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Igor Campanario
Igor Campanario
Queens Park
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I help people build up their confidence and build their dream body. With years of experience in the gym both training and coaching, I’m constantly developing my skills through courses and mentorships to deliver the best results for my clients.

I’ve helped a wide range of people with their goals, from fat loss, muscle gain and strength gain. I also specialise around knee rehab/strengthening through testing and exercise. Each program is highly individualised with exercise videos and nutritional guidance to match my client's needs. All of my clients will be sure to get the best results with me and knowledge they will keep forever both in and out of the gym.

Get in touch today via WhatsApp or email to find out how I can help you reach your goals.
Level 3 Personal trainer
Level 3 Older adults (years 50+)
Level 3 Nutrition
Level 3 Outdoor circuits
Level 2 indoor circuits
Level 4 Sports massage therapist
Level 2 Spin Instructor
Studying: level 4 Strength and conditioning coach
Knee prehab/rehab
Mobility/flexibility improvement
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I am a seventy-year-old male and I have had two sets of training with Igor – 10 sessions in autumn 2023 and 8 sessions in spring 2024. Over this period I have lost 15cm (5.9”) in girth and 6.5kg (14.3 lb) in weight, and I am considerably fitter; my blood pressure is lower and I have noticed improvements in my physical and mental health.

Igor’s encouragement and personalised advice on diet, supplements and exercise routines has been invaluable. With his help I have learned
• to enjoy a balanced diet control portion size of
• to maintain the small calorie deficit needed to lose fat while exercising to gain muscle
• to use a wide range of gym equipment with good form and
• to finish with cool down exercises and stretches.

Igor has an excellent flexible app to set up personalised routines and targets and track progress. I find this useful at home but less so at the gym where reception on my mobile is patchy.

Igor has a professional approach and is friendly and easy to get along with. I have enjoyed every gym session and am happy to recommend his services to all.
Peter Hendra
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Amazing trainer - if you want to pack on muscle and learn about body building then look no further.

I smashed my goals thanks to Igor's training and nutritional advice. For context, I am a 29 year old guy I was in a tough place physically; having just done a 28 day juice fast. My goal was to get from 69kg back to 80kg.

Needless to say, I achieved this but to be honest got so much more than just the results I wanted training with Igor.

Honestly, it was like getting a degree in Biomechanics! I learnt so much about the body and my training technique improved 10x. Igor is extremely attentive and supportive, knowing when to push and when to encourage.

Now I am living aboard and training by myself, I can still hear Igor's voice in my head when I train. You know when a coach is top quality when you hear their advice in your ear even when they aren't there!

On the whole, I couldn't recommend him enough. Outstanding trainer and a top guy, too.

If you are looking to put on muscle and learn about your body in the process, don't hesitate to contact Igor. With his help you'll smash your goals and give you so many tools for training by yourself in the future.

Thank you Igor!
Patrick Creighton

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