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Joe Petherwick
Joe Petherwick
Fulwood Leisure Centre
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Hiya, I'm Joe.

I'll keep this brief because I know you're probably in a rush, pushed for time and got to be somewhere to do something...sound about right? I get it, I've been there too, trying to achieve that difficult work/life balance whilst still making time to care for your own mental and physical health.

I've been training for nearly 30 years and am a qualified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. But more importantly, I worked as a Senior Manager in the Financial Services industry for over a decade where 50-60 hour weeks were the norm, so I have a real understanding of how challenging it can be to juggle work and family life (with young children), whilst trying to keep yourself healthy, happy and sane. I know that this pressure isn't just limited to people in paid employment, being a full-time parent or carer can be equally demanding (if not more so, because your shift never ends!).

Real world problems require realistic solutions from someone who has been through a similar experience. I provide proper structure, coaching and accountability which leads to consistency...and consistency leads to results.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a new starter trying to get going, I'd love to help you achieve your goals, even if that's just to become a healthier and happier version of you. Give me a call or grab me in the gym for a chat about how I can help you, and don't forget to book in your free Personal Training taster session with me.

See you soon!
Level 4 - Strength & Conditioning Coach
Level 3 - Personal Trainer
Level 2 - Gym Instructor
Functional movement & fitness
Cardiovascular fitness
Muscular development
Strength development
Sport & event specific performance training
Nutritional guidance
Habit & lifestyle change
Fat loss
Body transformations
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Joe been a fantastic PT. I'm coming back to fitness training after several operations for osteoarthritis and he's been great at tailoring my workouts to suit both my limitations and goals. His life experiences and empathy for those of us "who've been around awhile" has also prepared him to work with mature clients without being judgmental and superficial. Always has a positive attitude, is flexible with my schedule, and has been a great source of inspiration on my journey back to full health. Highly recommend!
Jacquelyn Phillips
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Joe is an amazing trainer. Puts me through my paces and is always there to guide me with form, and different exercises. I have actually started to enjoy the gym thanks to Joe, and can’t wait to see a difference in my body too! Very professional at what he does and I highly recommend!
Will Webster
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100% recommend Joe. I am enjoying my sessions so much, something I never thought I would say!
I haven't visited a gym in so long and was feeling pretty unfit, so I decided to bite the bullet and contact Joe and I'm so glad I did.
He is knowledgeable, explains everything in an easy to understand way and is so encouraging.
I have problems with my knees and Joe will always check I am ok and not over doing it, I have found the exercise we have been doing are helping my knees massively.
My all round fitness is improving, as is my self esteem! Thank you Joe 😀
J Smith
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I have regularly trained since a car accident in my mid-thirties left me with nerve damage to my lower back and hip. Exercise has been my sanctuary: a place to decompress from a hectic work life and space to focus on my health and wellbeing. That made it a very frustrating place to find myself being unable to exercise at the same level and frequency through the second half of 2023 due to increasingly frequent and severe arthritis flares, which had taken me from running in a 10km race in April to not being able to walk for 15 minutes by November.

I came to Joe in January 24, as I really did not want to lose my fitness but was at a loss as to what to do. I have found Joe to be a real breath of fresh air from the offset. He wanted to understand why PT and what my objectives were and took the time to assess movement, form, and strength upfront. His knowledge and own experiences of training have allowed him to shape an approach focused on lifelong training.

He has been incredibly thorough in researching and designing an adaptive progressive weights & cardio program tailored to challenge on the good days and provide a more measured approach during flares.

He has been really supportive in and outside the sessions and is there to provide guidance, validation of what I think I know ( a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!) or just to check in on progress I find the balance between interesting sessions and Joe’s support really motivating and his approach has enabled me to continue to exercise whilst making steady progress towards my goals without stressing my body. This has been invaluable in showing me how a more balanced approach can still result in fitness improvements.
Alison Watson-Bird
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From my first session Joe understood what I needed and built programmes that built my knowledge and strength, and confidence as it was years since I’d ‘properly’ done any exercise. Our sessions are fun yet testing, and I’m doing exercises I either never thought I would, or never knew existed! He knows when to challenge and push and when to support, can’t ask for more! Thanks Joe!
Cate Martin
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My wife had been training with Joe for a while and assured me I would benefit from a few sessions with him. She was correct ! Joe really knows his stuff, works on tailor made training and is a really likeable guy as well. Well worth the session fee 👍
Paul Smith
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I was quite nervous as I was pretty unfit. Joe started with the basics allowing my confidence and fitness level to improve. I really appreciate being trained by such a professional who tailored the training to my specific needs.
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I was quite nervous as I was pretty unfit. Joe started with the basics allowing my confidence and fitness level to improve. I really appreciate being trained by such a professional who tailored the training to my specific needs.
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Joe is a fantastic strength and conditioning coach. I originally worked with him to improve my strength for MMA and ended up becoming stronger and faster than I ever could have thought. The training is enjoyable and relevant to my sport and I would recommend him to any martial arts athletes who need to raise their strength and conditioning game.
Alex J
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Great coach, knows his stuff and how to make training fun. Got me doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the gym annd always leave feeling good. Recommend him 100%.
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Joe is an excellent PT. His level of knowledge is outstanding. He is supportive and welcoming and he has given me a huge boost of confidence in myself and my abilities.
Catherine Knott

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