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Jenny Man
Jenny Man
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With over 15 years of experience, I'm dedicated to empowering individuals to hit their fitness goals. I am specifically qualified in pre and postnatal training, functional fitness, strength, fat loss, and muscle building.

Through a comprehensive 7-day nutrition and lifestyle audit, I tailor sustainable training programs around your current lifestyle.

Having competed in a crossfit-style weightlifting competition emphasising both performance and aesthetics, I understand the mental and physical challenges of competition. I blend strength and powerlifting techniques with targeted nutrition to help you achieve the most optimal results.

Let me guide you to success with a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to your needs.
Premier Level 3 Personal Training
Premier Level 3 Nutrition
Premier Level 2 Gym Instructing
Premier Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
Premier Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes
GGS Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach
Certified Olympic Weightlifting Instructor
Certified Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
International qualification in Body Pump
International qualification in Body Balance
Qualified Boxercise Instructor
First Aid at work
Pre and Post natal coaching
Weight loss/Fat loss
Core Strength/Stability
Muscle building and Definition (Body composition)
Body Transformation
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I originally approached Jenny for boxercise training. Leading me through a couple of exercises in the first session, we quickly established that it wasn't for me. However, Jenny immediately recognised there were more foundational exercises I needed to do to improve my performance. Pivoting to increase my functional range, we've been working together for a number of months now: I can lift a lot more than when I started, I generally feel better in my health, and more confident in navigating physical challenges. She's knowledgeable in different rehab exercises across the body and I always look forward to our sessions as she has a good personality. Highly recommended!
Nick G
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I have been with Jenny for 4-5months on and off.
I chose to work with Jenny as she specialises in postnatal. I have now 3 children and needed to not only loose weight but to build strength with my cor and pelvic floor. I was a complete beginner when it came to lifting weights - especially in the gym, but now I'm feeling so confident.
Jenny has been very supportive and patient, especially because making time with a baby has been challenging. I'm going to continue working with Jenny as I'm very happy with my progress so far!
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I have been working with Jenny for 5 months, and I have seen significant improvements in my health. Apart from losing weight, I feel stronger and healthier. I have also managed to bring down my blood pressure, which is now with in normal range. Jenny has a holistic approach to personal training, she tailor makes excersice programme to suit my abilities and keeps me motivated. She also provides nutritional advice and support. Jenny has been great in supporting me in my health journey and achieving my goals - thanks, Jenny 😊
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I’ve been training with Jenny for almost 5 months and in that time I’ve seen improvement in my strength, stamina and confidence in the gym. Jenny is very knowledgeable and motivating, and she always ensures there’s variety in my programme, which makes for very enjoyable sessions!
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I trained with Jenny for a few months and have learned so much about what to do and how to do it right. I really enjoyed my training sessions with Jenny and felt so much stronger, fitter and confident in my workouts. Jenny gives really helpful and constructive feedback in a way that is encouraging and motivational. To anyone considering working with Jenny I would say go for it, you will learn a lot with a supportive, knowledgeable and motivational trainer!
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Having been training with Jenny for almost a year now, I can sure say that Jenny is an excellent PT. We managed to make a workout plan despite my busy work schedule and I started to see results in my posture, stamina and strength after just a few months which made me very motivated and very keen to stick to training. Training sessions with Jenny is dynamic, diverse, progressively challenging and yet enjoyable. Just be aware, she won’t stop chasing you to eat a healthy diet till you give up and start cooking healthy meals yourself!
A. Mustafa
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It was a pleasure to have jenny as a personal trainer. She made me do some exercices which has improved my resistance quite fast. She did an analysis of my healh weaknesses and advices on how to achieve what I wanted according to my initial strengh as I was diabetic and weak on my legs because of neuropathy. She is very kind and patient naturally as a trainer.
Thierry Boucaud
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I really enjoyed having Jenny as my PT. We got on really well and her workouts were amazing. She really took the time to switch up the workouts (like boxing - btw she’s very good at boxing). I was always encouraged to work to a high limit so we can utilise the time we had, but she made sure I was also safe and well rested when needed.
I always felt at ease around her and I have learnt a lot with the few sessions I have had with her.

Thank you for being a great PT Jenny! :)
Phi B

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