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Ieva Dinah
Ieva Dinah
Leytonstone Leisure Centre
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I’m an enthusiastic and energetic person who is passionate about fitness, nutrition and well-being. I was into bodybuilding in my teens, then I had to stop due to personal reasons and since 2012 I am back into fitness and have lost 6 stone and have inspired many people to make a positive change in their life also. With my nursing background I have in depth knowledge of the functioning of the human body which enables me to create the best fitness program based on individual’s desires and requirements, this results in a higher success rate achieving set goals. I have great understanding of fat loss ups and downs since I have been through it myself and helped a lot of people on their journey discovering their better, fitter, healthier and new selves.
Personal Trainer Level 3
Gym Based Boxing
Metabolic/Resistance Circuits
First Aid
Nursing NVQ4
Fat loss and weight management
Core stability
Hypertrophy - Muscle growth
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I'm a woman of 62 who despite being a member of the centre and intermittent periods of attending the gym, had no real motivation until I was fortunate to meet Ieva! Her level of professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to my health including my diet reignited my own enthusiasm! Having a structured training plan has made all the difference. More importantly, I am seeing the difference in my posture, my clothes size and my confidence!!
Thanks Ieva!!
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I have been training with leva for over a month now and I have seen such a major change in myself both physically and mentally. Within a short period of time she showed me many different workouts and was always motivating me to push myself! I was always quite shy at the gym but thanks to leva I now have more confidence and enjoy going. I feel more fit, healthy, and have lost weight + toned my body. She has also provided nutrition advice which has really helped me change my diet!
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I decided to PT with Ieva after struggling to find motivation and a proper routine with the gym. I have always yoyo'd in my weight, and had moments where I was fairly active then would lose the motivation and gain weight again.

I also struggled with confidence in the gym, as a lot of women often do which has improved massively as now I feel like I know what I'm doing more, and have a better form when completing exercises ( which has also resulted in more visable results).

My sessions with Ieva helped me stay on track with my diet and exercise and in the last year and a half ( on and off because of covid) of sessions with Ieva, I've lost about 14-15kg.

Couldn't recommend her enough!
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I have been training with Ieva for over 2 years. I am a 46 year old woman with arthritis. Before meeting her my knee and shoulder were always in pain and I found daily activities difficult.
She has helped me to strength and balance my body and I can do exercises I never thought I could ever do. And my body shape looks the best it has done for the last 20 years.
I now feel confident to go on the gym on my own to use the equipment and I know I will keep learning from Ieva new techniques all the time. She is very knowledgeable and her sessions are always different and challenging. I look forward to our sessions every week.
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As a 38 year old male with a young family and plenty of bad eating / exercising habits I had allowed myself to fall into quite bad shape. I had never really been into the gym in a major way and wasn't confident about using the equipment or which areas to focus on during my own visits.
I have been seeing Ieva for about 8 months now on a weekly basis and feel absolutely confident with the equipment and have a flexible structure that enables me to make the most of my visit to the gym when I go by myself.
She has also encouraged a big change in my lifestyle, diet and motivation - which I have embraced and even surprised myself with.
My main objectives were to improve my terrible posture and improve my strength - both of which have improved greatly. As an added bonus I have also lost weight (just over 1 stone), reduced body fat %, improved fitness and generally feel happier and more confident.
Se is extremely knowledgeable and encourages me to push myself (which I need) without being too much. Most importantly is she knows how to get results and understands what will work for each individual. Her sessions are good value and varied enough to keep it interesting. Highly recommended!
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I have been training with Ieva for a while now and always enjoy our sessions. She has a great fun personality and her knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness is outstanding. She is extremely helpful and patient and doesn't mind explaining or demonstrating exercises a few times if you don't get it the first time. I especially love the boxing training as a warm up and the stretches she gives me at the end. She has very good nutritional knowledge too and doesn't mind offering a few healthy menu suggestions here and there.Thank you Ieva
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At 25, I had been in the gym less times than I had fingers on my hands, intimidated every time I walked in by either everyone there or by my total lack of knowledge of what to do that would be any good for my body. I booked a personal trainer nervously, thinking I'd likely do the trial and never return. Ieva has not only allowed me to not fear the gym, and exercise in general, but actually enjoy the time I'm there and make lasting and positive change in my health in general. She demystified and encouraged, helping boost me when I was feeling low or downright lazy, and cheer me on when I made progress. I can honestly say, she has not only helped change my body, but also my mind, and given me the tools and the motivation to nourish and build my body into something to be proud of.
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I have been training with Ieva for almost one year now and this was one of my best decisions and investments I could make in my life.
I truly believe that Ieva is one of the most experienced and committed trainers I have met until today. I do enjoy very much the variety and challenges she puts into the sessions.
It is also primordial to mention that Ieva is very focused on helping me achieving my goals in obtaining the body of my dreams and she also makes every session challenging and somehow fun. :)
My fitness level has increased noticeably and I have seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I very much look forward every week to my sessions with her.

I would also like to mention that Ieva is extremely reliable, always set up with a planned exercise routine every time we are having our sessions, ensuring that my technique is always correct in order to obtain the best efficacy.

On this note, I highly recommend Ieva to anyone looking to improve their fitness and overall well being.

Thanks a million Ieva for your help and continuous support in making me feel better physically, emotionally and to become more confident in myself!!!
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I booked 10 sessions with Ieva over the course of 5 weeks. I had been away from the gym for a few months and was lacking confidence in my abilities, in using the machines and at what would be best for my aims. I was looking for help and motivation and that is exactly what Ieva helped me with! Ieva's knowledge of different exercises and what machines/exercises are better for your body is invaluable, I felt like she really cared about making sure I understood exactly why we were doing different types of exercises and the results they would produce. Ieva focused a lot of making sure my form and breathing were correct - things I often fail at remembering! I also have some dietary issues that Ieva offered some helpful advice on - Himalayan salt is my new staple! I now feel comfortable going into the gym - which often can be quite an intimidating experience...and in using a variety of machines and equipment. I would definitely recommend Ieva. All in all, a great experience, but 5 weeks is too short!! Thanks so much Ieva.
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I booked 20 sessions with Ieva, and will definitely be booking more. She identified my strong points, and my weak points. The motivation and encouragement she has provided have been invaluable, and I feel like I've got my mojo back! Her knowledge of physiology and nutrition have been a great help and I am feeling stronger and healthier than I have for a long time! She's also friendly and fun, which made our sessions a treat to look forward to, not a chore to be dreaded! Highly recommended... thank you Ieva!
Deborah Alton
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I have completed 10 sessions with Ieva due to lower back and knee pains that I have been experiencing for a while now. I began my weekly sessions feeling very low in confidence having lost most of my gains from my training prior to the pains. Throughout the sessions, Ieva helped me understand the nature of these pains and provided me with the neccessary knowledge in order to manage the symptoms I was experiencing. Much of the workouts were tailored according to my physical capabilities which kept me challenged and stimulated during each session.
I have regained my confidence and have starting weight lifting again after a year!
Thanks to Ieva I have broadened my training regime and now as part of my weekly training routine I attend yoga class to continue to improve my flexibility and core strength as well as swimming as part of my cardiovascular training.
Thank you Ieva!!
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I am absolutely delighted to leave a review.
I trained with Ieva for a number of sessions where I asked her to help with my knees and lower back. That probably sounds familiar to most of you. Well, OMG!!! Ieva had me doing various exercises that I thought were impossible!!! I can now pick up items from the floor,squat and I now find I can do my fitness classes with more intensity!! This is after only ten weeks.
Ieva really knows what she is talking about. Because of Ieva I now attend the gym with confidence. I am a member at Cathall leisure and I assure you I gain nothing from this review other than I hope someone else benefits as I have. The best money I have ever spent.
Linda Heston
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After a period of long-term illness, aged 40, I decided to find a personal trainer who could work with me to help strengthen my weak muscles using a combination of techniques such as exercise and massage. I was delighted to meet Ieva in 2018 who kindly agreed to customise a special program for me which has so far proved very effective when I practice the routines. She is very knowledgably about the human anatomy and patient regarding my physical disabilities, I feel confident working with Ieva taking into consideration her nursing qualifications which is an extra added bonus for me. After each one hour session with Ieva (which normally ends with a gentle sports massage) I honestly feel like a new woman! I'm relaxed, tension free and notably more agile - I highly recommend Ieva to anyone who needs to get fit or those from recovering from injury and muscle loss.
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I have been training with Ieva for a few months now and have found her to be very conscientious and thorough. She has introduced me to a very varied exercise programme, both on the machines and floor exercises that I can do at home. Being a Rambler and doing regular walks of more than 10 miles, I thought myself reasonably fit, but had neglected other parts of the body such as arms and core muscles. Ieva has worked with me on my posture, flexibility, strength and resistance. As I am over 60, these are really important. Ieva has been very supportive and encouraging and I can highly recommend her.
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I have been training regularly with Ieva for three months. I was already going regularly to the gym, but I had developed a tendinosis at the elbow and could not perform anymore most of the movements in my workout routine. Ieva guided me to train full body without exerting more stress to the jointure. I recovered from the condition and discovered that it was probably due to bad postures I had in some exercises. She corrected my postures, showed me a greater variety of exercises, and allowed me to develop a far more complete and flexible workout routine. A part from being highly professionally qualified, Ieva is a lovely person, capable of being at the same time motivating and very empathic. I could not recommend her enough as personal trainer!
Miguel Ceriani
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I have been working with Ieva for nearly 3 months and the changes that has happened in my daily life is commendable. I am not a gym person/never was and i lacked confidence. I remember i was never comfortable going the to gym alone without my partner,from there i have now reached a stage where i look forward to go to the gym and now i do not mind going by myself. Primary reason for that is Ieva has made me comfortable in my own skin, and of course the changes that has happened in my body has boosted the confidence where i am not conscious about 'what i wear' and 'how i look' so much. I also had a weak knee and she gave me lot of work out plans which has strengthened my knee. She covers all the aspects like diet, physique, mental health by explaining why this work out needs to be done, how it helps, right food at right time etc etc. Her advice on my daily diet had brought in tremendous change and i feel healthy and better. She has always pushed me for my betterment and i have always left with a sore body but extremely HAPPY after a session. I would never hesitate to recommend Ieva as a PT to anyone else.
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I have been training with Leva for a few months. Having not been to the gym for a while I was very nervous about getting back into it Leva made the transition back very enjoyable. She pushes me to do my best but I always walk away from a session feeling better about myself.
Leva is really down to earth, easy to talk to and always listens and takes on board what you have to say.
Suzi Morris
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I was training with Ieva for a few months. I already knew the basic foundations of training and nutrition before I met Ieva. I was getting bored of my training routine and felt like I was at a stand still. Ieva was able to provide work outs that challenged me again, she provided me with lots of useful information and tips around my training. Each session she would push me to limits that I was too nervous to reach on my own and Ieva made me feel comfortable to do so. She was constantly fixing my posture and body position, reminding me of what I need to focus on whilst lifting weights which I found really helpful. She also provided me with mini workouts that I could do at home or at the gym during the days I am not training with her. I started of my PT session with her not being able to do a full push up or do certain shoulder movements, but now I am more than comfortable doing both and more. I have noticed a real change in my body and my strength; being able to lift heavier than I have ever lifted before. She also provided excellent nutritional information, looking at my daily food intake in detail and suggesting what I should change/add to my diet. I would definitely recommend Ieva for any level of fitness, from beginner to someone who is a little more experienced in fitness and training.
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Ieva has been helping me with my health for a few months. I can't lift my left arm because of the frozen arm and any movements cause great pain. I explained to her my limitation and wanted to get back normal activities and possibly achieve more as a goal. She is very attentive and understanding, at the same time encouraging during our sessions. Each session, she will get me to do more than I can, try out different techniques and stretches. It is so rewarding to know I can do more and I practice whenever I can at home. I now able to lift my arm to over 70% radius and working to get to 100%. I don't think I could get this far without her in such a short time. I am not a person that uses a gym for fitness but I am pleased I did. It is a blessing to meet such a knowledgeable professional trainer and plus she is a good nutritionist and an excellent massager. I would be very pleased to recommend anyone who wants to achieve more and needs help. with their health and fitness.
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I have had 10 PT sessions with Ieva. I have always enjoyed going to the gym but have been a little unsure about how to build on this. Ieva was able to work with me to identify my goals and helped me find a number of exercises to reach these in a way that worked for me. She pushed me but in a really good way. I now feel more confident in using different equipment in the gym. I will 100% use Ieva again in the future
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I started working with Ieva a couple of months ago and from the very first taster session her interest in me and my own personal goals seemed obvious. She has always had these at the forefront of our sessions, introducing techniques to stretch me and move me towards these ultimate goals. I find her very empathetic, which makes our sessions together so enjoyable as well as challenging, and she usually gets me to achieve more than I thought was possible. The difference this makes to my training is huge, and now when I train on my own I find that I attempt things that I never wouldn’t have previously. I have changed my usual programme, gradually introducing techniques that Ieva has shown me and I can feel the difference after each session. She has also advised my on my diet (one of my aims was to lose some weight) and the information and feed back she has given me on this has been extremely useful and interesting. Whilst I have not adopted all her advice immediately I am making definite steps in the right direction. I had been quite nervous about having a personal trainer, as I have never used one before, but I would not hesitate to recommend Ieva to anyone else in the same position
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Ieva has been helping me get healthier and fitter for a few months now, and she has been having a great impact on me from the very first appointment.
She covers every aspect of feeling good, from the inside (nutrition), to the outside (your physique) via the big engine: your brain (your mental and how you approach things in life).
She doesn't just tell you "do this, do that", she always explains why, why you are doing that exercise, what the outcome of it is, or why you should avoid certain foods, or prefer others. She gives the best tips, shows you how to stretch and then, eventually ... She stretches you ! that was just magic!
She is super positive and energetic but also very calming and a great listener. She always encourages you and guides you to go beyond what you think your boundaries are but never pushes you too far. She is everything you want in a PT: Bright, Supportive, Encouraging, and you always leave feeling better about yourself and knowing that you are constantly progressing. That's empowering in itself!
If Ieva is your PT, you WILL get to the goals you have set for yourself and you will surprise yourself with how much more you can do.
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I've been training with Ieva for a few months now and the impact has been really positive. She's created a plan that fits well with my personal goals and she makes sure to incorporate the exercices that I enjoy the most. All sessions are very effective and it always aches the next day where she said it would. I like that she pays attention to details and explains how and why the exercise works. She also provides useful nutritional advice which has helped me make positive changes in my diet. Ieva always challenges me at the right level - enough for me to make the extra effort but with the right level of support too.

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