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Kane Richards
Kane Richards
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Personal Trainer, Online Coach and Body Transformation Specialist

As a successful fitness competitor with a wealth of Personal Training experience, totalling almost 20 years and a decade of online coaching, I've established myself as one of the leading trainers in the area when it comes to body composition overhauls and transforming ordinary people with extraordinary results.

Over the years I've helped 100's of clients achieve their goals with my wealth of knowledge from fat loss to muscle gain to on stage competing at a professional level.
Personal Trainer
Bcs Sports Science And Mechanics
Nutritional Advice
Post Pregnancy Trainer
Sports Therapist
Injury Prevention Trainer
Assessor In Education And Training
Core Stability Trainer
Kettle Bell Instructor
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Muscle Toning
Bespoke Macro Based Nutrition Plans
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Can't recommend Kane enough, started training with him back in the summer and the results are incredible. Totally worth it. Don’t hesitate!
Sarah Newman
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I started PT with Kane as I had become nervous of exercise due to a back condition. Having setbacks during my recovery I became very hesitant to put any pressure on my body for fear of going backwards so I felt PT was the best option for me.

Kane is so easy to get along with, friendly and approachable which is exactly what I was looking for. He works around my limitations but still somehow manages to push me.

I’ve so much more confidence in my ability now and I owe that to Kane. Absolutely worth the investment of both time and money.
Juila Thompson
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Kane is a fantastic trainer with great sense of humor so every session is filled with laugh and positive attitude which empowers you to work out even harder. Very professional coaching and definitely will help you to achieve your fitness goals! I really enjoy training with Kane and will continue for the foreseeable future.
Lisa Barnes
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Been doing Kane’s 30mins HIIT sessions and they have worked wonders for me. Not only do it feel a lot fitter, I’m Really enjoying pad work, boxing and the verity of exercises. Kane is a great PT and would highly recommend. 5⭐️ for me!
Craig Charles
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Pad work with Kane is amazing! Ive been training with him for over 6 weeks now doing his 30mins pad work sessions and I love it!!! I’ve learnt so much and the difference in my fitness is unreal! Thank you Kane!!
Amanda grays
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I couldn’t recommend Kane highly enough. I’ve been training with Kane for Almost a year now and we have surpassed all of my targets and continue to progress all the time!
Katie smith
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I’ve been training with Kane for around 6 months now and going from a complete beginner in the gym he has built my confidence massively in this time.
My strength and physic progress has exceeded my expectations and I’m so happy with the results I have.
The sessions are well thought out with so much variety, training with him is never monotonous or boring!
Thank you Kane for all your help, highly recommended.
Lauren Doherty
Star Star Star Star Star
Love Kane’s Boxing and Pad work! Great fitness, hard work and also challenging, not only have I learnt a new skill I’m fitter than I ever have been before!
James Scott
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Kane has come to be the best trainer I could ever have found. He is going so far beyond my speciations in the quality of his training, his care for my person, his knowledge, his desire and patience to share it with me, the contagious enthusiasm of his training, and many more things. He’s always happy to run over his session time to help me. He is respectful, professional and kind.
Charlotte oneil
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Kane is an excellent trainer. He has already greatly helped me improve my posture, stride and flexability. I’m on the road to full recovery.
Jack reed
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Ive been training with Kane for over 6 months now and have seen more progression in that time than the last 4 years training on my own!

I highly recommend Kane as a Personal Trainer.
Steven Marsh
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Kane’s 30mins HIIT sessions are Great! A great mixture of boxing weights and high intensity exercises that constantly change! I do 2 sessions per week with Kane for the last 4 months and not one session has been the same!
Sam Richardson
Star Star Star Star Star
Loving my training so far! First time in 5 years under 100kg after dropping 14kgs in 8 weeks and still dropping while my muscles are growing. Lots left to do, but the guidance has been invaluable! Thanks again Kane! Looking forward to seeing what another 8 weeks can do.
Thomas Davis
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I’m 2 months into training with Kane and it’s been amazing. Couldn't be happier with the results so far! Kanes knowledge, combined with the tailored app that connects to MFP and my smart scales takes all the guess work out and allows you to focus on the important bits! Although I’m in a calorie deficit I haven’t once felt hungry as the nutritional advice/tips and meal suggestions have been great! Looking forward to the next phase
James Brunt
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Kane has been excellent, I am already seeing large improvements within 3 months of starting. He is very knowledgeable and is very quick to respond to questions! Highly recommend!
Hannah Timpson
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Kane has been an amazing support throughout this journey. He is genuinely interested in helping me achieve my fitness goals and keeps my program interesting and on point at all times. I highly recommend Kane personal training!
Chris Campbell
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Awesome PT, worked with him for a few months now and seeing great progress visually and health wise. Highly Recommend, pushes you at a good pace with great fun routines and also a great knowledge with nutrition.
Mae butler
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Been Boxing and doing Pad work with Kane for 6 weeks now. It’s great! I’ve lost 15lbs now and Really enjoying it. I’ve learnt loads in the process and Would highly recommend doing his 30min Boxing session.
Joe potter
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I was apprehensive about doing PT. I thought that I wouldn’t like someone ‘telling me what to do’, and I felt as thought I already knew what I had to do, having been going to gyms for the past 20 years, but my friend booked us in and now I’m hooked.

Kane is the perfect personal trainer. He is so encouraging, at the same time pushing us to our absolute limits - whilst still managing to make the class enjoyable and fun and the time passes quickly. He has motivational approach, without it being annoying, always friendly.

He clearly really knows his business and how to ensure his clients get the best out of his sessions. I always leave feeling euphoric, completely worked out and in a great headspace. Kane had a great personality which reflects in his training style. Don’t let this lead you think you won’t be be pushed to your limits - I often struggle to walk the next day 😉. The activities are always different, and we can feel that he is making us exercise all the different muscle groups. I can’t imagine ever stopping PT now with Kane, I really look forward to them!
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Really enjoying working with Kane, just what I needed - a designated training and nutrition plan. Results are evident and Kane is always on hand with guidance/great communication. Would definitely recommend!
Martain platt
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Really enjoyed the last 2 months I've been training with Kane, seen the most progress I've had at the gym since I started 5 years ago. Look forward to every session at the gym and thanks to Kane I'm improving my technique every time I go. Can't recommend him enough
Martain Stuart
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Can’t recommend Kane enough. The difference in having a coach is massive. Even if you think you know what you need to do, the power of accountability is huge. Kane is super supportive, very knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions throughout the week. The weekly feedback videos never fail to inspire, and two months in I’m seeing great progress in terms of weight loss, strength and muscle gain, and general fitness and well being. Highly recommended. If you’ve been thinking about getting an online coach, don’t hesitate any longer. You’ll get results. Drop Kane a line. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made.
Adam Palmer
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I've been working for 2 Years with Kane now and am super happy about my decision to sign up and work with in the Gym and virtually. He's more, "hands-on" communicative and caring, than I would have expected. He stays on top of our weekly check-ins and tailors it to what i. like and don't like, all of which is super important to have in a personal trainer. I love having the videos to watch and a plan that is personalized and detailed for me. Highly recommend!
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My journey with Kane has just begun and it’s been a fantastic start. Kane has been brilliant in working with my specific needs and truly understands what is necessary to help me meet my goals. His detailed approach to nutrition and fitness plans has exceeded my expectations. He is always at hand when needed, responds to messages quickly and is really good in making you feel motivated.
James Martain
Star Star Star Star Star
My experience with Kane over the past seven months has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I was recommended to him for his undisputed reputation and vast experience, I knew I was in good hands.

Kane is not only a wealth of knowledge but also incredibly supportive. He goes above and beyond to ensure that I understand the principles of fitness and the importance of proper technique. His guidance has not only improved my physical strength but has also instilled a sense of confidence in me that I never thought possible.

One of the things I appreciate most about him is his ability to make each training session enjoyable. Despite the challenging workouts, his positive energy and enthusiasm make me look forward to every session. His passion for what he does is contagious, and it motivates me to push myself further than I ever thought I could.

What sets Kane apart is his genuine investment in my goals. He takes the time to listen to my aspirations and tailors each training plan to suit my specific needs. . He doesn't limit his assistance to the gym alone. He offers A-Z support, from designing effective training plans to providing valuable nutritional guidance. His dedication doesn't end when the session is over; he is available for support and advice 24/7, ensuring that I stay on track even outside the gym.

I cannot recommend Kane enough. His undisputed reputation, vast experience, and commitment to his clients make him a standout professional in his field. If you're looking for someone who is knowledgeable, supportive, fun to train with, and genuinely invested in your success, look no further. With his guidance, I have seen tremendous progress and have transformed not only my body but also my mindset. Thank you Kane!
Stefania Rossi
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I’ve been training with Kane now for almost 2 years.
Kane’s encouragement and constant motivation has pushed me to new limits, his all round knowledge inspires me to train harder, and focus on what I eat.
I’ve trained with many PT’s over the years and I can honestly say that Kane is one of the best.
Thank you!
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Aside from the fact that Kane is a lovely bloke and a good laugh , he’s a great PT with a incredible wealth of knowledge. He really puts you through your paces and I couldn’t recommend him enough
Josh Brocklebank
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Kane is a outstanding personal trainer, I’ve been using him for over 3 years now.
His knowledge about training and being able to target muscle group is unbelievable.
Kane also has exceptional knowledge of nutrition which is has made life changing differences to my diet.
Highly recommend using him.
Chris McCarthy
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I started being coached by Kane over 2 years ago.
What I thought was a fair amount of knowledge but struggled with accountability and a history of yo-yo dieting. What Kane has given me is so much more than achieving a fat loss goal.
He has been instrumental in changing my mindset to food, lifestyle, exercising for mental health and enjoyment rather than punishment, and how I see myself in the mirror.
I am now able to live a life with a body I love and appreciate, with flexibility around my diet and the ability to eat more calories that I ever dreamed someone as small as me could eat and still stay in shape. Thank you so much Kane.

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