Joe Petherwick
Joe Petherwick
Fulwood Leisure Centre
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Hiya, I'm Joe.

I'll keep this brief because I know you're probably in a rush, pushed for time and got to be somewhere to do something...sound about right? I get it, I've been there too, trying to achieve that difficult work/life balance whilst still making time to care for your own mental and physical health.

I've been training for nearly 30 years and am a qualified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. But more importantly, I worked as a Senior Manager in the Financial Services industry for over a decade where 50-60 hour weeks were the norm, so I have a real understanding of how challenging it can be to juggle work and family life (with young children), whilst trying to keep yourself healthy, happy and sane. I know that this pressure isn't just limited to people in paid employment, being a full-time parent or carer can be equally demanding (if not more so, because your shift never ends!).

Real world problems require realistic solutions from someone who has been through a similar experience. I provide proper structure, coaching and accountability which leads to consistency...and consistency leads to results.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a new starter trying to get going, I'd love to help you achieve your goals, even if that's just to become a healthier and happier version of you. Give me a call or grab me in the gym for a chat about how I can help you, and don't forget to book in your free Personal Training taster session with me.

See you soon!
Level 4 - Strength & Conditioning Coach
Level 3 - Personal Trainer
Level 2 - Gym Instructor
Functional movement & fitness
Cardiovascular fitness
Muscular development
Strength development
Sport & event specific performance training
Nutritional guidance
Habit & lifestyle change
Fat loss
Body transformations
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Joe is an excellent PT. His level of knowledge is outstanding. He is supportive and welcoming and he has given me a huge boost of confidence in myself and my abilities.
Catherine Knott

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