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Harry Bateman
Harry Bateman
Hereford Leisure Centre
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Feel like you’re just spinning your wheels in the gym?
Tired and frustrated with the way you look and feel?
Or maybe you need some help, extra support and someone to do the thinking for you?
I’ve got you covered!
Hey! I’m Harry and for years I have been helping busy people look, feel and perform the best they ever have.
As your coach, we will work towards your health and fitness goals together, ensuring that you feel supported, educated and confident inside and outside of sessions.
With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, I pride myself in knowing that I am bringing my clients high quality coaching that works.
Drop me a message to find out more!
BSc. Sport and Exercise Science
Level 4 Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Exercise/GP Referral
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Fat loss
Muscle Gain
Functional Fitness
Strength and Conditioning
Nutritional Support and Guidance
24 Reviews 24 out of 24
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Harry’s programming has been so good throughout, I feel like I have progressed 10 fold since starting with him. Would highly recommend him to all my friends and family!!
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What I like about Harry, is that he knows how to motivate me, he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.
Clicia Quaglio
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Harry’s brilliant and I’d highly recommend him for PT sessions! He’s knowledgeable and easy to ask questions about specific training/fitness information. Plus Harry is also happy to adapt his training plan to your goals if requested or meet in the middle with the training plan. Harry makes the sessions relatable to other sports or interests you might do and his ideas an are practical for outside of the gym where possible. He explains the concepts and programs clearly during the sessions and makes these a activity relatable to everyday events or tasks where possible l.

Harry’s very easy to talk to and is social too, he’s great at remembering previous conversations you’ve had ans asks questions following these. He’s funny , easy going and good company

I’ve really enjoyed having the PT sessions with Harry snd I’d highly recommend contacting him regardless of your goals and aims.
Lydie P
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I couldn’t recommend Harry enough to anyone thinking about giving a PT a go whether it be from a new gym goer or someone who’s always been into the gym.
His knowledge and understanding for the specific needs of each different person is excellent and am thoroughly enjoying my current program as well as seeing positive results!
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I can highly recommend Harry! After gaining a lot of weight, I was nervous about getting back in the gym, but Harry couldn’t have been more encouraging and helpful. We discussed realistic goals which really helped with motivation and kept me showing up! I had planned a hike up Snowdon, which I would not have been able to do without PT sessions from Harry! Thank you!
Kath Thompson
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Really great P.T.!
Helped to create a very personalised and tailored program to help me meet my health & fitness goals.

He’s also not afraid either to really push you to your limits (if you want to be pushed) so you really do make good progression (in a safe way).

I’ve learned a lot, generally too, from the session conversations we have, about my body, and about what to do, not to do, to really do each exercise or drill to get the maximum benefit.

Would definitely recommend!
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Harry is a genuine and fantastic PT. He encourages you to be your best. I have felt a lot better since my sessions and really appreciate his support.

He certainly knows his stuff and has created his own system to track progress which allows you to look back at where you've come from to where you are now.

Simply put, if you are looking for a great PT, look no further.
Alex Walker
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Harry is a game changer! He's understanding & patient but also knows when to push you and is very motivating. He's also easy to talk to and sessions are always good fun! Would recommend to anyone.
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Harry has a great sense of humour and is very encouraging. When I started I could hardly lift a weight , he pushed me out of my comfort zone and I progressed accordingly He listens and adapts the program pending on your needs. Very approachable and highly recommend him to others
Dawn Morris
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I started training with Harry about a month and a half ago, after training by myself for around 6 months. After feeling like training by myself was getting me no where I made the decision to finally get some help in the gym and going with Harry definitely was the best idea, I feel stronger and more confident using weights even alone, and I can 100% see the change in myself. Aside from that he makes you feel comfortable and so at ease! I strongly recommend choosing Harry if your looking for a PT :)
Amber Price
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I would recommend getting in touch with Harry if you’re like me and have tried to lose weight and improve fitness levels unsuccessfully in the past. Harry is super knowledgeable and always provides an explanation for the exercises we are doing and why. He’s patient, personable and is always rooting for me! I’ve gained so much more confidence: I never used to train with weights as I found this intimidating but now I feel empowered to train by myself. Harry has been instrumental in my efforts to become stronger and I’m looking forward to where I’ll be in the next couple of months.
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Joining the gym and training with Harry definitely has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! I joined with low self-esteem, feeling weak and skinny, and Harry has pushed me to realise I’m much stronger and more capable than I thought I was. In the 10 weeks I’ve been working with him, not only have I had great fun, but I’ve made so much progress regarding my weight, strength, appearance and most importantly- my confidence is higher than it has ever been! Harry is super down to earth, patient, motivating, easy to get on with and supports in areas outside of just the gym sessions too. Highly recommend!
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Harry is terrific. Always positive, patient and encouraging. Listens really hard to what I am trying to achieve and works out a plan how to get there. Makes the whole process a pleasure and really knows his stuff. Strongly recommend.
christian dangerfield
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Harry is fantastic!!! After almost 2 years of shoulder pain, he has worked with me to improve my strength and confidence of movement and in just over 6 weeks I am almost pain free.
He has revived my love for fitness and has made starting back at the gym fun and not a chore.
Having said that Harry pushes you and encourages you to meet your goals and continually improve your performance.
I 100% recommend Harry, his knowledge, experience and results are amazing!!! Thanks Harry
Rachael Mellings
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Harry is a fantastic PT. He's knowledgable, encouraging to get you through a session, supports you in other areas such as the correct nutrition and most of all what I appreciated is he makes the sessions enjoyable.
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Harry is really superb. He takes the time to identify your goals (and challenges!) and checks in weekly to offer guidance, support and encouragement. Highly recommend ⭐️
Rachel Carr
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Harry is all the things you look for in a personal trainer: he’s patient, focussed, personable, calm and driven to give you results. He makes the gym accessible and easy to manoeuvre, and his good sense of humour and manners really make the time go by y quickly! He’s been so helpful while I work on my knee injury, and he’s always at the end of a text if I have a question.
Rachel Entwisle
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I started with Harry about a month ago, lacking confidence with no idea what I was doing. Harry has been super patient, non-judgmental, and supportive from the start and I have already gained so much knowledge and built my confidence. Not only has he helped me push myself in the gym, he's helped me with my nutrition to make healthy choices. Harry's knowledge and experience makes him a great trainer and I would definitely recommend! Thanks Harry!
Molly Barker
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Harry has transformed my way of fitness and training. I am now Lifting weights of over 5kg, for 5 years haven't gone past 3. He is very patient, and spurs me on. Just by seeing Harry 1 x session a week for 3 months has completely changed me, and I really cannot thank him enough.
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Excellent knowledge backed up with researched exercises. Would recommend to anyone Harry also has a great manner.
Colin Williams
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Just over a month in to some awesome PT with Harry. Gaining confidence in exercises I never would have tried before. Very supportive, very professional and so down to earth !! Thanks Harry.
Nataleigh Fletcher
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In the space of 3 months Harry has helped me loose over 2 stone and increase my fitness levels massively! I get so anxious doing strength training in the gym, he’s very patient with me and nothing is too much trouble - he even does the workout with me just to show me again! I will continue to use Harry even after I’ve got to my goal weight as he gives me so much confidence in the gym.
Tiffany Francis
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Harry has been extremely patient and helpful through my gym sessions with him. Has demonstrated thoughtful exercises to help with my weakness. Would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a personal trainer with loads of knowledge.
Colin Williams
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Harry has helped me gain confidence in the gym and has definitely made me realise exercise isn’t a punishment!
Harry pushes and supports you to have the best session possible and whilst there’s moments of “I definitely can’t do this” it turns out he always knows you can.
Harry’s knowledge and willingness to help out and support each session is amazing and I genuinely couldn’t recommend him enough!
Alexandra Finn

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