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Ken Zhang
Ken Zhang
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
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I have been a personal trainer since 2013. During that time I have helped plenty of people lose weight, and achieve the body that they never thought possible. ​My 12 weeks training programme is designed to help you burn body fat fast and build lean muscle mass. It is proven to get results fast, as many of my clients can vouch for. My 12 week programme includes a nutritious diet plan related to your fitness goal. I will be with you every step of the way. You will be able to contact me at any time for any questions no matter how big or small.

If you want the very best possible, 100% guaranteed results, and at the very best value for money feel free to contact me.

Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Sport Massage Therapy
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
First Aid at Work
Muscle Building
Body Transformation
Quick Fat Loss
Strength & Conditioning
Sport Injury Rehabilitation
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I cannot recommend Ken highly enough, he is a fantastic PT and a great guy to start your fitness program with. If you're like me and didn't know proper form and wanted someone to encourage, motivate and educate you on working out and good diet, then Ken is the guy you need. I have seen big changes since I started working out with him 3 months ago and I have the energy, knowledge and motivation to progress even more - all thanks to Ken.
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I started training with Ken 3 months ago after getting myself into a complete rut with bad diet, alcohol & no exercise. In that time I’ve lost 12kg and started toning up just in time for summer. I’m an anxious gym goer and my confidence has really grown over time to the point I can comfortably carry out routines in the gym on my own which I never thought I’d feel comfortable to do! I highly recommend Ken as a personal trainer and it helps that he has (sometimes acceptable) banter
Lewis Malcolm
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Come to Ken with your problems and he'll find the solutions. I came to Ken with back ache and sciatica because of poor posture. Ken worked out the muscle imbalances and a programme that would suit my needs to alleviate the pain. Over a few months I could see the difference and the improvement in my everyday life in strengthening and stretching the right muscles. With Ken's guidance, with the right form and technique, an extra 10% is made on every rep. I've stayed with Ken as he ensures training doesn't become boring and he pushes me all the way - there's no slacking. I highly recommend Ken, you'll reach your goals whilst having a laugh doing it.
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I’m 63 and needed a PT who could kick-start my need to strengthen my muscles through a resistance training regime. Ken has been excellent, providing great technique input across all machinery as well as setting achievable targets over the last 5 weeks. Top class training and a nice guy to boot!
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I have been trying for years to put on some more weight and hadn’t really crack it but Ken really helped me on this journey. He is not only a great personal trainer, but he keeps the sessions fun and enjoyable.
Michael Rokes
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As a gym beginner I was looking for a PT to show me the ropes and get me in shape. Ken did exactly that with an extremely approachable, knowledgable, professional and friendly approach. So glad I bumped into Ken and started training with him. Furthermore he’s an all round top bloke!
Charles Fryer
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Kane is an excellent trainer who is among the best in his league. He is very knowledgeable about fitness and is extremely supportive and encouraging when it comes to training people of different body types. He understood my goals and put me through a fitness regime that would suit my body. This helped me improve my fitness and form gradually with the right guidance from him over time. I feel confident of achieving my goals when I'm training with Ken 😊
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I needed someone to keep me going to the gym especially with a really busy life. Ken’s really flexible and accommodating of my schedule which I greatly appreciate. As a complete beginner I’d already felt and could see results after just a few weeks.
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I'd never step foot inside a gym until I had my first session with Ken and he immediately put me at ease, giving me the confidence I needed to start training. He explains everything clearly, making sure you fully understand the form and technique, knows when to push you and when you've hit your limits.

Ken is professional and knowledgeable without ever feeling intimidating. Couldn't reccomend him more!
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Ken is excellent! I am 69 years old but Ken has got me onto the path to fitness. He has excellent knowledge of how to target specific muscles groups. I highly recommend him
Alan Derbyshire
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Ken's a great trainer, patient and supportive. Keeps it professional but light humoured and let's you go at your own pace. Would recommend.
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A great personal trainer - super knowledgeable, clear, patient, encouraging and supportive. I couldn't have had a better guide to start my journey to fitness.
Simon Weekes
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Following a back injury caused by poor form when weightlifting, I reached out to Ken to help me with my form. Knowledgable, patient and quick to understand your goals, Ken is brilliant to work with. Very conscious of my back injury too. Highly recommend!
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Just brilliant! I’ve been working with Ken for about 4 months and have already seen massive changes, not only in how my body looks but my confidence in the gym.

I wanted to find a PT that could help me start working with weights and different workouts rather than sticking to the same machines that I’d always used, and Ken has done just that. He is very knowledgeable, patient, results driven and always gives me the extra push I need without going overboard. He’s also very easy to chat to and sessions are always fun.

I’ve learned a lot of a short space of time and am super happy with my progress. Would highly recommend!
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I been training with Ken for 3 years now since I was 15 , very knowledgeable and always focus on techniques, I feel much bigger and stronger and massively grow my confidence .I would recommend ken for anyone who hasn’t got much training experience and doesn’t know how to start with their fitness journey.
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Whilst a semi fit and regular gym-goer, I got stuck in a rut after covid and was in need of coaching and motivation to help me develop a routine and rebuild strength. Ken was the right person for the job - he is an experienced, results-driven PT who pays close attention to form and technique and gives the right level of ‘push’ to keep you on a progressive path. On top of his competence and effectiveness as a PT, Ken brings character to his sessions which makes the hour feel less like you're just 'going through the motions'. Whilst training with Ken, I have noted consistent improvements in physique and strength and improvements in form. Highly recommended!
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Ken really helped me get back into fitness after a couple years of no training. Ken understood what I wanted and showed me a routine, although it was difficult at first Ken was very understanding, patient and motivating. I’ve had a few PTs and Ken is surely the best! Would definitely recommend!
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Fantastic trainer!! I've been training with Ken for just over 8 weeks now. I couldn't be more happier with my progress. From the beginning Ken has always listened to my needs, creating a personalised programme and diet plan to help achieve my goals. He is supportive, patient and friendly plus it's always great to work with a PT that you can have a laugh with whilst pushing me to be the best I can be.

I would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for a PT.
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Ken is an extremely patient and knowledgeable PT. He is super reliable and very dedicated to what he does. I appreciate his calm ease which is perfectly balanced with his motivational spirit that pushes me far beyond anything I would achieve training alone. Definitely recommend.
Tara Rai
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Ken is a great PT. I’ve learned loads from him in a short space of time and feel much more knowledgable and confident in the gym. He pushes you to get the most out of the session, but they are always enjoyable and I feel great afterwards. He’s really personable and easy to get on with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer.
Matt Pringle
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Ken is a legend! Was quite nervous about training at first as I'd never done anything like it before but he immediately put me at ease and I was feeling stronger even by the third session. He's super patient but never lets you forget the best technique and I've already seen great results. Would thoroughly recommend.
Matt Floyd
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Ken’s a great PT. If you are looking for a PT that will listen to your needs, push you to your limit but also recognise when you’re not performing at your best - choose Ken. I learnt a lot about my body, strength, weaknesses, what I need to focus on etc in addition to working towards my fitness goals. Would definitely recommend to friends and family, and have more sessions myself in the future.
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I’ve been training with Ken since May and have really noticed a difference in how I feel, both physically and mentally. I’ve never really looked forward to working out, however I look forward to my sessions with Ken because I know how good I feel afterwards. I’ve also really enjoyed seeing my progression and I know this is due to Ken pushing me in every session. Ken is very attentive to your personal circumstances and will adjust exercises where necessary to make them suited for you. I highly recommend Ken as a partner on your fitness journey.
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I’ve been training with Ken for a while, and believe he is one of the most experienced and committed trainer around.
Ken is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging but rewarding. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my body shape. I find I actually look forward to my workouts.
He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.
I thoroughly enjoy working out with Ken and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer.
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Ken really knows his stuff. I needed a new routine to kick-start after quite a long time away from exercise, and he took me through all the equipment clearly with lots of attention to detail on form. I didn't realise how much there was to it. Definitely beneficial for someone like me who has had a bunch of injuries over the years and wanted a sustainable way of achieving my fitness goals.
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Ken is a great trainer. Taught me a lot, I was quite new to the whole gym thing but he has really helped me with technique and understanding my body better. He also a really nice guy which makes huge difference.
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Ken is a skilled and talented personal trainer. I’ve been training with him for around 3 weeks and making gains in strength and toning. He is creative with combining effective exercises, in order to achieve full body results on a three day programme. His attention to correct form is meticulous. Much recommended.
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Ken is easy to work with and has provided training routines that are well aligned to the goals we identified. Would recommend.
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I only have great things to say about Ken! He helped with finding the motivation and the building up of a program for me to keep on top of. After 10 sessions with him I became very comfortable going to the gym by myself and so far I'm in the best shape I've been in. The sessions have all been super enjoyable and always looked forward to them. He's very knowledgeable in his field, explained everything clearly and is always happy to answer all my questions, no matter how stupid!

I'm excited to keep on working on the program Ken set up for me and stay disciplined in all his advice on diet and how that corresponds with working out. Couldn't recommend Ken enough.
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I’ve been a fairly regular gym goer for a while but needed some impetus into my workouts and routine as I wasn’t feeling any improvements.

I have had 6 weekly sessions with Ken and I’m already feeling some big improvements. Ken has tailored the sessions to suit my needs and my busy routine and he brings plenty of enthusiasm and energy to the sessions which is always welcomed!
Nick Gaston
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I have recently moved house and was on the lookout for a new trainer and thankfully I found Ken. He’s extremely knowledgable, supportive and knows when and how to push you. Our workouts feel more concise than with my previous trainer, with Ken making small adjustments to my form that go a very very long way. Every session Ive left feeling happy with our workout and looking forward to the next. I highly recommend Ken.
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I started PT with Ken with specific goals in mind: strength training and mobility work due to my range of musco-skeletal issues/injuries. I was impressed Ken focussed on this from our very first session and continues to do so. I feel listened to, which is very important to me. Ken helps me to focus on correct technique and his knowledge allows him to easily adapt exercises where my injuries get in the way. I find his sessions (satisfyingly) challenging and he switches the routine to keep the training varied and engaging. Ken’s attention is centred on his client and achieving goals. He is motivational and patient. Basically, I have found a great PT who is helping me to achieve my goals.
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I started a programme with Ken after recommendations from friends and he was fantastic from the outset. I was feeling fairly unmotivated and self conscious to begin with, so it was a big step to get in touch but I’m so glad I did. He listened to my goals, and very quickly established my fitness levels, experience and temperament and therefore started training me efficiently from the outset. I feel significantly stronger and more motivated and excited to her back in the gym after every session. I have never worked out this way before, having always focussed on cardio/HIIT before but I am really enjoying the strength training and feeling strong as a result. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.
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Ken has been very motivational in working with me to accomplish my goals.
He is friendly and professional and will definitely put you in the mood to go to the gym even if you don’t feel like it which is a massive talent of his.
If your feeling demotivated or even want a bit of motivation Ken is definitely the one to go to
100% recommend.
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I’ve been a gym user for a few years now but was bored with my old routine and felt I wasn’t making any more progress. Ken taught me lots of new stuff and made sure that my form and technique were always correct. I feel much stronger, fitter and much more motivated with the gym than I was before. Ken’s sessions were fun and challenging and I always left feeling like I’d had a great workout. I’d highly recommend Ken, whatever your goals!
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I started to see Ken working with other clients when I was getting back into going to the gym again post-Covid lockdowns. I’d noticed how carefully and actively he worked to correct the form that clients were using, which is pretty important at any age, but as you get older even more so. Growing bored of the machines and having no experience in free weights, I asked Ken if I could book a few sessions with him. He applied the care that I’d witnessed and provided me with different sets of whole body exercises, some with free weights , some with resistance machines. He’s a first class PT who I’d have no problem recommending.
Steven Cropper
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Ken is literally the best PT I have found, and I have worked with many over the years. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and efficient -he knows how to maximise your workouts with him and trains every person according to their unique physiques. When you train with him, his attention is 100% on you and your form, the little tweaks he made to my form have helped me feel moves that I have been doing for years completely differently. Ken also is really helpful with nutrition, and the dietary advice he's given me has been profound, which is no small thing given that I work in nutrition and well-being myself! Most importantly, Ken is incredibly down-to-earth and motivating, with him I can push myself to do those last few reps that make all the difference. My body is changing faster than I've ever seen. I really cannot recommend Ken enough.
Saadia Baig
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Ken has a wealth of knowledge and flexibility in his approach to specific clients. He knows when to push you and what to avoid if you have any specific injuries. He is constantly trying to guide, and gently push, you in the right direction to achieve what you want. He is a realistic goal-setter and believes in a sustainable approach….all without compromise. If you’re willing to put the effort in and follow what Ken says and suggests then you will see results. Highly recommended.
Alex A
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Ken has been spectacular right from the beginning. A very professional personal training instructor! Ken was able to carve out specific training strategies that I found very helpful and easy to follow. I noticed significant results when I trained with Ken. He has a very personable character with very warm and attentive mannerism. I would definitely use Ken again for the next stage of my training strategy and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ken for the training plans that you put together for me and for all the amazing advise.
Awot Tesfai
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As an experienced trainer, I wondered what difference a personal trainer would make.
I can honestly say that Ken’s knowledge has completely transformed my physique and outlook on training. Because of my busy schedule I couldn’t spend every minute in the gym, Ken found a way to accommodate these needs and still get me the body I have always wanted. I highly recommend ken as a personal trainer.
Johnathan Brown
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As an athlete, I was looking to make some strength gains across specific areas to enhance my performance. Ken was knowledgeable and helped me make great progress over a short period of time.

I had plateaued over the last few years and so I was really surprised at my strength gains.

Ken is relaxed, very personable and takes his role seriously (without being intimidating).

I would recommend him completely.
Chris C
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Ken is an amazing trainer - supportive and friendly, while still pushing me to achieve the goals we set together. Having done little exercise for the past few years, I already feel stronger and fitter after only a month of training with Ken. Would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for a motivational trainer, who’ll create workouts to suit your body type and fitness goals!
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I have been training with Ken for well over a year now. We train regularly together. From the beginning he’s always been very focused on technique. Building a strong foundation, with a sound knowledge of how the body works. I have a couple of persistent issues with my back and hip and he’s been great at being adaptable to changing the program to accommodate any flare ups. He has a wide range of exercises at his disposal which is refreshing compared to previous trainers. He has a welcoming, patient and kind personality. Always tries to accommodate your needs. He’s got me strong and pain free which is amazing. But he’s also helped me a lot with my motivation and self confidence. I would highly recommend him to any future clients!
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Ken is about results, and pushing his clients to their peak performance without ignoring correct technique or sustainable gym fitness.

I had been lifting weights for a few years, and had hit a plateau. Within just four weeks with Ken however, I was seeing gains and progress similar to my first time in the gym. He taught a valuable lesson, that technique is far more important than heavy weights.

I urge anyone who thinks they understand the gym but have never had a Personal Trainer to get in contact with Ken - informed by his deep knowledge, your sessions will never be the same again.
Daniel Kerambrum Bicourt
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Ken has helped me transform myself from being extremely unfit (and getting worse) to a position where I am able to run 5km confidently and feel good about myself in less than 7 weeks. If you are intimidated about your shape/wellness I couldn't recommend Ken more as he provides a gentle yet firm approach encompassing routine, diet, and a proactive personal exercise plan in a well-rehearsed and professional manner. 5*
Max Warren
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Ken is a great trainer. My training had stalled and he has completely transformed way I train and kept me going during lockdown. Can’t recommend highly enough.
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Fantastic trainer who really pushes you to the limit. Noticed considerable change in my 4 weeks session with him for instance I started deadlifting 40Kg and jumped ton100 Kg by week 3. Ken is also really friendly and builds a refund based around your body type, would hire again l.
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Highly recommend personal training sessions with Ken. Not only are the sessions challenging, but I now have greater confidence in both my form and ability to push myself when training on my own. He offers great tips and corrections, and his technical knowledge is on point.
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Ken is an excellent trainer. My girlfriend and I trained together with him over a 4 week period, doing both outdoor and gym sessions. He is extremely knowledgable, friendly and knows how to get the best out of you. Highly recommended.
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I’m now on week five of a training programme with Ken and I couldn’t be happier with my progress. He has adapted to my personal needs and is always focussed on getting me to where I want to be. Working with him is one of the best decisions I have made as I haven’t felt this good in a very long time, both physically and mentally.
Stephen Clarke
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I've been going to the gym for years now and training with Ken has got me on the next level and pushes my limits of what I thought was possible while educating me on how to safely perform each exercise in the most efficient way.
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Been working with Ken for a couple of months now , friendly knowledgeable PT who caters his sessions to your needs and goals .
Really pleased with my ongoing progress .
Highly recommended
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Ken is one of those guys who are laid back and who works at your own pace - for years, I've been going to the gym, trying to achieve my ideal figure but wasn't getting anywhere. That had changed ever since I had met Ken and slowly approaching to the goal ! He's passionate, easy going, motivating and I can't wait to see what we can achieve with all our hard work and perseverance !
Calvin Chan
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Having never used a gym before, Ken taught me from having no knowledge at all. He showed me the importance of form and gave me tailored programmes which I enjoyed, really worked and gave results. From being a complete novice, I now have knowledge of a huge variety of exercises and how to do them correctly for the best results and to avoid injury. Now I have all the knowledge and confidence to train independently. I highly recommend Ken as a personal trainer.
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I achieved more in 6 weeks with Ken than I did in 6 years by myself - he really has made that much of a difference to my workouts.
Having gone through my goals, Ken laid out a training programme and nutritional guidance that would help me build lean muscle.
On the workouts, he made sure I was using correct form on all the exercise - he really knows his stuff and makes sure everything is done properly and safely before progressing. He taught me weights exercises that I was previously a bit scared to do - but now I just get on with them no problem. He made tweaks to my form which made a massive difference to the intensity of the exercise. The workouts were tough, but fun, and I felt great after every one.
On the nutrition side, Ken got me to send pictures of my meals to him to make sure I was eating correctly, such was his attention to detail.
On top of this Ken is a really nice guy and we had a good laugh together.
Following Ken’s programme I can see and feel a difference to my body - and my posture is better. He has given me the tools that I need to progress to the next level and I have a new motivation. I cannot recommend Ken highly enough.
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As a new starter at the gym I was nervous and wanted to make sure I got the correct instruction and encouragement to start me on my way to a healthier lifestyle.
After reading through Ken's bio and the references I made contact and we met up for a chat. Ken set me at easy straight away and he listened patiently as I gave detail on myself and my hope to move forward with a sustainable fitness programme. Ken then explained what we would work at together with detailed explanation on what would happen on different training days.

I am delighted we first met so I could decided it was right for me.

Since then I have been on Ken's 6 week programme. It has been great and I feel that I am achieving so much. I am not going to lie as a complete unfit novice it has been hard but oh so worth it. Ken has been with me every step of the way with encouragement and advice. We have discussed diet, lifestyle and tips along the way. He has encouraged me to keep a daily record of foods eaten etc., which all ties together with the programme he has devised. Ken is great at motivating to push that little bit extra but also is aware when to ease down. He has a very down to earth approach which I find invaluable to keep me motivated. I can honestly say I look forward to our sessions rather than dreading. The workouts are very varied and although tired I feel great after each one. I feel like I am learning valuable fitness knowledge to carry forward.

We have been working on every part of my body that I would not have been aware of on my own. He has also showed me how to use the gym equipment properly and safely. I am enjoying working hard and completing this programme. I also look forward to continued fitness results. In fact i'm starting to believe I can do so much more.

I truly would recommend Ken to a novice such as myself.

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I was regular to Gym for last 3 years at least 3 days a week. I thought I know what I am doing and was really concerned on not losing weight even after all those hard work. Then I met Ken at Gym and expressed my concern on not losing weight. He given me a 6 weeks program and in that, I saw a real result. Under his training, I have improved my techniques in weight lifts and cardio sessions. He also give good advice on how to improve healthy eating. Though I had personal trainers before, the advantage I got with Ken is on his expertise on his skills on training and also suggesting on right diet to lose weight. I have lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks. I will really recommend Ken for anyone who is determined to do hard work and achieve more in less time.
Jimmy David
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As a gym novice I found stepping into the gym for the first time daunting. Ken quickly put me at ease and is very encouraging. He really keeps you motivated and is there every step of the way to support, no matter the day or time he’s readily available for dietary or workout advice. Ken has helped me build muscle & turn a slim frame into a lean and strong physique. I’m now confident with my technique and using weights, but still need my Ken pick me up from time to time. If your looking for a professional PT who listens to your goals, makes you feel comfortable & aids you in reaching your goals then Ken’s the PT for you.
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When I initially started going to the gym my goal was to lose weight and start lifting heavy, but i only ever went on the cardio machines, as the thought of using weights was a bit intimidating. When Ken started training me, he taught me the right techniques and gave me confidence to use weights on my own. Ken is friendly, very professional, has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition, always encouraging to reach my goals.
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I have been a regular gym attendee for a while, but either stuck to classes or the same few machines. I saw the progress that working with Ken had made for some other gym members, so decided to give him a try. He is very knowledgable, listened to my goals and made up an exercise program specifically designed to achieve my objectives. He explains and demonstrates everything well and pushed me the right amount so I knew I had worked out, but I wasn't in too much agony. He is passionate, professional and made sure that even when I was tired and being stubborn, I didn't slack and I did every exercise properly and safely. And although he pushed me, we also had a laugh and he kept it fun. I highly recommend Ken whether new to exercise or if you just need a change or a push.
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I came into the gym first starting out having absolutely no knowledge of fitness or building muscle. Ken saw me and immediately came up to me and asked if i needed any help. Straight away he was there to always guide me through the right steps to achieve my goal. He is a very supportive trainer and is flexible on how you can get to where you want to be. I highly recommend Ken, as a professional, kind, down to earth trainer.
Callum vennard

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