent communicator, explaining exercises in a way that is easy to understand and follow. With Haroldas as your trainer, you can be sure that you will be able to exercise safely and efficiently, no matter what your fitness level or experience is.

One of the things I appreciate most about Haroldas is his focus on proper technique and form. He doesn't just rush through exercises, but takes the time to teach you the correct way to perform each movement. This attitude has helped me to avoid injuries and allowed me to work out more efficiently.

Overall, I highly recommend Haroldas as a personal trainer. His dedication to his clients, his knowledge, and his ability to help people reach their fitness goals is truly outstanding. If you're looking for a personal trainer who can help you exercise safely and efficiently, look no further!
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Let me stop you for a minute!!
This guy , this guy is something that can change your life not even phisicaly , but mentaly as indeed! He been coaching me for a long time already and the results are CRAZY! Im stronger than ever, healthier then ever before , no injuries! Cant say nothing more , but just one thing before I go ,,This men is different animal in the jungle”
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I had the pleasure of working with Haroldas, a personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. His high standard of knowledge and high intensity principles have helped me lose 50kg in weight.
Haroldas approach is professional and thorough. He takes the time to understand my goals and develop a tailored plan to help me reach them. He has an extensive understanding of nutrition and exercise, and his guidance has been invaluable.
Haroldas is an excellent motivator and encourages me to push myself further. His workouts are challenging, but he always makes sure that I am comfortable with the intensity. He is also very supportive, and provides valuable feedback and advice to help me stay on track.
I am extremely pleased with the results that I have achieved with Haroldas help. He is an outstanding personal trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.
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Meeting Haroldas has been the best thing in my life in 2023.He really is a blessing .With various health issues and pains he has really inspired me to get physically abs mentally strong. I have had PT sessions in the past .The way Haroldas teaches you how all your muscles work in terms of the exercise you do and how you doing have to spend hours to achieve results is amazing. I am looking forward to my journey in transforming my body and health with you by my side in 2023 Let's go
HAROLDAS .Can't thank you enough for coming into my life .
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It’s been absolutely life changing meeting and training with Haroldas. He’s completely changed my outlook on going to the gym, as a beginner I was really nervous and shy about working out and being in the gym , my sessions with Haroldas have not only helped to teach me the correct and safe way to train , it has also helped build my confidence and motivation when it comes to meeting my weight loss goals. His passion for training really shines through and shows in his craft and his attention to detail. I’m looking forward to 2023 and working together to achieve my goals !
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Excellent personal trainer.
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Meeting Haroldas was an absolute godsend and by chance, I guess everything happens for a reason. I've always been hesitant with having a PT as most of time you see clients having been completely worked out until they are ready to drop and can't move, I guess everyone has different goals too. Haroldas's philosophy (HIT) of training was new to me until I did more research and undertood that people have been training in this manor for decades achieving their personal goals. The beauty of training with Haroldas is all about working your muscle until they are empty and can not push or pull anymore without leaving you feeling fatigued at the end of the session. Training with Haroldas has also helped me to mentally focus my energy in to my training sessions, I have learnt that the largest battle when training is with in the mind. After 3 months of training with Haroldas, I am leaner,and stronger than I've every been. I know I will always continue to train in the manner Haroldas has taught me to achieve my personal goals. He doesn't believe in wasting time and will ensure that every second of your time spent with with him in the gym is effective. Let's face it we are all busy people, if you can achieve the same results in 30min as someone else training for 1hr, which would you choose? Lastly He also has a special interest in Training people with previous or exisitng injuries. I personally suffered from siatica in my right leg, which as improved immensely after training with Haroldas. He is very good with the fine details i.e posture, positioning when training to ensure the set you are forming is not causing injuries. I've always had pain in my right shoulder when performing certain exercises which lead me to avoid them, but with Haroldas I was able to train my shoulder with the level of intensity I wouldn't have dreamt of due the fear of inflicting an injury. Simple put " I wish I met him when I was in my early 20's when I started training, I wouldnt have wasted hours of my time in the gym"
Vishal Bhudia
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Hi everyone,if you wanna change your body and your life for a better's ,struggling make gains please try this guy.worth every penny.helped me a lot understanding training volume intensity sets reps doing weights lifting since I was 18 now am 41,I thought I know everything about bodybuilding but looks like not.he showed me a different kind of exercise program and am very glad I take he s help.he is very understandable and highly educated.thanks Harold!!

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