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Jarek Ciepichal
Jarek Ciepichal
Britannia Leisure Centre
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Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have been my passions for over 20 years and thanks to the experience I have gained during that time as a Personal Trainer, Dietitian and former athlete in Bodybuilding sports I have the tools to help others achieve better physical shape and feel better in their body.

My mission is to show you that taking care of yourself can be simple and enjoyable - daily activity, proper nutrition and proper regeneration translate into a healthier and more energetic life. I know how difficult it is to take this first step, so my priority is to form new habits that will allow you to enjoy your health and full strength for many years to come. My approach is individual - I adjust training and diet to your current physical fitness, taking into account possible injuries or limitations.

If you feel that the time has come to take matters into your own hands, you are motivated and ready to work I look forward to hearing from you.

CIMSPA Practitioner
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Nutrition and Supplements Coach
Spinning Instructor
Body Pump Instructor
Aqua Aerobics Instructor
HIIT Instructor
Fat loss
Shape and tone
Muscle and strength building
Nutrition and supplements
Mobility and Flexibility
Injury prevention
Functional Training
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For last three years I have tried several diets with zero results. It is four weeks now when I am under a plan that Jarek prepared for me and I am absolutely impressed with the results I all ready have. Plan is simple to follow, I have so much more energy and more strength to continue. His amazing. Go for it💪
Kornelia Balul
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Jarek is an amazing personal trainer, very motivating and uplifting as well as professional. He took time to understand me and my goals. He created a tailored exercise plan to address my needs, including both mobility, strength and HIIT. He helped me a lot with my posture and weight loss. I highly recommend him as he cares a lot about his clients and tries to give them the best service!
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Been training with jarek for a month and so far so good ! Very professional and caring! Would definitely recommend
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Jarek is an amazing trainer. He is keeping me motivated during our sessions and adjust difficulty to my abilities. He demonstrated to me his great knowledge's about human body by answering questions i had and also keeping conversations about topics i was interested. Moreover Jarek is funny guy who is making fantastic atmosphere during training by his jokes, which make you wanna come to the gym more often! Can recommend!
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Jarek is an absolute gem! Just started a month ago and from the get-go, Jarek radiates a laid-back vibe that instantly puts you at ease. It's like working out with a buddy rather than feeling the pressure of a typical trainer-client dynamic. His approach to fitness is refreshing; he's all about finding what works for you, rather than pushing a one-size-fits-all regimen. He listens, he motivates, and he genuinely cares about your progress. If you're looking for someone who makes fitness fun and effective, he's your guy!
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I've been working with Jarek for a few weeks now, and the experience has been amazing. One of the standout aspects of Jarek’s approach is the diet plan he created for me. It's remarkably straightforward, yet flexible, making the often daunting task of dieting feel much more manageable and less restrictive. This balance is a game-changer, allowing me to enjoy my meals (and life) without compromising my fitness goals.

In terms of the workout regumen, he has struck the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment. I can push my limits while keeping the fun element alive. This has been crucial in maintaining my motivation 😊

The face-to-face sessions have been particularly enjoyable albeit painful 😂😅 His ability to motivate is exceptional; he knows precisely when to offer encouragement and when to push harder, making each session both effective and enjoyable.

An additional aspect I deeply appreciate is the inclusion of a stretching and yoga routine for cooldowns, coupled with breathing exercises. Much appreciated relaxation and calm after a long day.

Overall, Jarek’s ability to create a comfortable and motivating environment is what sets him apart. His expertise in creating personalised, balanced fitness regimes, combined with his encouraging and personable approach, make him an outstanding trainer. I'm genuinely excited to continue my fitness journey under his guidance and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their physical well-being.
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Highly recommend great guy very good pusher easy to get along with friendly if your looking for a PT and not sure what to do or where to start just give him a shout and have a chat and go from there 💪
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I started working with Jarek as someone who hadn't seen the inside of a gym in many years. Jarek created a programme for me that was totally balanced and allowed me to slowly appreciate the world of working out. Now I am so into the gym and can see the hard work paying off - but the journey started with my PT. Lovely, approachable guy who is very engaging as you work out together but not too pushy. Totally recommend!
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Working with Jarek has been fantastic! He has a great and very personal approach, which had massively helped me on my weight lose journey. Highly recommended 🙌🏻
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If you struggle with back pain. You are spending 8 hours sitting at work, and your posture looks like shrimp. Then you must contact Jarek. I highly recommend Jarek and personal training with him. He helped me heal my back pain, my posture looks better and I lost weight. Jarek is a professional trainer, he adapts exercises and training to your capabilities, but at the same time increases the intensity over time, which forces my body to more effective work. The training sessions are varied. Every training is different, I like it because there is no routine and I do not get bored.
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Would recommend Jarek to anyone. His personal meal plan was easy to understand, fun to do and definitely works. I still use it today as a guid even after hitting my goals. He’s always happy to help and answer any questions I have about my fitness. Thank you!
tom wilson
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I highly recommend Jarek as a PT and dietician! I love the way he teaches, his attitude, professionalism and technique. It’s so easy to find motivation when you train with someone so knowledgable and positive. Thank you Jarek for every single session and looking forward to the next one 💪
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I love training with Jarek, even if he makes me feel the pain in places I did not know existed… making the training regular sorts out the pains!!! Perfect!
Magdalena Wlodarczyk-Sroka

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