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Kieron Leese
Kieron Leese
Highgrove Pool and Fitness Centre
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I am a highly motivated Personal Trainer, with over 25 years of experience in the gym and fitness industry. Friendly, approachable, with a positive attitude to ensure enjoyable and effective training sessions.

I have helped hundreds of people through personal training to make positive changes to their lives, both physically and mentally
‘My aim is to teach every person I meet to live lives that will change them to be healthy, strong, both mentally and physically to lead a more positive life’

The philosophy that drives me is to teach you and make you gain enough knowledge so that you will be able to train yourself with confidence.

My sessions are built around a proven structure and motivating process, but every package is tailored to you as an individual, if you train consistently and purposefully you WILL reach your goals.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Strength & Conditioning
Weight Loss
Mobility / Stability / Flexibility
Body Transformation / Contest Preparation
Motivation / Life Coaching
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I thoroughly enjoy working out with Kieron.
He is both educational and supportive. I’m currently doing strength training with him and I’m very happy with the progress made.
He is also very flexible!
I would recommend Kieron to anybody who is sincerely interested in improving their fitness.
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I’ve had several PTs and Kieron is by far the best. I’m fitter and stronger and whatever niggles I have, Kieron has the knowledge to enable me to train to my max. Highly recommended.
John Hardy
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Kieron is a great trainer, I have been training for years before working with him. He has helped bring my level and focus up significantly. Definitely recommend.
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Having trained with Kieron for a few years now, im thankfull my brother introduced me to him. He is not only very approachable, his knowledge and guidance has enabled me to achieve what i thought was not possible.
I managed to avoid back surgery due to him, and will forever be grateful.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an experienced personal trainer that will help motivate you and keep you focused on your goals.
Who knows you may even get addicted to training like i have ;0)
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Kieron has been training me for a number of years now, he is very knowledgeable. he motivates me to work harder and achieve my goals. Not just with my training programme but also with my diet, encouraging me to be healthier and stronger. I would never have enjoyed weight training if it wasn’t for his guidance. He does a range of functional and strength training and I have definitely seen an improvement in my mind and body. I highly recommend Kieron.
Adele Barrett
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Kieron helped me when I really needed to strengthen my muscles. At the age of 37, I was experiencing many symptoms not suited to this age. Kieron has been helping me very consistently and diligently with building up muscle. He is very patient and focused.
Highly recommend him 👍
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Kieron is an excellent trainer who has improved my fitness from being unable to get up from the floor or to use stairs without hauling myself up on the handrail to being able to do those and generally lead a much more active lifestyle. He has improved my fitness both physically and mentally. My training has been adapted at various times to accommodate different health problems and I am very grateful to have him as my trainer. Long may it last 🤞😊
Sjur Berven
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Excellent trainer, very personable, keeps you focused and constantly motivated to achieve your goals. Thanks to Kieron I'm in the best shape of my life and no longer see the gym as a means to an end but something that I naturally incorporate in my everyday life. I highly recommend Kieron for anyone looking to make a positive lifestyle change. You will not regret it!
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5* Personal Trainer
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For the 8 months I had Kieron as a PT he really made me think about changing my mind set of why I wanted to lose weight, to aim to become stronger and set different goals. I did get stronger and more confident and not only does he know what he is doing but helped mentally too.

Highly recommend to anyone looking to getting into weight training, wanting to be strong/lose weight and having a better outlook on not just fitness but life in general.

Kieron was the first and only PT I have ever had that made me feel comfortable, and listened to my goals.
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I am training with Kieron for a year now and trust me when I say he is the best!
I would always choose him, he is a great personal trainer with an amazing personality and lifecoaching skills.

He showed me how to train and how to transform my body. I lost weight and had a successful photoshoot where I looked my best ever. And now we are getting prepared for my first competition!

I can only suggest him to you! :)))
Ivett Biro
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I have been trained by Kieron for several years now and the transformation has surprised me. Weight loss, muscle growth and diet are complicated subjects. Kieron has guided me on these topics and as a result I have lost nearly 20kg. Through dietary and training programs, I have maintained my weight and gained muscle. I am 55.
Dominic Lorquet
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Kerion is amazing ! Really knows his stuff, never once got a injury with him. Only left him as we moved away and have struggled to find a decent trainer he’s set the bar so high !
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Excellent personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into to improve on your exercise techniques as well as your nutritional dietary plans. Very approachable and friendly in and around the gym, and always willing to answer any question you may have to help you achieve your personal goals.
Andre da Cunha
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Kieron is an excellent trainer, I am much more confident in the Gym and thanks to him my posture, and my upper and lower body strength has improved massively.

I highly recommend Kieron, he is worth every penny,

I have improved mentally as well since I have started training with Kieron. I feel blessed to have him as my personal trainer.
Abhi Kapoor
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10 stars, Kieron is great, feels blessed to have Kieron as my trainer.

My physical fitness, upper and lower body strength, and my posture has improved tremendously

Highly recommend, he is worth every penny
Abhi Kapoor
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Kieron is a very thoughtful trainer, he really thinks about what each client needs - very bespoke training session and considerate of limitations. I’m not a fan of training but know I need to be strong and he’s very encouraging in a gentle way. Thanks Kieron
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I have been working with Kieron for some period of time when I got injury and we got really good results in the end of the training sessions. He helped me to recover quickly and teach me a lot of exercises that started being my daily routine in a gym. Moreover he is a great life coach as well who can help you to grow personally and maintain the mental wellbeing.
Definitely can recommend him like a great PT and Life coach.
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I have been training with Kieron for a year now. I was introduced through recommendation and am so glad of it. I have lower back and hip issues that physios, osteopaths and chiropractors couldn’t resolve for me. Kieron has devised training for me, which has increased my strength, improved my mobility and almost eradicated all the pains that I used to suffer. His knowledge of the body and how to train muscle groups is second to none. The training is focused, bespoke and varied. I highly recommend him- a five star plus instructor. Give him a call like I did you won’t regret it.
Terry Harrington

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