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James Pittam
James Pittam
Penrith Leisure Centre
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Meet the Team:

James Pittam Health And Fitness team provides you with all you need to ensure your lifestyle is a fit, healthy, pain-free one.

The team of consultants offer a unique and complete professional solution for all your health and fitness needs.

Based at Penrith Leisure Centre in the heart of the Lake District, Cumbria. you will find Personal Trainer James Pittam. His private local Health and fitness business encompasses many services to make up his multi-faceted health fitness and wellbeing consultancy. Services include :-

• 1 to 1 or Small Group Personal Training
• Remedial Sports Massage
• Physiotherapy
• Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation
• Chiropody & Podiatry
• Food Intolerance Testing
• Military Circuits
• Level 2 & Level 3 Education
• Nutrition & Supplements

James Pittam Health And Fitness Services was recognised In 2019 by The England Business Awards and picked up the following accolades:

⭐Best Penrith Business
⭐Best Fitness Business in Cumbria
⭐Best Fitness Business in Northern England
⭐Best Overall Business in Northern England
Level 3 & Level 4 Personal Trainers
Weight management
Fat loss
General fitness, wellbeing, health and mental health
Hypertrophy and muscle building
Running strength and fitness
Triathlon training
Multi-sport specific training.
Strength and conditioning
Advanced kettlebell training
Circuit training
Military Bootcamp
Exercise for senior citizens
Exercise for long Covid rehabilitation
Exercise for Cancer rehabilitation
Pre- and post-natal
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Exercise For GP Referrals
Exercise For Special populations
Small Group Studio Cycling
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I decided to get some help with my forever changing body since having children as I have found it hard to accept and understand what my body looks and feels like. I went to Karen Rathbone for 5 PT sessions and I can honestly say that not only has she got me to understand, love and appreciate my body, but also to know that this time for me working out is important for me mentally and physically. It also does not have to be really hard to do. Since having my sessions I am now a regular morning gym goer enjoying that 1 hour for me to work out, feel fresh and ready to start my day. I am also more aware of what I eat and when I eat it due to Karen's wide knowledge of nutrition. Thank you Karen for everything. I will be back for more sessions with you.

Gem 😁 x
Gemma Hardner
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As someone who is completely new to the gym and doesn’t have a clue about equipment or technique, Karen Rathbone has had to start from scratch with me!
Having had a baby in the past year my reasons for wanting a personal trainer were to become stronger, up my fitness levels, lose some baby weight and get toned.
Karen explains things clearly, breaks it down for me and explains the reason behind each exercise. Each week I learn something new, do something different and feel more confident being in the gym. Working out has become fun, rather than a chore and I feel that’s all down to Karen. Her deep understanding of exercise techniques, nutrition and overall wellness is really inspiring. Karen is always punctual, prepared and her enthusiasm keeps me motivated, it helps that she’s got a good sense of humour too! Overall I feel my programmes are going well, i enjoy the variety and I’m always keen to see what equipment she’s going to pull out next!’

Thanks Karen, see you on Friday!
Sophie Brook
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Karen Joels is a fantastic personal trainer who really listens to what your goals are and tailors the sessions perfectly.
I have been under her care for a year and have seen huge improvements. My original goal was to become competent at using the gym equipment to assist my running.
Karen was a vault of knowledge and has helped me become a very confident person in the gym and am pleasantly surprised at the strength I've gained. Karen was very good at adapting my ever growing list of demands and really helped me with stabilising and opening up my joints, I now run tape free. Huge success! Highly recommended!
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Professional reference for Karen Joels – James Pittam Health and Fitness.

Following a period of illness and rehabilitation, and in preparation to go back into hospital for further surgery, I reached out to James Pittam Health and Fitness to start a programme of gym-based fitness and strengthening. James, following an initial assessment, put me in touch with Karen Joules from his team, and Karen quickly came to understand my physical capabilities and goals then set about working out a programme. Within the first sessions it was evident that Karen had taken a great deal of time to understand the ‘do’s and don’ts’ on working with a client with a physical condition that could actually be worsened by exercise if not properly planned and supervised and she gradually increased the range of exercises and intensity while keeping a check on potential over stressing which may cause further damage. 6 months on, the gains in strength and losses in overall body weight have been nothing short of spectacular and I genuinely feel fitter than I have in the past 25 years. Karen has managed keep my motivation levels up to continue with the programme, even when there were the few occasions when the gains were slow, and I suffered a few setbacks. I you want to make significant changes lifestyle, improve your overall health and fitness then I would wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Karen. Might be like paying for a stick to hit yourself with from time to time, but definitely worth it.
Jamie Walker
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I have been having PT sessions with Karen Rathbone for over a year now.
Not only is she a fantastic PT, her knowledge and expertise on physical health as well as fitness is admirable. She has helped me with a number physical health problems that has helped massively to ensure I maintain these.
Karen has a brilliant ability to push you passed your limits to ensure you reach your full potential, whilst always guiding you and educating you on how to perform the exercises correctly and safely.
I would I highly recommend using Karen as a personal trainer.
Annmarie Taylor
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I was recommended Karen Rathbone as a personal trainer by a friend after being advised that I'd benefit from strength and conditioning training by my physiotherapist.

Karen is a very good PT. She has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to improve my strength and conditioning without exacerbating existing injuries. In fact, the training has been very helpful in helping my musculoskeletal injuries improve.

The sessions are tough and challenging but Karen knows when I've done enough and will tailor the programme to suit how I'm feeling that day.

I really enjoy the sessions with Karen and Karen has also provided me with programmes to work on by myself.
Christine Hill
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Karen Rathbone
is a brilliant Personal Trainer. She is very professional, is always prepared for our sessions, and takes our fitness and health seriously. Karen takes a holistic approach to our fitness needs advising on diet and nutrition and she also takes note of our mental well being. She researches these issues thoroughly.

Karen sessions are challenging and she gears them towards your personal goals whether it is weight loss, improving general fitness or other targets. She is observant and makes positive suggestions to bring about improvements and she ensures that exercises are carried out safely.
Ken and Jane Rogers
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I have trained with Karen R for many years. She is very professional and gives you the benefit of her knowledge. She listens to what I feel I need and want out of a session. She tailors the sessions to suit me, my sport and the future goals that I have. The sessions are interesting, challenging and very varied which keeps me focussed.
Judy Pearson
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Was already a regular gym goer, but was getting bored and lazy and needed to revitalise my workouts. Booked a couple of blocks with Karen Joel's, and haven't looked back. Karen listened to my needs and expanded my workout, taking full advantage of the newly revamped gym in Penrith, and pushed me just when I needed it! Best of all, she did that with a sense of humour that made each hour fly by and something to look forward to! I look and feel better, and am going back for more!
Tim Holmes
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I have known Karen for a lot of years since she and James started at the leisure centre, also working in the industry with swimming for the last 30 years.
The leisure centre has reopened with new and updated equipment, I decided along with my niece who is 20 with different goals to have a new induction and sessions with Karen. They have given us new and updated techniques and exercises to follow and advise . I have found these really helpful even when having used the gym for so long, always new ideas. I would highly recommend Karen for her experience and knowledge in the industry, always to update and learn new techniques and regimes
Angela Watson
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I cannot recommend Karen Rathbone highly enough. I have trained with her for 10 years. She keeps me focused. She is professional , personable and gets results. She works with you and listens to your goals and sets interesting and diverse programmes to help you achieve them. She is highly qualified and advises not only on exercise but nutrition . Her training sessions are different each week and always a challenge. She teaches me new techniques to improve my strength and fitness and how to avoid injury. A fantastic PT.
kim whittlestone
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Karen Rathbone PT.
What can I say, I think Karen Rathbone is ace. I have worked with Karen before lock down and she got me to a place in my fitness and health I won't have been able to do alone.
I have recently returned to Karen after being very ill. Karen Rathborn tailored my workouts to suit my rehabilitation, has been both gentle and pushed me when needed. I was very apprehensive of coming back into a gym, and Karen has made me really comfortable. Thank you! I highly recommend.
Angie Barton
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If I need a training plan, I speak to James. If I need a massage, James will organise Ed or Liv, if I need help with nutrition, through James, Karen will sort me out. JP has built an umbrella for fitness & well-being in Penrith & surrounding area and with over 20 years experience in the industry, he knows his stuff!
Sarah Graham

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