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Jordan Biney
Jordan Biney
Wembley Leisure Centre
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It's a marathon not a sprint, and we'll all get there in our own strides.

Fitness has been a part of my life since my twilight years in high school, but it really took off when I got to college. Upon completing my law degree I spent years figuring out what I really wanted out of life and decided to go where my passions lay, which was fitness. A far cry, absolutely. I swapped chambers for fitness suites and being a PT would be the first step towards cementing a career in the industry. Having spent a significant amount of time honing my craft, deepening my understanding of anatomy and physiology, and overcoming personal trials, I now have a strong appreciation for what living a healthier lifestyle affords. It feels great! I feel great! And I want to be able to share and hopefully instil that same elation in others.
CIMPSA recognised Level 2 & 3 Gym & Personal Trainer's Certificate from YMCA Fit
Body Composition:
Weight Loss/Gain through training and nutrition
Muscle Gain
Posture Analysis & Corrections

Strength & Conditioning:
Strength imbalances/improvements
Core strength & Stability

Cardiovascular Performance:
Ab Work Classes
Fat Burners
Fitness Circuits
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I highly recommend Jordan to anyone looking to make real changes to their physical fitness. He not only provides tailored workouts that cater to your personal goals but also inspires a genuine passion for fitness through his enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge. His ability to motivate and push you beyond your comfort zone, while ensuring that you maintain proper form, is excellent. I‘m very glad to work out under his guidance!

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