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Hattie Bailey
Hattie Bailey
Kentish Town Sports Centre
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My specialty is designing customised programs tailored to each client’s unique objectives, abilities, and needs. I provide encouragement and technical guidance to help people gain strength, confidence, and reach new levels of fitness.

While I love encouraging clients to realise their potential, my top priority is creating a welcoming, supportive environment and my upbeat attitude makes even intense workouts enjoyable. Educating my clients is very important to me as it equips them with enough skills and confidence to push themselves in and out of our sessions.

I am committed to helping every person live their healthiest, happiest life through safe, effective exercise and nutrition guidance. When I see someone thrive and accomplish things they once thought impossible, it is incredibly rewarding. Empowering people through fitness is my greatest passion.

If you are ready to start your fitness journey today and maybe need a little nudge, please don't hesitate to chat to me on the gym floor or drop me a message :)
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Weight Training
Body Transformation
Weight Loss
Mindset & Confidence
Pad Work & Boxercise
Nutritional Advice
Mobility & Flexibility
Toning & Muscle Gain
Core and Functional training
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I could not recommend Hattie enough. Trusting Hattie with my body strength is the best thing I have done for myself. It has only been two months and my posture has improved massively. I can also see my body getting stronger. She created a programme that tackled issues I did not even know I had. My body mobility has also improved a lot already. Every session are challenging yet exciting as I reached goals I could not imagine being able to reach. She is a truly caring person full of positive energy. Two months ago I never did weight training and now I am gutted if I have to miss a session. Thank you so much Hattie!
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Hattie has absolutely changed my life (in only a few months!).

She's kind, compassionate, intelligent, hilarious, passionate, strong, and sooo knowledgeable when it comes to the body/mind/exercise/nutrition. She took the time to get to know me, my body, and my needs, and then developed a routine/programme that actually works for me - I can see improvements in myself every single week. I always look forward to our sessions; it's the highlight of my week! She makes exercise fun (we laugh A LOT), and at the same time, I've been learning so much about the body, exercise, food, life in general, and the benefits are spilling out into other parts of my life.

I've tried loads of different sports, exercise routines, and classes over the years, but nothing has worked like this. I could feel myself getting stronger after only a few weeks working with her, and now 3 months in, there's a huge difference in my strength and ability. For example, I practiced for over a year before starting PT sessions - but it is only now after working with Hattie that I'm seeing a massive improvement in my ability. Her sessions have also been helping with my sleep, energy levels, and mental health - and to be honest, her sessions make me feel on top of the world!

She's amazing at knowing how to work with people/bodies of all ages and abilities (I have some back issues myself). I think she knows my body better than me! She always makes sure I do everything with correct form/posture and can tell the second my core has disengaged! I feel safe and supported working out with her, and she also challenges (and encourages) me to push harder and not let my mind/thinking hold me back - she's hugely increased my confidence. I'm doing things I never thought I could do and then some! And all of this is after only three months; can't wait to see where I go over the next few months.

Cannot recommend more highly - 10's 10's 10's across the board! She's not just a highly educated and skilled personal trainer; she's a mentor, a coach, a supporter, a lifesaver, an all-around wonderful person who is a delight to be around and genuinely cares about you and your health and well-being.
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I am 63 and hyper mobile and I was weak and shrinking but after 3 months with Hattie (PT) every part of me feels more vital.
I was quite sceptical at first, and fairly gym-phobic fearing an old school PE teacher vibe, but happily I chose Hattie, because, like all these reviews note, she is a lovely warm person; consistently cheerful, thoughtful, and enthusiastic.
I get the impression she is highly technically proficient. She listens carefully and is super-focused on technique so although she pushes me, I always feel safe. It has been a worthwhile investment of time and money because Hattie has converted me to the joy of the gym, I am bounding up-stairs and have grown an inch!
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Hattie is honestly a lifesaver. I started with her a few months ago and she has been so supportive, created a training program that has been filling me with confidence, improving my form, and pushing me so much. A few weeks ago when I randomly decided to enter a hyrox competition, she flexibly changed the whole thing, pushed me even harder, mentally and physically. I feel amazing, and have already accomplished so much, that I never would have even dreamed I could before. Can’t wait to keep going!
Chloe Verity
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Hattie is an excellent trainer. She is really good fun which helps to motivate you to go further. I've progressed so much in six weeks training. She takes the time to understand my goals and helps me meet them. I'm stronger, fitter and I've lost weight. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
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I can't recommend Hattie too highly, she's a brilliant trainer. She is knowledgeable, really knows her stuff, so I feel safe. She is warm and encouraging, and really good fun too. As a 73 year old woman I need to do weights but was finding those machines so boring. But Hattie has motivated me and, don't tell her this because I dont admit it to her, but I even enjoy it !
Julia Fabricius
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Hattie has been truly amazing! She has been soo supportive and from the first session I felt really listened to. My main goal was to gain strength, loose weight and ultimately help with my back ache and I’ve seen an improvement already and it’s only been a month. I’ve been working out on and off for the past couple years on my own and compared to working with Hattie my form has improved and I can engage with muscles I previously couldn’t and each session I can see I’m improving my strength. Her way to tailor exercises depending on my feedback and her knowledge on how to adjust to better engage with the workout is one of the many reasons why I trust her. I strongly recommend Hattie for everyone!
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Hattie from the get go has been a superstar! Gyms and P.T’s have always filled me with dread but Hattie took this, overweight, unfit and anxiety ridden 50 yr old and in no time built my fitness confidence and drive to push myself, which was really needed! Her knowledge and attention to every detail has been really encouraging, alleviating fears I’ve unnecessarily harbored, especially with weight training.
With Hattie you’re in the safest, friendliest and fantastically butt kicking hands.
Wish I’d started with her years ago!
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Right from day one, Hattie intently listened to my fitness goals and challenges, taking the time to understand my strengths and areas requiring improvement. She masterfully crafted a workout plan tailored to my specific needs, ensuring every session was challenging yet achievable. Ultimately, Hattie unleashed my hidden potential, constantly pushing me past my limits and instilling the belief that I was capable of achieving much more.
Hattie made the extra effort to learn about my back issue and adjusted each workout accordingly.
Not only do you get a very good PT with Hattie, but you also get in a good laugh in every session!
Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a PT!
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I’m so pleased to have chosen Hattie as a Personal Trainer. She’s very pleasant and encouraging, pushing me, but never going beyond my limits. She observes very closely and gives helpful suggestions for improvements. Hattie is always mindful of my joint and bone issues and is very careful to build up my strength in stages. It gives me a great sense of achievement and I’ve discovered muscles I never knew I had! I feel fitter already and know I couldn’t have done this without her support. I’d strongly recommend her - thanks very much Hattie.
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As an unfit overweight 67 year old I am delighted I chose Hattie. She worked with me to develop a 15 minute programme which I do every day. It’s transformed my fitness and I just feel better about myself. Less breathless, walking more and clothes fitting better. She is encouraging personable and pushes you to do your best without ever being over the top. I would recommend Hattie to anyone looking to improve their fitness and general wellness. It’s never too late. Thanks Hattie!
Paul Bower
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I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for all the hard work Hattie has put into our training sessions. Her knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in helping me reach my fitness goals. I love how she customises each workout to challenge me and keep things interesting. Hattie’s positive energy and encouragement push me to give it my all every time. I've already noticed improvements in my strength and endurance, and it's all thanks to Hattie’s guidance.

Hattie has created a safe and motivating environment that keeps me coming back for more! I never thought I could enjoy working out as much as I do now. Her passion for fitness is contagious, and I'm so grateful to have Hattie as my personal trainer!
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At 63 and 60 and never having trained my sister and I took the plunge and have twice weekly sessions with Hattie. She has a magical mixture of utter focus, seriousness and individualism- and keeping an eye on both of us at the same time. She is also funny, kind and always up for a giggle - especially for that last tough repetition. Feel cared for, with lots of checking in on body and mind, whilst also being pushed and challenged. Couldn’t be better.
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I was recovering from back surgery and still suffering from a recurring bulged disc. I was quite nervous at the idea of going back into physical exercise, but Hattie designed each training sessions tailored to my needs and she helped me building back my confidence in the gym. She is always positive, motivating and pushes me to my best. Now I feel stronger and enjoy training!
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I've been training for about 4 months when I decided to contact Hattie .I didc2 sessions a week with her for a month and I can already see the results!! She made me do things I thought I couldn't do and I'm so pleased she did!! I'm so pleased I contacted her and will definitely be using her again. She's also very knowledgeable and helps with my nutrition!! I would recommend her to anyone needing that push!!
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Hattie is really friendly and helpful. She always encourages me to go outside of my comfort zone and to always try my best. Hattie always has a smile on her face and in general is a really nice person. I'd definitely recommend her. Thanks Hattie!
Sufia Khatun
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Hattie is the perfect trainer for me.
She inspires me to reach levels of fitness I couldn’t possibly do on my own, and believe me, I’ve tried for years!

Her positive attitude and encouragement keeps feeding the strength and energy to do that extra rep whilst her mantra sounds throughout every muscle,

Her knowledge of fitness is vast and she knows what it takes to help you achieve your goals…

At 63, it’s not easy to understand how to work through menopausal issues, however Hattie showed me what great results one can achieve in just a couple of sessions…I highly recommend you get in touch and get to work!💪🏼♥️💪🏼
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I am really satisfied for having chosen Hattie as my PT at the Better place in Kentish Town. As I am a 67 years old woman, I needed to be trained personally for numerous problems I had during years in my back and knees. Hattie was tremendously careful in taking care of my clinical history, my fears and my pains. She smartly chose day-by-day tailored exercises for relieving my back and for structuring the muscles of all my body. She always stimulate me with her smiling enthusiasm and good will in advancing my progresses. What a wonderful and professionally skilled PT she is! As I am a medical doctor, I know that Hattie is one of the best person I could have met for my health and wellness and strongly recommend her to everyone has physical problems. I hope that she would realise all her desires because she deserves it and more! Dear Hattie, please, go ahead, proud of you!
Paola R.
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Where do I start?! Hattie is the most incredible PT, after just 4 weeks with her I’ve improved so much in the gym. She’s helped me so much with my form which has been life changing, I can now lift much heavier and feel more confident doing so. She believes in me to the point I feel able to push myself to work harder than ever and I’ve honestly never felt better in myself!

She’s super smiley, very accessible and really knows what she’s doing - I can’t recommend her highly enough!!
Beth H
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Hattie is very helpful .She is encouraging me with very good attitude and smile. I strongly recommend her for any one who want start exercise with her
Thank you Hattie
Nasrin Ahady
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Hattie helps you feel motivated and confident to keep going, outside your comfort zone .She’s very warm and encouraging and able to push you beyond where you would go, without you even realising and always with a friendly smile and attitude. I’d definitely recommend her.

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