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Jake Casey
Jake Casey
Highbury Leisure Centre
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Are you ready to transform your lifestyle? To become healthier, to make better decisions, to be able to move comfortably, to feel stronger, and to feel and look like your very best self physically and mentally?
WIth over 8 years of experience as a personal trainer, and over 10 years of experience working in the gym, I’ve worked with all ranges of age and ability and consistently transformed people's lives for the better. Creating a lifestyle that fits into your busy schedule is the key for success, it’s possible with guidance and expertise, and this is exactly what I do.
I have a vast sporting history, ranging from playing football at scholarship and semi-pro level to competing in a wide range of sports such as athletics, swimming, and cricket, winning awards like the Jack Petchy award throughout. Throughout this, I have developed a comprehensive knowledge about the body, exercise, recovery, and nutrition and I’m continuously learning, educating myself and gaining qualifications in all areas of exercise.
Equipped with this knowledge, I can help you in all areas of your life, including exercise, habits and nutrition, to help you look and feel your very best.
level 3 personal trainer
level 2 fitness instructor
Level 3 Pilates teacher
Level 3 exercise to music
Nutrition in health and weight management
Indoor group cycling instructor
Kettlebell training instructor
Circuit class instructor
Level 2 Small group training
Level 1 football coach
Level 3 sports science diploma
posture analysis and correction
Lifestyle tranformation
Detailed Programming and progressions
Exercise execution specialist
Body sculpture
Weight loss/gain through training and nutrition
Hiit training
Muscle gain
Sports specific training
Nutrition advise and tracking
Strength improvement
Joint strength and durability
Cardio/Fitness improvement
Compound lift specialist
Routine analysis for health and fitness
Flexibility and stretching
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Training with Jake is the highlight of my week. He is making me smash my goals.
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Jake is a high quality, highly motivated and disciplined trainer. His extensive experience in personal training and fitness has made him stand out amongst other trainers. I’ve been training with Jake for 3 years and not only has he helped me transform my body into something i’ve been very proud of but he’s helped me believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to something big or small, he wont stop until you’ve reached your goals, he encourages you and gives you the power to believe in yourself when you haven’t been able to do so on your own. I lost 15kg and 30% body fat! & I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Jake, my no.1 motivator!
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Jake has completely transformed the way I see and approach fitness. His in-depth knowledge and holistic approach to physical and mental wellness has been invaluable. He takes great care in understanding individual goals and tailors programmes accordingly; this provides a personal, and in my experience, an incredibly effective process. Alongside the programme, Jake’s knowledge of nutrition has also been a huge help to me; his advice and guidance has meant I’ve been able to meet my goals in a way that wasn’t too restrictive and worked within my vegetarian diet. Whether I’ve been cutting or have deviated from the plan - Jake’s consistently provided unwavering guidance and support, going above and beyond every time. I love that Jake’s approach to fitness also incorporates a focus on mental wellbeing; he checks in all the time, is extremely intuitive to how i might be feeling and takes the time to chat things through and motivate me when he sees I need it. Because of this, he is a constant source of positive motivation. All this considered, he also makes all of this feel fun by setting challenges, encouraging you to try new things and tapping into what motivates you. He loves what he does and loves seeing his clients progress, achieve their goals and feel good - that comes across in every interaction you have with him. He’s approachable, warm and an all round good guy, I can’t recommend working with him enough.
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I can't recommend Jake highly enough. The impact of having a coach is tremendous. Even if you believe you understand what you need to do, the influence of accountability is significant. Jake is incredibly supportive and exceptionally knowledgeable. He has led me throughout, varying the exercises to prevent boredom. I've thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions with Jake. I have observed substantial progress in terms of weight loss, strength, muscle gain, and overall fitness and well-being.
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I have been training with Jake for about two years now and am still so pleased with our gym regime. Jake was great at getting me back into training after a long period away from the gym and really listened to what I wanted to achieve and set goals with me to get there.

He has been great at adapting workouts to my needs as they have changed, which most importantly has kept me training! Highly recommended professional.
Osman Khan
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First took a cycle class with Jake back in 2019, I love spin so I felt like I not only got to do something I love, I also felt like it was working my body and stamina so when 2020 lockdown hit I had to find other ways to keep fit. I went back to a spin class and he gave us a card to contact him and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself. I’m a challenge freak so every challenge he set I smashed with his help! I’ve recommended him to many others cause I feel he’s perfect for the role of motivator and knows instinctively what each person needs for themselves! Big up yourself Jake! Highly Recommended
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Jake is more than your standard run-of-the mill Personal Trainer. Not only did he help me achieve my fitness goals, but also helped build confidence in myself regardless of what my body looked like.

He really takes the time to understand your motivations and is always happy to give extra nutritional advice and fitness tips. Would highly reccomend him!
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Jake is so easy to get along with, friendly and approachable which is exactly what I was looking for. He works around my limitations but still somehow manages to push me Helped me to build on my goals week on week. Highly recommended!
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I’ve been training with Jake for a few months now and have seen brilliant results, building muscle and lifting heavier. He thinks carefully about your programme and gently restrains the destructive impulse to push on quicker than is possible, taking care to manage injuries. He is also a very pleasant person to spend an hour with early in the morning. I would thoroughly recommend his services
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I’ve been training with Jake for 7 months now and it’s been great. Every session I had with him, he taught me new techniques and how to use the machines so I could do them for myself. He has immense understanding of how the body works and is great at explaining the workouts effect the body. He’s also a great and genuine person to talk to, funny and full of wisdom, I’m very happy training with him.
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I have been training with Jake for about 18 months and my progress in the gym has really progressed, the results keep improving and I really enjoy our sessions. Jake is a very good communicator and takes a great interest in his clients progress! Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!
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I’ve been training with Jake for four years now. He has been absolutely phenomenal and challenged me to do the best during our sessions. I’m so much more stronger now and more confident with my training.
There have been times when I’ve come to the session not feeling in the right mood by the end of that session I walk out feeling 100%. It does wonders for my mental health and my stress levels.
My bone density has improved significantly since I started working with Jake. Excellent, PT 👍🏾
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I trained with Jake for more than 5 years. He is an exceptional personal trainer who has made an immeasurable impact on my fitness journey. His deep understanding of my goals, together with his expertise in exercise science, has resulted in workouts that are both effective and safe. I was very unfit, had little motivation to exercise, and had weak joints and chronic pain which really made it challenging for me to work out effectively by myself. I was also anxious that a personal trainer would push me too hard and that I would injure myself.

However, Jake allayed all my fears and he guided, motivated and taught me skills with patience and professionalism. Even on my toughest days, his encouragement pushed me to exceed my limits - but I never felt unsafe or like I would get injured. His positive attitude and unwavering belief in my potential transformed every session into a rewarding experience.

In five years, I've seen remarkable progress. From never going to the gym or only walking 3000 steps a day, I now go to the gym 3-4 times every week and average 8,000 steps a day. I owe a huge part of my changed lifestyle and love of fitness to Jake's commitment and support. I recommend Jake as a personal trainer to anyone seeking to achieve their fitness goals.
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I've trained with Jake for several years, and from the start, he has tailored our sessions to align with my specific objectives and goals. Every session with him is dynamic and engaging, never dull or repetitive.

We have always accommodated our sessions to life, training not only indoors but also outdoors and via video call.

Jake's positive energy has consistently motivated me, pushing me to give my best in every session. Training with him has not only improved my physical well-being but has also served as a coping mechanism for my anxiety and stress, making me feel better both on the outside and inside.

I cannot recommend Jake highly enough!
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Signing up with Jake was one of the best things I have ever done! I was overweight and struggling to lose weight on my own, but Jake's diet recommendations and exercise routine have helped me lose 11 kg and I am now 81 kg.

Jake is a fantastic personal trainer. He is knowledgeable, motivating, and encouraging. He makes sure that my workouts are challenging but achievable, and he always keeps me on track. He also makes training fun and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Jake to anyone looking for a personal trainer who can help them achieve their fitness goals. He is the best!

Client recommendation:

If you are looking for a personal trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals, I highly recommend Jake. He is knowledgeable, motivating, and encouraging. He will help you create a personalized diet and exercise plan that is tailored to your individual needs, and he will support you every step of the way. I am so grateful for Jake's help, and I am so happy with the progress I have made.
Fuad Hussein
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Motivating, supportive, knowledgeable and kind.
Training with Jake is the best commitment I have made to maintain and build my strength, whilst also ensuring my long term health and fitness.
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Training with Jake is a transformational experience.
His approach is supportive and encouraging which enabled me to feel capable and confident under his guidance.
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My journey with Jake was great. He has been amazing at working with my specific needs and helping me achieve my goals. He's always happy to help, quick in responding to messages and very good at making you feel motivated.
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I started training with Jake in 2018 with the goal of losing weight for my wedding. We trained twice a week and I was able to achieve the goals I had in mind. Fast forward 5 years, and 2 babies I am still training with Jake and have gained so much knowledge both in fitness and nutrition. Jake is a fantastic trainer, he is committed and extremely experienced. He is so easy to get along with and very accommodating. I have trained with him one on one and in group sessions. He makes sure that I get the best out of every session, they’re always super challenging and dare I say fun! Ultimately, Jake has an unmatched way to motivate you in giving your all to each session- you leave feeling happy, proud of yourself and strong.
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I’ve been training with Jake for just over 18 months now. He is very motivating and always a source of lots of energy and positivity, meaning I’m pushed to do my best! I feel so much stronger and fitter since Jake becoming my PT. As well as being an experienced trainer, Jake is genuinely a lovely person and I’d recommend him to anybody starting their fitness journey.
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I have always found it challenging to maintain a consistent routine at the gym and follow a structured plan. I never believed that a personal trainer could assist me, as I had the misconception that they only provided basic training information. However, Jake Cassey completely proved me wrong. Not only did he guide me towards a more effective training plan, but he also helped me understand the importance of the journey itself. Thanks to his expertise and the consistency of the plan, I now feel a great sense of pride in my progress, both mentally and physically. I have learned that it's not solely about the end results, but also about overcoming mental obstacles and trusting the process.
Pedro Arraiano
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I’ve been training with Jake for nearly four years and I have never felt better. He’s hundred percent focused and never fails to motivate and inspire me, tailoring every session to suit. He’s very experienced and always explains why we are doing the exercises and answers my questions with mindfulness and professionalism. I can’t recommend him and his team enough.
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I have been training in one to one sessions with Jake for about 4 years in my local Gym. My fitness level has always been ok, but with advancing years - I am 73 - I wanted to do more. I felt strongly that I should do this under supervision to avoid injury. Jake was the perfect person to help me on the way. He was able to asses with me what would be the best training to build all round fitness, heart health flexibility and muscle strength. His very personal approach and attentiveness to detail really helped me to get the very best workouts. He is also great on keeping up with new ideas and related forms of exercise. He made the weekly workouts fun and I could not have found a better trainer to work with.
Bettina Schroeder
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I was introduced to Jake as I tried to improve my health in the aftermath of heart surgery. Jake has been a very positive force in my recovery, building my core strength and improving my fitness through targeted exercises and positive reinforcement. After my diagnosis with Parkinson's disease in 2022, his work with me has become even more vital, as I try to hold onto movements that are now becoming more difficult. Through Jake's programme of carefully tailored workouts I have improved my physique and wellbeing on many levels, and slowed down the depradations of Parkinson's. I cannot recommend Jake highly enough!
James Smith
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Jake was my PT during a transitional period where I’d gained weight, felt lacking in confidence and found the gym intimidating. He got me into great shape and more importantly I now feel like I rule the gym. He is an absolute professional, I’m a nerd at whatever I’m doing so I only trust my fitness in the hands of an expert and Jake knows exactly what he’s doing. Still, he always explains things clearly and without being patronising or preachy. He’s also just a lovely person - not in any way an intimidating gym bro.
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I’ve met Jake 7 years ago before I had children - being one of the “I don’t need a PT” person. He’s proven me wrong. He was there to support me trough and after my pregnancies helping me regain strength and confidence. He’s kind, honest and I know I can always count on him with both training and diet advice. He always has the right words when you start doubting yourself and need some motivation. He’s definitely one of those positive people you need in your life that keep you going with a full smile on.
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I have been training with Jake for a while now, and I can confidently say that he is an incredible personal trainer. From the moment we set our initial targets, he has constantly pushed me to new heights and fine-tuned those targets to ensure continuous progress.

We have been doing between 3 and 5 sessions per week, focusing on a variety of exercises including pull, push, legs, abs, and arms. What I love about Jake is that he always introduces new ways of doing exercises, making each session interesting and challenging. His attention to technique and ensuring I get the most out of every exercise has been invaluable in achieving my goals.

The benefits of having Jake as my personal trainer go beyond just physical fitness. Even on the days when I am not motivated or feeling down, he always finds a way to push me and keep me on track. As someone who spends long hours in front of a desk, the exercise sessions with Jake have been incredibly helpful in countering the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

I have noticed significant improvements in my posture, overall health, conditioning, and body shape since I started training with Jake. Even after my operation on my left shoulder, Jake has been extremely accommodating. He incorporated the physio exercises I had to do into our sessions and continuously checks on the progress of my shoulder's recovery. He modifies exercises related to the chest area accordingly to ensure my safety and well-being.

I highly recommend Jake as a personal trainer to anyone looking for someone who is knowledgeable, dedicated, and genuinely invested in their clients' progress. With Jake's guidance, I have achieved results I never thought were possible. He has not only helped me transform physically, but also supported me mentally and emotionally throughout my fitness journey.
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Training with Jake inspired a completely different approach to fitness & body composition! As someone who was doing back-to-back cardio classes and only using the treadmill in the gym, I started with Jake as a total gym novice. My PT sessions with Jake opened my eyes to weight training and the difference it could make to my body shape. From one session to the next, Jake would introduce me to something new, meaning I quickly built my confidence with using equipment on my own in the gym! I’ve felt challenged and encouraged to push myself and always like Jake had planned out a personalised session with my goals in mind.
Jake is knowledgable (never makes you feel like you’re asking too many questions) and has switched up my way of thinking about nutrition and fueling my body, meaning lifestyle changes well beyond my hour PT session! It’s been a total game changer finding him as personal trainer.
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“I’ve been training with Jake for nearly four years and I have never felt better. He’s hundred percent focused and never fails to motivate and inspire me, tailoring every session to suit. He’s very experienced and always explains why we are doing the exercises and answers my questions with mindfulness and professionalism. I can’t recommend him and his team enough.”
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I started training with Jake a bit over 3 years ago. In our time together my mindset has changed a lot, when we started all I wanted to do was be fit and change my body, which has happened, but something I didn’t expect is that with Jake’s help I have become really strong and my perception of exercise and my own body image has really shifted. I have a lot more acceptance about my body because of the things I’ve become capable of through training. Exercise has become part of the things I do to take care of myself and my mental health and Jake has been a massive part of that. Thank you Jake!!
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Jake is such an incredible trainer, as he is knowledgeable, flexible, and interesting.
I’ve only been training with Jake for a couple of months, but my techniques have already improved quite a lot. Jake is very detail-oriented. Sometimes the tiniest adjustments for gesture & movements influence the effectiveness significantly. Seeing those progressions really motivates me to keep training!
Jake tailors the programmes just for you. If you are interested in learning different things and/ or dislike doing some exercises, he is always open to discuss, find substitutes, and design the programmes accordingly. With continuous changes in programmes, I’m always looking forward to the next programmes and new things I can try/ learn!
It’s always enjoyable to train with Jake, as he is very supportive and a very interesting person. Jake makes tough exercises more bearable with his positivity and humor!
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Jake is an amazing PT! He motivates and challenges, but with a relaxed and friendly vibe. He is so knowledgeable about health, fitness and nutrition. I’m stronger and fitter in my 50s, than I was in my 20s, thanks to Jake. The aches and pains in my knees and lower back have completely gone and my mental health has also improved. I can recommend Jake 100%!

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