Jahcheyse Forrester
Jahcheyse Forrester
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Passionate about improving individuals to achieve their health goals; I know that there’s specific training & nutritional keys for each person, to reach their highest potential.

My experience inside the fitness & food industry has made it imperative to share it with you; as it brings me great success & for you, high-value.

Are you struggling to break through the wall of with non-effective repetitive exercises?

Struggling with consistency to lose 5-10kg and fit into your clothes?

Working a desk based job and feeling tight in your body?

Unsure about where to start to start looking and feeling good about yourself?

Look no further!

My approach is unique, combining various disciplines of training,
Athletics, competitive-boxing, football & Pilates to help you achieve your goals effectively.

I will develop a structured plan that will build your gym confidence. My training style is focused on moving well and developing a strong and toned body, so that you can enjoy working out while seeing the results you desire.

Don't let doubt, hold you a moment longer from your highest potential.

Speak to me today to start your journey towards a healthier, more confident you!
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Anaerobic Training
Body toning
Chef’s perspective nutrition
Dynamic stretches
Functional movement
Weight loss
Meal plans
Strength Training
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Jahcheyse is Really good personal trainer! He broke down the exact workout routines, exercises, dieting I need personally to reach my specific goals of shredding and toning up in 3, 6 and 12 months and pushed me beyond my limits. I highly recommend Jahcheyse to anyone working towards a fitness goal!
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Jay is a great PT, very knowledgeable and approachable. He works in a collaborative manner to help you reach your goals…. I would highly recommend sessions with him
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Just what I needed! Very positive/encouraging and a good listener.
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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an introductory personal training session with Jahcheyese, and it was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with enthusiasm and professionalism, setting the tone for what turned out to be an incredibly rewarding session.

J wasted no time in assessing my fitness level and understanding my goals. His expertise and attention to detail were evident as he tailored the workout to challenge me while ensuring proper form and technique. What stood out the most was his ability to push me beyond my limits in a supportive and motivating manner.

Throughout the session, J provided invaluable guidance and encouragement, pushing me to give my best effort every step of the way. His enthusiasm for fitness is contagious, and it fueled my determination to push through even the toughest moments.

By the end of the session, I felt invigorated and inspired, with a newfound sense of confidence in my ability to reach my fitness goals. I not only pushed me physically but also instilled a sense of belief in myself that will continue to drive me forward on my fitness journey.

If you're looking for a personal trainer who will push you to new heights while supporting you every step of the way, look no further than Jahcheyse!
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I just have 30 minutes training, it was amazing. Jay is the most knowledgeable trainer, I really appreciate his help.
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Jay is a really genuine and hugely knowledgable PT - he made the gym feel accessible and exciting, and motivated me to push myself. He gave me confidence so that now, I actually look forward to going to the gym - never thought that day would come! Thanks Jay
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I was very apprehensive about working with a personal trainer, however Jay was a pleasant surprise.
In our short time working together he taught me so much.
As a woman, I was afraid of weight training as I did not want to look too muscular. Jay taught me how to gain strength in a way that works for me.
He changed the way I work out now as I found out that my posture during certain exercises, for example, squats, were wrong.
He was very motivating and I highly recommend his services.
Thank you very much.
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Had a intro session with Jay and I cannot recommend him enough. In a short time, he pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to push my boundaries. Very easy going, personable and pleasant to speak with. He doesn’t just focus on physical aspects but also the mental benefits that come with working out. Thank you Jay
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I’ve been training with Jahcheyse for 3 months now and he’s great! Super supportive and has helped me keep disciplined and focused on my goals - only 3 months and I feel more confident in the gym and motivated! Looking forward to what’s to come in another 3 months. Definitely recommend
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Would definitely recommend Jahcheyse . He’s so respectful and friendly in his manner . He Always goes above and beyond to keep his clients motivated and on track for their goals . He has helped me so much so far on my fitness journey and can’t wait to continue to train with him and hit some more targets !
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I have a lot to say about Jay but I will be strait forward . He is very respectful, very helpful takes time to go through things very encouraging, very motivating ! I have only trained with Jay 2 times and I can highly recommend him . Thank you Jay
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What can I say about jay as I have a lot to say about him. He’s simply amazing trainer, very polite, understanding, patient, has a great personality and much more. I 100000% recommend him to others especially new mums and people with health issues.

I personally feel proud to work with him and I feel a lot stronger and better now compared to how I was at the beginning.
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Jay was wonderful, he explained everything clearly and was very respectful. As a result I now know what to do in the gym to become stronger and healthier. Thanks Jay x
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Jay was so sweet and helpful. I found it really motivating! Thank you!!
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Super friendly and approachable, as well as being very professional. Was able to take my workouts up a few levels with confidence whilst still being really enjoyable. Would recommend to anyone.
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Jay smashed it! Highly recommended!!
Laura Vitkauskiene
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Had a great session with Jah to focus on strength aspects. A really genuine guy and trainer and will absolutely be approaching him when I feel like taking on a PT and this is more of a priority for me! Thanks Jah.
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Can’t speak more highly of Jay.

A brilliant PT that ticks all boxes and more. He is knowledgable and adaptable and also kind and motivational.

Jay tailored our work to help me train for long distance running. We’ve trained the right exercises for the right muscle groups that will help me achieve my goals.

Really appreciative of our sessions and looking forward to the next ones
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Really great session- thank you Jay! Lots of great exercises to help me achieve my goal.
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I had a great session with Jay. He listened and built a series of compound exercises around my goals that hit all the right spots.
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Had a really good session learning how to train my posterior chain for injury prevention. Thank you!!
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Jay is very approachable and knowledgeable with his training! Helped choose exercises that would compliment the exercise I do outside of the gym such as swimming.

Really enjoyed the first free session I did with Jay, would really recommend it!
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Jay is super friendly and supportive as a trainer. It is clear that he is really experienced and knowledgeable in training and nutrition. Highly recommend working with him!
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I trained with Jahcheyse and it was an amazing session he helped me to tailor my workout sessions to what I am trying to target. I learned a lot from him would highly recommend
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Excellent methods to lose weight. Friendly and very helpful. 100%recommended
Freddy Correa
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I started at the gym, Jay was there to give me guidance as an older lady, I decided to take some P.T advice and booked a number of sessions. As they say the scales don’t lie, and I’ve been able to dropped the lockdown weight.
Your patience is second to none

Thank you👍🏾
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I had such a great two sessions with Jahcheyse. He is very attentive and makes sure to push me to my max. I’ve already learnt a lot and appreciate his approach to creative personalised gym workouts. Highly recommend his services!
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Jay was very approachable and knowledgeable
Gianmarco Sansotta
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Word of mouth is always my preferred method of recommending the services of any professional/expert in their chosen field, however I have to make an exception to the rule as a result of the challenging journey and positive transformation I’ve gone through, thanks to the guidance, support and expertise that Jacheyse has brought since I was introduced to him by a close associate.

This might be relatable to anyone reading this, I struggled for a long time to even build a consistent routine of exercising and cast a lot of doubt and self loathing - most of this actually came from dealing with personal traumas which affected my ability to eat properly and conduct regular exercise, all of which I’ve now gradually overcome and seen the results begin to pay off.

It goes without saying that Jahcheyse has been a beacon of hope and help, someone who is not only here to get you fit, but to help enjoy the life that you want - that starts with health and mind which is something I’ll carry with me throughout.

He is a thoughtful and realistic trainer, has exceptional knowledge covering a wide variety of areas that are important to fitness health and well-being, and is a source of encouragement to keep going and fight another day. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with him will have nothing to regret.
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I did the first free session with Jay and I'd definitely recommended it!

Even if it'only once, I think it's still worth it - you get some tips and do some new exercises.

Jay is very well prepared and also very nice to talk with.

Really enjoyed the quality of the training, thank you!
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I did the first free session with Jay and I'd definitely recommended it!

Even if it'only once, I think it's still worth it - you get some tips and do some new exercises.

Jay is very well prepared and also very nice to talk with.

Really enjoyed the quality of the training, thank you!
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I joined a local gym last month and Jah approached me to offer guidance on an exercise I was doing. We've had several works since and they have all been a great combination of challenging, informative and well delivered by a PT that knows there stuff while willing to listen to their clients needs.
I'd recommend Jah to anyone who wants a comprehensive workout programme with novel exercises.
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Very help gave me a great personalised plan and a lot of motivation. Highly recommend !
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I’ve trained with Jahcheyse for 4 years now and I can confidently say he’s had a huge impact on my health journey by tailoring it to my lifestyle. His through knowledge of nutrition has given me a holistic outlook of my health. As a result I have managed to feel stronger and very rarely feel unwell. It has been well worth the investment in his training methods, I highly recommend him as a trainer. His friendly demeanour is also a big plus!

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