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Harry Howe
Harry Howe
Highbury Leisure Centre
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Fitness has always been an essential part of my life and it can be for you too.

I'm so passionate about helping others on their fitness journey, because I've personally seen the transformation it can have, having helped me physically and mentally throughout my life.

Having worked in many areas of the fitness industry for years, and also playing football for a range of teams, I've been exposed to a vast variety of knowledge of what it takes to become stronger, to become healthier and to truly become the best version of yourself.

Having a personal trainer is a life changing investment in yourself. It's not just about your physical transformation, but also about your mental and emotional transformation. With the support and guidance of myself you can achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and become the best version of yourself.”
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Group Class Instructor
Circuit Class Instructor
Lifeguard NPLQ
Weight loss
Sports related exercises
HIIT training
Developmental stretching
Exercise execution
Small group classes
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I’m a 48yr old woman who has never ever been to the gym. I started training once a week with Harry 2 years ago and now I train 2/3 a week! I love working out with harry, he knows my limits and also knows how far he can push them. I’ve dramatically noticed the difference in my weight, shape a mental attitude and he also makes it fun! Thank you Harry, I would highly recommend Harry being anyones PT.
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Here you go - Harry is a great personal trainer. He takes time to understand my personal circumstances. He puts strategies in place to help me manage my shoulder pain. All done in a fun, motivational manner!
verified client
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I’ve been training with Harry for a few years, he’s very professional, really knowledgeable and incredibly encouraging, he really shows his ability to adjust my workouts to my needs.
I would recommend Harry to anyone.
verified client
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I started training with Harry about three years ago. He is incredible at his job, not only has he managed to keep me motivated to keep going, he has also managed to really improve my fitness. He is a very likeable person, with no judgement on your fitness levels. He is a great personal trainer who I highly recommend.
verified client
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I have been training twice a week with Harry for over a year now. sessions have been fun, energetic and personalised for what I have been wanting to achieve. Harry has tailored all my sessions to my needs and has educated me about food and other exercises that I didn’t know about. It has been great for my wellbeing and mental health and I look forward to it every week.
verified client

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