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My name is Josh. I'm a personal trainer and my mission is to show the importance and benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. I'm focused, driven to go the extra mile to do whatever is necessary for my clients to make sure they feel engaged, challenged and motivated to reach their goals. I have worked in fitness for the last three years tailoring programs to all ages and skill levels and most importantly generating positive results in the process of my work.


  • National Diploma in Sport
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Circuits


  • Weight Loss
  • General Fitness
  • Toning
  • Hypertrophy Strength Training
  • Nutritional Advice 



Esther Richards
Training with Josh really helped me with my weight loss journey however it was really important than i continued to have a good muscle % as strength is crucial for my hobby/career which he adapted perfectly! Josh pushed me to my limits to ensure my results were fast and long lasting! Josh designed me a fitness plan which I could work on between our sessions and a dietary plan which meant I could keep on top of what I was eating, this meant I could get the best results from josh! Josh is always striving to meet the targets of he’s clients! He’s hard working, determined and has a fantastic work ethic and an even better sense of houmour which is important when trying to reach your goals! Highly recommended josh if you’re trying to genuinely tone up, lose weight, muscle up or just genuinely want a healthier lifestyle!
George Leonard
Josh has helped me achieve all of my goals within a relatively short period of time. Due to personal circumstances I've only had about 7 weeks to train with him, yet he has guided me to each and every one of my aims – improving my posture, my form on various exercises and helping me gain muscle mass and definition. He is always very encouraging during my sessions, motivating me to push out the extra rep, and has helped me both inside and outside of the gym with various diet and exercise plans. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer and fully recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves!
Tom Ballinger
I've been training with Josh for 6 months now and he has really changed my mindset on fitness. He has massively improved my confidence in & out the gym, helped me achieve my goal of losing weight and gaining muscle along the way. Every session Josh pushes me to achieve more using a personalised workout plan to work isolated muscle groups to get maximum results, with the occasional laugh along the way! I really couldn't recommend anyone better if you're trying to improve on any aspect of your fitness!
Rob O’Neill
I have been working with Josh for around 9 months, initially to tone up and get fitter after 20 years out of a gym and more recently to build on the progress I have made to lose weight. The results achieved by working with Josh have been far more than would have been the case without him. Josh has taken me through the whole range of activities to build and strengthen different muscle groups. His patience, temperament and good humour have been essential along my journey as I struggled at times to develop the correct techniques to get the best out of the activities set. Josh always had a clear plan for each session tailored to my goals and needs and ensured that they did not become stale with a varied and always challenging regime. He constantly challenged me to go further than I would have thought possible but always understood how far I was able to go. The results of working with Josh are that I have lost almost 20 lbs in weight and improved all my various body readings e.g. BMI. At 63 I now feel fitter and healthier than I have for the last 20 to 30 years.Thanks Josh you are a top man (apart from being a Man Utd fan!!) and a top personal trainer. Couldn’t have done it without you.
I hadn't been to the gym in years so booked in with Josh to regain my confidence and kickstart my motivation. Josh is very friendly and easy to get along with and this made for a good gym experience! Learning different exercises and improving my technique has definitely changed my attitude and expectations towards working out. I could barely do a sit up at the start but with each week I improved and Josh progressed me onto more advanced core exercises, as well as going up on weights used in other exercises. It has been satisfying seeing and feeling the results, and being more 'gym fit' has helped me get back into running, as well as feeling less tired and more energetic in day to day life. Whether it's a long term or short term thing, I certainly recommend booking in with Josh to achieve fitness goals.
Mark J
Josh is a really impressive, dedicated and professional personal trainer. He's always on time and prepared for our sessions. Rather than trying to push me down a predefined path, Josh has made an effort to understand my current level, goals and abilities in order to develop a customised programme that works for me. And after only 5 sessions I can already feel results. I now feel stronger and more confident about reaching my goals. As an occassional gym user about to turn 60, with numerous injuries from sport and work in younger years, this was exactly what I needed. I feel better than I've felt in a decade and the drive and energy to attend the gym and train are now back. Cheers Josh!
Franny Fitz
Josh is a lovely guy, professional, supportive, friendly and approachable. I have just turned 54 years old, i don't mind telling you and i feel fantastic just proving age is just a number. Josh has tailored my sessions especially for me. He knows how and when to push me knowing exactly what i am able to achieve even when i don't. I look forward to our sessions , always different and leave the gym on a complete high. I've got very strong over the year and that helps me so much with my rowing.Josh has helped me to believe in myself and to keep on achieving, so whatever you want to do or goals you have in mind, i would highly recommend Josh to help start you on that journey, many thanks Josh
Neil B
Josh has been training me for two months now and it has been a fantastic experience. Josh's enthusiasm, knowledge and hunger for exercise is stand out and he keeps our sessions interesting and challenging. His suggestions and advice make such a difference to training and he's always helping me find that few percent improvement that ensures I get the most out of the exercise. I've been gym training for over two decades and used various coaches over the years, but Josh has been different class. What impresses me most, however, is Josh's ability to tailor my workouts to push me, keep me motivated and get the most out of our sessions. This makes all the different. Couldn't recommend him highly enough - especially for those who need to freshen up their training routines or newbies who want to learn to gym correctly and safely. Top class trainer and a great bloke as well.
Clive C
I would have been working out with Josh for nearly 2 years if not for the lock down back in March. Even so he has kept in contact and I am looking forward to re-engaging with him in the near future. During our sessions any body who has seen me at the gym knows how he give 100% and pushes you to your limit if that's what you want as I definitely do. I'm approaching 68 years young and have through hard work and Josh's dedication, motivation, encouragement and knowhow gained a lot of strength and continue to see an increase of heavier weights. For anyone who wants to tone up slim down or what ever your goal is then Josh will certainly be able to help, and for any gym goer who has been working out on their own but not seeing improvements his expertise can make sure you are doing exercises correctly and lessen the chance of injury. He knows his stuff, try him for yourself and see as he comes highly recommended from me.
Josh is very knowledgable, professional, focus, and friendly. I have been training with him for several sessions and he helped me to already feel the difference in my fitness and remain motivated. His anatomy knowledge is excellent. Whether you are new to the gym or already been working out in the gym, I highly recommend Josh to follow the safe and effective exercise. He will look after you!
Katie Crook
I started training with Josh as I was looking to improve and develop my form on my compound lifts. I have really enjoyed Josh's sessions; he is knowledgable and gives specific training points in order to improve particular aspects of my form. The sessions were fun and we switched up our exercises regularly to ensure motivation. The progressions were gradual but Josh really pushed me to achieve my best. Our initial goal was to be able to squat and deadlift my body weight and within the 6 week block I can now lift almost 1.5x my weight. I would 100% recommend Josh for anyone looking to get fit or even develop pre-existing knowledge. Josh is friendly, patient and professional. Definitely has my recommendation.
Mark Johnson
After 12 months training with Josh, I'm writing a second review, simply because he's helped so much and I feel like a new person. During lockdown I developed sciatica and was in a great deal of pain. Josh designed a special set of exercises to help aid recovery and within a week I was feeling a lot better. After a month the problem has pretty much disappeared. I've had sciatica before and it's lasted for weeks, so this has been a huge relief. Thanks again to Josh who is so much more than a standard personal trainer. One of the best out there, I would say.
I worked with Josh for a couple of months and he was brilliant. I started off because I wanted to continue my weight loss and fitness journey in the gym which had started at home in the first lockdown. I went to Josh because I had zero confidence with the exercises I was doing, and didn’t like being in the gym environment. Josh explained everything really clearly and I got a lot out of our sessions. When the second lockdown happened Josh was amazing and we met up locally to me to do some outdoor sessions. These were as good as the sessions in the gym and I continued to learn about new exercises which work for me. My confidence has grown so much and I learnt so much! Also contInued to lose weight, although that almost seems small compared to the growth in confidence. Thank you Josh!
Working with Josh over the last 5 months has been a pleasure in so many ways. His personal training knowledge and experience has helped me to feel more confident in a gym setting, and comfortable trying new techniques and to set aspirational goals. After training for a relatively short time I began to see positive results in my physique, as well as improvements to my mentality, which helped both inside the gym and outside of it. Josh took great care to help me improve and strengthen the problematic areas of my body, specifically my hamstring and knee issues. He tailored sessions specifically to help with these areas, and I felt comfortable with the strengthening exercises he recommended, seeing big improvements quickly. So much so that my left hamstring problems have now completely ceased. Josh is also a great personality who is easy to chat to and to have a laugh with. I always looked forward to my personal training sessions and am genuinely sad to have to stop them. He goes above and beyond to make his clients feel comfortable, motivated and to make his sessions enjoyable. He pushed me hard but encouraged throughout, leading to very positive results. I would recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone. He has great knowledge, passion, drive and is a fabulous person. Thank you for everything.
Rachel Massey
Whatever your motivation for working with a personal trainer, I cannot recommend Josh highly enough. Personally, my journey started six months ago. I had tried to 'get fit' previously but had failed to achieve any visible results. Josh started working with me by first seeking to understand my goals, my challenges and my fears. My work role was a sedentary office position which had given me restrictions with my range of movement and flexibility, my self-image made me feel conscious and I felt nervous being a middle-aged woman trying to work out how to use the gym machines, let alone use them properly. Josh has been really supportive in pacing my individually designed programmes around my strengths and weaknesses. He has patiently introduced me to an increasing level of awareness of the equipment, the moves and exercises best suited to me and helped me understand the benefits of pushing myself to break through each threshold to reach our planned targets. He has a great understanding of how to motivate and encourage with kindness and a sense of humour. Josh plans in regular reviews to discuss the success of each programme, improvement changes that can be made, current measurements and how I am finding the PT experience. Through Josh's expansive knowledge of the equipment, exercise and anatomy I have been able to consistently improve both my strength and cardio fitness, as at every stage Josh has ensured my technique remains correct and has provided the key pointers to get the best from each exercise. Josh has helped me to improve both my physical and mental health, with the added benefit of losing 6 inches from both my waist and hips! Thank you very much Josh for all your guidance so far, you've managed to make me enjoy the gym, who would have though it?

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