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Henrique Scapin Santana
Henrique Scapin Santana
Highbury Leisure Centre
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Getting into fitness or levelling up your training can be a massive boost to your lifestyle. I can help you become the best version of yourself and introduce or improve the way you train your body to its full potential.

I have over 6 years of experience with people of all abilities as a PT, as well as a First Class Honours degree in a Sports and Exercise Science. There will always be a professional and safety first approach to sessions. In addition, I have a professional and semi-pro background in football and martial arts, which allows me to bring a variation of training styles to the session.

By offering personalised sessions crafted to fit your unique lifestyle and goals, there are no limits to what we can achieve together. I believe that with the correct motivation my clients will achieve their goals, leading them to feeling more confident in the gym and resulting in positive long term effects in their lives.

If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to come up and talk to me as I’m more than happy to help. I’m also fluent in Portuguese and speak a good level of Spanish too!
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
First class honours degree in a sports and exercise science
FA Level 1 Football Coach
fluent in Portuguese
advanced Spanish
Sport specific
Strength and conditioning
Compound lift training
nutritional advice and tracking
Fat loss
Muscle Gain
Hypertrophy Training
small group classes
Rehabilitation exercises
Stretching routines for improved flexibility
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71 y/o male here. I’ve been working with Henrique for about a year now and it’s been a consistently excellent experience. Henrique is knowledgeable, communicates clearly and sympathetically and is hugely enthusiastic about enabling his trainees to reach their full potential. With every exercise he takes great care to explain why we’re doing it and the benefits, and to ensure that it’s being done right. There’s none of the shouty machismo I’ve encountered in other PTs (he’s very funny) and he listens as well as instructs. My training sessions are one of the high points of my week and I’ve been richly rewarded by thr measurable growth in my strength and fitness and the improvement in my appearance. Highly recommended!
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Henrique is an all around 5-star PT. I am a 74-year-old woman. I came to Henrique after a lower back injury and a total knee replacement resulted in loss of strength and flexibility. Henrique put me on a full body strengthening program coupled with core exercises and basic aerobic training. His knowledge of musculature and his understanding of what to do for injury recovery is outstanding. Plus he’s fun to work with. I’ve worked with other PT’s but Henrique is better. I recommend him highly.
Joanna Richey
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I started training with Henrique around a year ago, for weight loss and confidence reasons. Since then, I have successfully lost 16kg and have increased my strength massively. I couldn’t have done this without him. Not only is he charismatic, he has also educated me throughout every session.
I’m now confident to go to the gym on my own, and I can’t wait to see where I am next year.

Couldn’t recommend him more, he’s the best investment I have ever made!!
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Henrique is fantastic. He doesn’t compromise on what’s necessary in a training session and still manages to address your areas of concern.
Tweaks sessions to your needs and can find fun exercises to change things up.
Good at explaining the exercises and ensures you do them correctly.
I have always left in a better mood than when I came in, credit to him and his ability to push you just enough and keep up the conversation :)
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I’ve been training with Henrique for around two years.

He has helped me gain confidence, self discipline and motivation to be in better shape and maintain it. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life and that’s largely down to the fact that working with him has made me accountable and therefore consistent with my training programme.

He genuinely cares about your well being as well as your fitness he has a brilliant character which makes going to the gym a really enjoyable experience which I look forward to every week.

I would strongly recommend Henrique to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves and wants someone who’s going to support them into getting into good shape.
Ben Corbyn
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What sets Henrique apart is his enthusiasm, knowledge and personality. After three months training with him, not only am I still going to the gym but I actively look forward to our sessions, something I never thought I’d say. I feel myself getting stronger each time I set foot in the gym. I have a long road ahead of me but my goals seem attainable now I’ve established a foundation with Henrique’s guidance.
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I’ve been working with Henrique for almost a year now and am really feeling the results, in terms of nutrition and sleep as well as strength. As a long distance runner, I realise now how I was working hard before working Henrique, just putting miles in my legs, rather than working smart like Henrique can guide you on. Henrique is experienced in both upper and lower body conditioning and puts time into preparing for each session - he drives a hard session but a fun session every time!
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I would absolutely recommend Henrique as a PT - really motivating and fun sessions and he obviously knows his stuff. I saw great improvement in exercises I didn't think I could do - 10/10!
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Henrique is a great personal trainer. He took the time to understand my goals and developed a plan that is really helping my fitness . As a long distance runner I was struggling with injuries and Henrique has coached me on strength and conditioning that has made a massive difference. I'm also run significantly faster too. Highly recommend!
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Henrique is a very knowledgeable and fanstastic PT. I’ve been using his services for the past 6 months and I can confidently say that he is the best PT I’ve had to the pleasure to work with. His expertise and easy going attitude is super helpful and has improved my confidence in the gym. Would reccomend him highly!
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Henrique's knowledge shines through in his sessions and his input enabled me to fine tune my training sessions and really focus my efforts on achieving my goals. Approachable and easy to be around, I would recommend him without hesitation.
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Since the preliminary interview, Henrique has come across a great PT and although his young age, he had tons of experience and a refreshing common sense approach to every specific tasks..
I am vey fortunate to part of his extensive rosta of clients!
I totally recommend him!
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Henrique has changed my life! Every session is completely different, which keeps the workouts challenging and engaging. Thanks to his guidance and expertise, I've noticed huge improvements in my strength and overall fitness week by week. I started weekly sessions with Henrique to focus on training my upper body, (as a woman it can be a little intimidating in the weight area/on certain machines) but I feel so confident now, with and without him there.

I highly recommend him! He’s the best.
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Starting my PT sessions with Henrique has been the best decision I've made this year.

Henrique not only brings his expertise and dedication to our workouts but also a fantastic sense of humour. His ability to make me laugh during some of the toughest exercises is a skill I never knew I needed, but it has made every session enjoyable.

The fact that he's also Brazilian like me and speaks Portuguese is a huge plus!

I also really appreciate how he takes the time to understand my fitness goals and pays attention to how I'm doing physically and mentally. He customizes each session to fit my needs and understands my limits too, ensuring every workout is both safe and effective.

Thanks to Henrique, I'm feeling super confident about reaching my fitness goals. If you're looking for a trainer who brings expertise, humour, and genuine care to every session, I highly recommend Henrique.
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Before I started going to Henrique I didn’t enjoy exercise and never went to the gym. Henrique has taught me so much and is so encouraging and knowledgeable - I really look forward to our sessions together. I would highly recommend him.
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Just finished my 15th session with Henrique today. Over the past 4 months I’ve lost a stone, built definition and muscle and gained confidence in the gym and life. In addition to his positive outlook, Henrique is supportive and good company. He has tailored our sessions around my goals and other weekly workouts, and pushed me to improve my performance and technique. I had been going to the gym half-heartedly for over ten years, but never felt confident with much of the equipment in particular free weights. Now I walk in knowing what I want and what to do and enjoy it (I even look forward to it!). All in all, I fully recommend Henrique to others and I look forward to developing my fitness goals with him.
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I cant recommend Henrique enough.
I have gone from doing virtually no exercise to building significant strength and fitness. Henrique is patient, encouraging and knowledgable. A fantastic trainer and person:
Alex P
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Henrique is a very knowledgeable, degree qualified (!) and supportive trainer. As a woman, I had never felt confident in the weights section of the gym. Over the last year, Henrique has taught me so much about technique and really helped me to build the confidence to strength train on my own. I feel like I've gained skills for life.

If you're looking for a trainer who has a safety first approach, and is happy to share his extensive knowledge about health and training, I highly recommend Henrique. On top of that, he's super professional, warm and supportive - all excellent traits for a personal trainer!
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Henrique is great PT with lots of personality. His happy go lucky nature makes working out much less arduous.
Henrique and I have been training together for about a year now, initially to help me get back into the gym and introduce strength training. Then later to support me through my pregnancy.
He has been very supportive throughout, tailoring sessions for my particular ability, paying attention to any areas of focus or injury and energy level that week.
Once pregnant Henrique was great at pacing our training, which enabled to carry on till 36 weeks (my baby came the week after). Henrique gave me the confidence and motivation to keep up training, it really helped get me through all the aches and pains of pregnancy by keeping active and building up strength for when the baby came.
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My journey with Henrique has been unforgettable and he really does put the P in personal training. I started my journey weighing 128 kg and lost 29 kg amount of weight. His knowledge and expertise is second to none. I couldn’t recommend him more highly if you want to achieve real results. Overall, he is easily one of the best trainers iv ever had!
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I started working with Henrique post partum and have used him for a year. He has taught me how to compound lift as a complete beginner. He’s very encouraging and knowledgeable about movements and strength.
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From no confidence, weak shoulders to 80kg deadlifts
Thanks Henrique. Each session you push me past my comfort zone and the progression is amazing. Never trained with a PT before so glad to have found someone as passionate about health and well-being as you are Highly recommend..
Nats Daley
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Henrique is a really good PT. I came to him with problems w my knee. It has taken a while butnI am finally getting back to normal. He is attentive, caring and knowledgeable. He is also a good laugh. I would definitely recommend him.
Julia Felmanas
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H has been one of the best PT I’ve worked with enjoy every session he truly goes above and beyond for his clients to accommodate them, his efforts that build your confidence and bring life changing results is amazing highly recommend him he is a great PT and person to work with.
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Henrique is the very definition of a PERSONAL trainer.

Henrique makes everything about YOU. Your goals, your aspirations, your constraints, are all being taken into account and optimized by Henrique.

Henrique will not just change your body and your looks. Henrique will change your confidence and your attitude towards exercise and physical health.

Overall Henrique has been the greatest investment i ever made.
Georgios Brianis
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Henrique is a PT that I recommend to all my friends and family. He has ample experience and it clear shows.
He has helped me lose weight and I have also enjoyed it too.
Henrique has really helped me on my fitness journey and I’ve seen incredible progress in such a short space of time. He always pushes me to do better. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to start their fitness journey! His technique and expertises allowed me to feel fitter and stronger in such a short space of time. Thanks Henrique for improving my confidence and providing continuous support.
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Enjoying working w Henrique, knowledgeable and pushes appropriately for improvement. Very flexible and pleasure to train with.
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The progression I achieved with Henrique was beyond anything I've ever experienced. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable and safe with his expert advice. For the first time in my training history I've made huge gains, lifting weights I never imagined I'd lift. Henrique's expertise was humble, always open to taking on feedback and working together to achieve my goals. Cannot recommend him more highly.
Jack Hone
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Best personal trainer I’ve had - I would highly recommend!
John Woolf
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I’m enjoying working with Henrique. His approach is considered and professional while also energetic and friendly. I’m confident I’ll be able to reach my goals with his guidance and support!

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