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Katarzyna Tercjak
Katarzyna Tercjak
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My journey with being active started when I was only 9 years old. That day I went to a Basketball class at my primary school and I fell in love. Since then I gave all my heart into physical activity and exercise. I continued to play and train over 15 years up until I finished my education and I had to find a new passion, because I couldn’t just stop being very active, so since then I’m really keen on running. I have found that exercise is a great way to manage the stress and frustrations of day to day life, leaving me feeling energized and ready for the next challenge. When I’m training (apart from running) I focus on strength and tone up training, circuits, HITT, kettlebells, TRX and Boxing.

I decided to turn my passion for fitness into a career so I trained to become a Personal Trainer. I found myself in teaching and helping others to feel the benefits of being fit, healthy and happy through exercise. I also graduated Medical University with a Master’s Dietetics Degree, so as a Dietitian I got a solid background in a wide range of nutrition aspects and experience in creating personalized diet plans. As an expert in both areas I will help you to change your lifestyle and achieve goals. With individualized training and nutritional advice, I am here to support and motivate you during every step of your fitness journey.

I believe that everyday physical activity and good nutrition are the key to our health and wellbeing. It’s never too late to improve your health and it’s worth to fight for the best you can be. I love to motivate, encourage and push people to work a little bit harder that they thought they can. You never know what you might be capable of!

I’m positive, open, well-organized and focused, so if you are looking for someone like that just feel free to ask me anytime you see me around or contact me to arrange a free consultation and trial session.
CIMSPA Level 3 Personal Trainer
Circuit Training
Kettlebells Training
TRX Suspension Training
KickBoxercise Instructor
Master’s Degree in Dietetics
Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health
Level 3 Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss
Tone Up
Professional Nutritional Advice
General Fitness
Introducing to Boxing
Core Strength and Stability
Stretch and Flexibility
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I highly recommend Kat for personal training. When I started I knew I needed to lose weight but didn't know how or what to do. Kat, with her positive energy, pushed me to try new things in the gym and gave me the confidence to start going to the gym on my own! She definitely knew my strengths and weaknesses and where to push me to be better. The nutrition information she provided helped me to figure out portion sizes and now I know I can do it myself. I can't recommend her more highly. It was a great experience for the past 6 months.
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I started training with Kat 18months ago, she is brilliant, bubbly, professional, friendly, a source of inspiration. She is very patient and gives me the strength to get out of my comfort zone and to push myself harder than I could even imagine when I began. Diet speaking, she is very knowledgeable and always positive, making things easier. Besides, I have never thought that I would be eager to do work outs so often, but she is so fabulous that she makes me want to outlast myself more each time. I am very grateful to have met her, so I will keep going because I can do it!
Elsie Wenger
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Kat is wonderful- professional, knowledgeable and super-friendly. I began training with her 18 months ago and she has completely altered my view of myself! Now I see a strong 52 year old woman rather than a flabby middle-aged woman. I spent my entire life envying women who had bottoms - thanks to Kat and all the squats and deadlifts now I have one too! She is brilliant at motivating you and getting you to do more than you ever thought possible.
Tracy Deakin
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I worked out with Katarzyna for two months on regular basis and can one hundred percent recommend her as a personal trainer. She is fantastic trainer with patience, focus, skills and motivation. She is really good!! If you ever get the chance to work with her you should. Will definitely continue as soon as I am back in the UK. Thank you Katarzyna for two great work-out months!! See you next year.
Vanessa Muth
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Kat has helped me learn the best ways to do strength workouts, and has motivated me to feel more confident in the gym!
Steph Powell
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She is the best trainer. She helps me a lot to be much stronger! Thank you for your help!
Tianze Zhang
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Excellent personal training. Katarzyna motivates and pushes you until you get the results. At the end her work helps you to love your body more!
S. Makoni

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