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Kyle Denny
Kyle Denny
Danes Camp Leisure Centre
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Growing up with a love for sports and keeping active, as well as a passion for helping others, was woven into the fabric of who I am! Fast forward to today, and not much has changed. Hi, I'm Kyle a Level 3 Personal Trainer ready to walk (although lunging may seem more appropriate) alongside you on your fitness journey!

My childhood passion for sports evolved into a commitment to empower individuals through fitness. With a Sport and Exercise Science degree under my belt and gaining a wealth of Personal Training experience over the years, the things I loved as a kid haven't wavered. I still believe in the transformative power of physical activity and its ability to enhance not only our bodies but our lives.

As your personal trainer, I'm not just here to count reps; I'm here to be your coach, motivator, and your biggest supporter. I thrive on pushing you hard, sharing my knowledge to educate you and, ensuring that every session is creative, enjoyable and puts a smile on your face!

So, whether you're stepping into the gym for the first time, aiming to boost your performance, or recovering from an injury setback, I'm here for you. I understand the challenges, and I'm here to work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and realise your true potential! Let's face your fears, elevate your performance, and overcome obstacles together. Click the link below, and let's embark on your empowering fitness journey together!
BSc Sport and Exercise Science Degree
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Training
First Aid Qualified
Body transformation
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Strength and Conditioning
Injury recovery and prevention
Sport specific training
Programme Planning
Confidence Building
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Working with Kyle has been an absolute game-changer for me. Their personalised approach, unwavering commitment to my progress, and infectious enthusiasm for fitness made every session not only effective but also enjoyable. With their expert guidance and constant support, I've achieved results beyond my expectations, gaining strength, confidence, and a newfound passion for a healthier lifestyle. If you're looking for a personal trainer who truly cares about your success, look no further than Kyle. They're simply exceptional!
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Kyle is a brilliant coach and truly puts the personal into personal training! He's helped me achieve so much in the last 4 months and I cannot wait to continue my journey ahead of my first holiday abroad in 5 years.

Since Covid, I've hated the way I have looked and have been meaning to make a change but never had the time, energy or motivation to do it. That's when Kyle saw me in the gym, we spoke and started training together from that day onwards!

In the last 4 months, I've lost weight and managed to build muscle at the same time (which I didn't even think was possible). I've had to buy new clothes as they're all too big for me now and I feel so much more confident in myself!

If you need a PT or just someone to get you to your goals... look no further than Kyle, he's a really encouraging, honest and knowledgeable coach and I cannot recommend him enough!
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Been working on and off with Kyle for the last 2 years and he is honestly fantastic! Whether it's a holiday coming up or I just need an extra kick of motivation, Kyle is always there and happy to help!

He's helped me on countless occasions lose weight and tone up ahead of summer vacations, inspired me to try new exercises and different ways of exercising to better develop my body! He's even on hand to help with any injuries you have too (suffered with two very dodgy knees over the years)!

Kyle is fantastic, I couldn't recommend him highly enough!
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Kyle is a fantastic PT. He is very motivating, has plenty of knowledge and is always there if you ever need any help! He helped me lose 2 stone and achieve my goals ahead of my 'warm winter' holiday! Cannot thank him enough
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Started training with Kyle when I joined Trilogy around a month ago. Having been very inconsistent until now, I've always struggled to stick to a routine and lose weight, often losing motivation, or life getting in the way and ultimately, giving up.

But, since I started with Kyle, I have never looked back! Kyle is such a brilliant instructor. Initially, he's very approachable and friendly. As we spoke, Kyle listened and was very understanding of my situation and gave me so much encouragement that my goals really were achievable!

Now he's been my PT for a month, my training and mindset has totally changed! I now enjoy going to the gym, I know what I'm going to work on and the reasons why I'm doing it! Kyle always has a smile on his face in our sessions and he is always on hand to give me feedback after every session I do!

I have never felt any better, I'm going to the gym more regularly, eating a lot healthier and it's all thanks to Kyle.

Whether you're brand new to the gym and nervous what to do, whether you need a kick of motivation or you just simply feel like you need a bit of a push... there is nobody better than Kyle!
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I trained with Kyle a few months ago to help me lose weight ahead of my trip to Australia! He helped me push myself to my maximum in every single session, even on days I felt rubbish! Kyle is such a brilliant motivator, has extensive knowledge of the gym and always has a smile on his face! He helped me lose 4 stone in such a short space of time and allowed me to achieve my dream physique!!
James Knight
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Having tried and failed the gym many times I decided to start working with a PT, I spoke with Kyle (who had introduced himself a few weeks before) and I am so glad I did!

He has not only boosted my confidence in the gym, but also my own self confidence too! Kyle is very energetic and highly motivational, he's guided through so many exercises, some I never even imagined I'd do in my life!

He not only helped me over my knee injury, but he also helped me hit my target of losing 3 stone in my first 6-8 weeks! I'm so pleased to be working with Kyle, he always ensures I leave the gym with a smile on my face!

If you are stuck in the gym, or have debated getting a PT, there is nobody better than Kyle. I can't recommend him highly enough!
Karen Jilles
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A great PT. Worked with Kyle for the last 6 weeks and he has been great. Helped me focus on my technique, improved my eating habits and even helped me enjoy the gym more! He is fantastic!
Mohsin A
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Only started the gym a few weeks ago and was very nervous. Kyle spoke to me and helped me get past my nerves and tackle some machines I've never seen before! I've now started to work with Kyle to help me lose weight in time for the summer. I've really enjoyed my sessions so far. He is very patient and positive, he will always make you do your best!
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I've been in and out of gyms for years, never been able to keep consistent and always struggled to lose any weight. When I spoke with Kyle and explained my history, he was very understanding and extremely encouraging too. Despite us only having done 4 sessions so far, I already feel like I'm enjoying my training more and, I've already started to lose fat!

Kyle is very knowledgeable and will always set me tasks to do outside of our sessions as well which massively help me on new exercises or things I have not done for years!

I highly recommend Kyle if you are looking for a PT with vast experience, excellent knowledge and a great sense of humour too!
Julie Fuller
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Having been training for years and lost a little motivation, I decided to do a Free session with Kyle to get my mojo back! By the end, I had never enjoyed a workout more attempted new exercises that in my 20 years of lifting, I'd never even thought of attempting, but they felt amazing!!

Now, I have began training with Kyle once a week, he's keeping track of my progress and, constantly teaching me new ways of getting the most out of my workouts. I already feel so much stronger and I am a lot more aware of my food intake now too!
David Reeds
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Kyle has been a fantastic help getting me towards achieving my running goals. He's set up a programme just for me and also keeps track of my running too. He's always on hand to help with anything you need as well. If you need a PT, Kyle is your man!
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Kyle is a fantastic personal trainer. He is very encouraging, someone that will always push you to do your very best! He checks in on you on a regular basis and will help in anyway he can!

I have never been very confident in the gym, but when I started working with Kyle, all my fears just went away! He helped me through some machines and always had a smile on his face. I am now using more free weights, something which I never imagined I would do 12 months ago!!

I cannot rate Kyle highly enough, he is fantastic and will always ensure you enjoy your workouts!
Gemma O
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Kyle is great! He's helped me lose weight and shape my body so I feel proud of what I look like in the mirror!

Kyle helped me build confidence in the gym, push through my most difficult days and help me better myself both physically and mentally.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was after I had expressed to Kyle a very difficult day at work, he came prepared with a boxing session to let out my frustrations! Kyle is always thinking of others and what he can do to make you feel better in yourself. Go for Kyle
Michael H
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A brilliant PT. He always has creative and new ideas for us to try and help me towards my goals. Kyle has helped a lot with my nutrition as well. As I'm very nervous in the gym, Kyle is great at coming up with sessions in the studio room which teach me new things and make sure I work up a sweat. I really enjoyed Kyle's gameshow style sessions, always very funny and hard work! Thank you Kyle!
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I began training with Kyle about 8 months ago and I have enjoyed every single step of my journey. I've always struggled to gain weight and build my strength up but I have gained so much muscle mass since working with Kyle!!

He's helped me to make the most of every single exercise I do, look at food in a totally different way to what I did before and has allowed me to feel so much more confident ahead of my holiday this summer!

Kyle is highly motivational, has extensive knowledge and will always ensure you enjoy your sessions! If you're even just debating starting with a PT, just meet with Kyle and you'll enjoy yourself so much! I can't speak highly enough of him!!
Jamie Knowles
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Kyle is a fantastic trainer. He tailors everything to your needs, helps you towards your goals and makes sure you enjoy your journey in the gym.

I had never used a gym before meeting Kyle, but he is always trying to teach me new things and keeping on top of my progress too which I love! Go for Kyle!
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Kyle has completed changed the way I look at myself and my training. I have gone from always comparing myself to others and always worrying about the scales. To a completely new person! I've lost 3 Stone in just a few weeks and I only focus on myself and what I'm working towards, rather than everybody else!
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I love the gym, but I've always struggled with food and have never been able to really achieve my goals because of it. Since starting with Kyle last month, I enjoy working out even more, I'm looking at the positives of eating rather than all the negatives and I'm starting to see progress I've only ever dreamt of!

Kyle is a brilliant coach who will motivate you in every way possible! I'm now working towards my summer holiday body! And I know I'll get there!!
Megan L
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I can’t recommend Kyle enough, I remember when I first joined the gym and had my first PT with him… he made me feel at ease straight away and always tailored my sessions around what goals I was wanting to achieve.
He always encouraged me to try new classes I felt I wouldn’t be fit enough for.

Great friendly guy, who will help push you just enough to reach any goal you want.
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I had my first session with Kyle and I absolutely loved it! The session was very creative and catered to my personal goals. Kyle motivated me and pushed me through a tough yet fun session! Look forward to my next one already!
Daniel C
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I only started with Kyle 3 weeks ago with a goal to lose some weight I put on at the end of 2023. He has been so helpful in improving my form, adjusting exercises to my previous injuries and allowing me to enjoy using the gym again.

I have already started to see progress in just a few weeks and I can't wait to see more!!
Sally Thompson
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Super pt! Kyle helped me lose weight in time for my wedding! We focused a lot on form to start which helped me now be able to lift heavier weights! I'm more aware of what I'm eating as well which has always been hard for me! A great guy and an even better pt!
Sam S
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I've been training for years and always been pretty strong and confident in the gym. However after a recent cycling injury it's knocked me back and stopped me from making as much progress, meaning I've struggled for motivation.

I spoke with Kyle about doing some initial sessions just to get me back on track and I am so pleased I did! He helped correct my form in areas I didn't even realise I was doing wrong, made workouts more enjoyable but also much more challenging and he's pushed me far beyond anything I could imagine! He's fantastic at keeping me accountable, checking in after sessions and even doing a monthly well-being catch up which is fantastic for my mental health too!

Kyle is a fantastic PT and someone I will always encourage people to go to if they are in need of a PT or just some simple motivation!
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I began training with Kyle at the start of 2023. I was very nervous before starting with him, having only been to a gym once before and if I'm honest, I hated it.

Kyle created a programme which we followed in our sessions and I did this in my own sessions too. He was fantastic! He made every session fun and engaging, he always has a smile on his face as well! Not only this, but each session came with something new, whether it was a new exercise for me to try or one of Kyle's game-show themed sessions (with prizes too of course!)

Kyle has helped me lose weight, fit into dresses that I wore 5+ years ago and feel so much more confident both in and out of the gym! If you need a PT to guide you, someone to motivate you to go to the gym or just someone that's going to make your sessions fun, there is nobody better than Kyle!
Lauren M
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I've only just started working with Kyle but he has been fantastic in the few sessions we've had! Having recently overcome some knee surgery, I was very anxious about starting back up in the gym. From our very first chat Kyle has been nothing but amazing!

He's got an excellent knowledge and can adapt exercises so easily to help you achieve your goals despite my injuries. He always puts a smile on my face and makes me want to return to the gym after every visit!

I can't wait to continue working with him and continue to see some amazing progress!
Bradley Seviene
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I started with Kyle around 12 months ago, having recently had a baby, I didn't like the way I looked or felt so I decided to join a gym! Kyle greeted me with a warm smile and helped me out on my first day, going through the machines and taking his time to understand me and my goals.

I then trained with Kyle once a week, building my confidence both in the gym, and in my body. I overcame so many challenges and I am so much fitter more toned than ever before all thanks to Kyle!

He was so positive and motivational every single day, he worked so hard to give me the best programmes possible (which I still use today)! He helped me achieve my dream body just a few months after having my son.

If you want a PT, go with Kyle, he helped me believe in myself and build my fitness up so my son won't run rings around me!
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Recently started up again with Kyle after a year or so travelling. He helped me before I went away get in fantastic shape which massively helped with all my climbing and swimming!

I lost a lot of my shape and confidence in the gym but since re-starting with Kyle, I've already noticed some great progress!! Kyle is an excellent coach! He has such great knowledge and understanding, he adapts everything to my needs and pushes me to do the best I can!
John Hamlins
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Kyle is such a good PT. He helped me lose weight and developed my knowledge of the gym so much! I had such poor form when I started but Kyle was patient and taught me what I needed to do and now I feel so much stronger and fitter!
Tom H
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Before starting with Kyle, I'd never stepped foot into a gym, nevermind lifted any weights! We spend some time chatting about my goals and my previous exercise history. Kyle helped me feel so at ease and really motivated to get started! After loving my initial session I haven't looked back since!

It's been 4 months now and I can honestly say Kyle has helped me every step of the way and now I'm more confident than ever, the lightest I've ever been too! Even on my bad days Kyle has always been there with inspirational words of wisdom!

If you're looking for a PT, there's nobody better than Kyle
Paul Greaves
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Started with Kyle about 12 months ago and he’s fantastic! Understood my injuries and went into great detail how he could help me achieve my goals despite those setbacks. And he certainly delivered! I lost so much weight and feel like a new person! I highly recommend working with Kyle
Charlie Mills
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Started with Kyle towards the end of 2023 and he has been fantastic!

I’ve always struggled gaining weight and I’ve never felt confident in my body. I tried the gym many times but never been able to stick to a consistent routine or diet.

Kyle has transformed me in such a short space of time into a much more confident, stronger and fitter person. I’m more aware of what I eat, I look to push myself in every session and I do it all with a smile on my face!

Honestly cannot thank Kyle enough for all his efforts, positivity and knowledge he has shared. I can’t wait to continue my journey with him this year!
Charlie B
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Kyle is such a great trainer. Very clear, very well educated and tailors everything to your needs! A really great motivator that always wants you to try your best (and will help you get there even on your bad days)! Couldn't recommend him highly enough!!
Michael Moore
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I’ve always had a number of injuries and confidence issues so I’ve always been scared of the gym.

The second I met Kyle and started training with him those worries disappeared!

He was patient and took him time to listen to my needs and goals. He was extremely encouraging in every single session and my confidence has grown so much already!

I cannot thank Kyle enough, and I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with him!
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Started with Kyle a few months ago and he's been so good for me! Always on time, highly motivational and always has a smile on his face. He really challenged me in every session even on those days I felt tired, he gave me the energy to do my best and enjoy going to the gym! Thank you for everything so far Kyle!
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Kyle was my PT for 2 years and he is simply great! Always catered towards my needs and understood exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I’d tried losing weight for many years. But I was never successful with it until I started working with Kyle! He’s helped me to not only lose weight, find a new sport which I love (running) and he’s helped me build my confidence up enough to do my very first 10k race later this year!

I cannot recommend Kyle highly enough, if you want a PT, there’s nobody better!
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Kyle trained both me and my husband and he was great. Always had a smile on his face, he listened, adapted our sessions and programmes to both of our needs and injury restrictions too! He made us always feel welcome in the gym and we can’t wait to continue doing Kyle’s programmes at another gym. Thank you Kyle!
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Kyle is a great PT! Helped boost my training and taught me things I never even realised!

Always has his creative head on and will get you working hard even when the gym is busy!

Cannot fault him as a PT. Highly recommend!
Darren M
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I can't recommend Kyle enough. He tailored everything to my specific needs and understood what was necessary to help me hit my goals. Kyle encourages and motivates and has vast understanding of his profession.


Kyle always makes sure my technique is correct to avoid any injuries.

Kyle is extremely reliable and punctual, ready with an exercise routine planned.

Kyle gave me knowledge and confidence to continue training alone.

I always feel relaxed and supported, working with Kyle. Thank you for everything you've done for me so far!
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Kyle was my PT and Is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Kyle has helped me gain muscle, lose body fat and more than anything it has helped me gain a lot of confidence. He really listened to what was working for my body and what wasn’t, I cannot speak highly enough of him.

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