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Jay Shrimpton
Jay Shrimpton
Manchester Aquatics Centre
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Hello, I’m Jay - I’m known for being a friendly and knowledgeable PT. I love working with my clients to understand their specific needs and creating personalised science-backed programmes to help them get the results they want.

My early to mid-20s were spent navigating hectic PR and Marketing agencies, so I’m familiar with the struggle to find the time and energy to workout when you’re already feeling overstretched. For this reason, my approach to Personal Training is holistic, taking into account not only exercise and nutrition but other lifestyle factors including stress, sleep and energy levels, too.

Lasting change is a result of consistency, so finding a balance that works for you, that is sustainable and enjoyable is absolutely key to your success. I’m not going to ask you to eat plain chicken and broccoli every day or be in the gym 7-days a week, but I will push you to do your best.

I know how daunting it can be stepping into the gym for the first time (or even the 100th time!) so I’m here to help you feel as comfortable as possible, learn good form, create positive habits, and build not only the body you want but the confidence too!

Fancy a chat? Drop me a message or come and say hi!
Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (YMCAfit)
Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing (YMCAfit)
High Intensity Interval Training (YMCAfit)
Weight Loss / Management
Muscle Toning
Strength Training
Nutrition Guidance
Reverse Dieting
Sleep Management
Sustainable Exercise
Building Confidence
Great with beginners
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I’ve had quite a few personal trainers over the last few years and Jay was undoubtedly the best I’ve had. She really went above and beyond, found out my strengths, what I enjoyed doing, areas I needed to improve and work on and we smashed it. Her attention to detail was second to none and there was a real person centred care approach to her work. Not only that she would check in during the week and in between sessions to ask how things were going, and most importantly for me give me a nudge. I really couldn’t recommend her enough. Class act!! Paddy McBurney.
Patrick McBurney
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I've been working with Jay for almost a year now and have seen a huge increase in my strength and fitness levels. She's amazing.

I was so nervous about starting in the gym and I put off signing up for a really long time, but Jay gave me the confidence I needed. I couldn't do a single push up before and now I'm lifting things I never thought I could. The impact on my fitness, body and mental health have been huge.

The best part is it's genuinely like training with a best friend, she's so supportive but also drives you to push yourself and work hard, plus we have a great natter between sets.

She also takes the time to explain the science behind everything you do and why she recommends it, which I really appreciate. Plus the added diet and sleep support were super helpful.

I would honestly recommend her to everyone - stop waiting. It's the best thing you'll ever do for yourself!
Ellen Maulder
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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay for the past 5 months. She came highly recommended by a good friend and after many months of putting it off I finally got in contact.

Coming into this I was in a really bad place, after years of crash diets and continually gaining weight I was apprehensive if this would ‘work.’ But, after our initial chat (2 hours, she really takes the time to get to know her clients) I was confident and comfortable in knowing that she would help me in whatever way necessary. Not only diet and exercise but, managing stress and sleep.

Fast forward 5 months I have the confidence to walk into a gym (on my own) and complete a workout without thinking ‘oh they’re looking at me.’ This is major for me, it was the one thing I never thought I would be able to do.

I’ve lost weight but, that’s no longer my priority instead its getting strong and smashing my goals. Again a mindset I never thought I would have, it amazes me and makes me proud.

Most importantly I have started ‘allowing’ friends and family to have/take pictures of me. Its makes me sad thinking about how many memories I may forget because I hated the way I looked and felt.

Jay is consistent. She is reliable, trustworthy, and supportive. She will help you build the tools you need in order to be you most confident self.

I won’t lie this journey will be tough at times but, I can safely say my only regret is that I didn’t start training with Jay sooner!
Sophie King
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Choosing to train with Jay is a decision you won't look back on.

I first started training with Jay because my upcoming wedding. I wanted to look good and knew that I was not getting anywhere with the gym. The results were staggering, being commented on by many different people close to me. I have remained her client subsequent to this for the pure desire to keep growing my fitness goals and achievements. Jay has adapted to my needs throughout.

Her likable, friendly and understanding nature delivered training that reflected my needs. I have never missed a session by choice. We have always worked on what I needed, and what I wanted. The results are measurable and clear, and Jay will reflect the commitment you are able to give without demanding or judging you.

Jay is not only highly professional and deeply skilled but someone who cares about her clients and there goals. She will push you but more importantly make you want to be pushed.

I would recommend her to anyone who feels intimidated, nervous or that the gym is not for then. She will find ways that meet whatever needs you have physical or mental.

Her support and expertise should not be passed up.
Nathan Tommis
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As a woman going to the gym can be really intimidating but Jay put my mind at ease from the start. The personal plan she wrote for me covered everything from my sleep patterns to eating and my hatred of the gym, so that it was incredibly specific to my needs and goals.

I no longer hate the gym and look forward to going, as each work out session in my plan focused on what I wanted to achieve and tackled my worries to make exercise fun.

I was encouraged to give feedback on my plan as I went through it and it was altered as needed. for example I wasn't enjoying or completing a part of my plan that involved a treadmill so it was taken out and replaced, and when I flagged I was finding it difficult to get a specific pice of equipment at my gym, this was altered too.

Jay fit the plan around my busy schedule and she is the perfect PT for a women in a full time job with a busy social life - she ensured exercise fit into my day to day life seamlessly without it becoming a burden.

My confidence has shot up since working with Jay she is incredibly encouraging and keen to push you to the best you can be.

I loved my programme with her and can see the benefits every time I look in the mirror. Worth every penny!
Hollie Tanker
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I've trained with Jay for the past 6 months. In that time I've lost nearly 10kg while putting on muscle.
She's made me challenge myself and then surpass my own goals.
There's been no crazy diets, just rock solid advice and encouragement both in and out of the gym.
I'm 3 notches on my belt slimmer and have never felt better for it.
I can now do pull ups, deadlift 100kg and so much more that I never thought I'd be able to do.
She's a fantastic PT and I can't recommend her highly enough.
Iain Devine
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I couldn’t recommend Jay enough as a personal trainer! I started training with Jay in late January and my workout routine had really come to a halt: I was struggling to find enjoyment and establish a consistent routine. Training with Jay has changed this and I now feel so much more confident in the gym and in my self too. She takes times to ensure you are comfortable with each exercise, but pushes you too so you achieve more and consistently hit PBs. Jay is so friendly and encouraging, and goes above and beyond to support your healthy lifestyle beyond the gym too 🧡
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I have been working with Jay for 4 months now and have had a great experience!

I previously hated the gym, couldn't stand to be there more than 20 minutes once a week, and was incredibly nervous and intimidated about taking up space there - however at the end of 4 months I can honestly say I look forward to my gym sessions, trying new things and pushing myself further.

Jay really helped encourage my confidence to walk into the weight section of the gym as a 5"2 woman and feel like I belonged there, which is a tricky thing to do.

Jay tailored my program around my busy schedule, including starting a new job and heading out with friends at the weekend and came up with a plan that worked for my lifestyle. She also listened to my concerns about lifting weights for the first time and took into consideration my past ski injuries in order for me to get the most out of my work out.

Something I was impressed by was the work and research Jay put into my medical conditions ahead of starting the program including things like sleep patterns. By going above and beyond in this way really showed me how personalised my plan was to me.

During sessions Jay listened to my feedback on what I found easy or difficult and tweaked my plan accordingly. She has always been keen to push me to achieve a NPB but never gave me anything she knew I wouldn't be able to achieve - I always felt I had a realistic goal to strive towards.

I have zero complaints about my PT experience with Jay and look forward to continuing my plan with her! She's truly a great trainer and I wouldnt hesitate recommending her to anyone who wants to up their fitness levels and strive towards a healthy lifestyle.

The only downside is I now have to buy new jeans as mine are too big!


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