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Kyrie Hartley
Kyrie Hartley
Eastern Leisure Centre, Cardiff
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I am a mum of three young children and completely understand how hard it can be to find the time and energy to make self-care a priority, Me time is not selfish, it’s a necessary.

After having two babies very close together my health and wellbeing was at the bottom of a very long list of priorities, finding the right balance was difficult. I had gained a lot of weight, I felt like I had no time for myself, friends or socialising and it impacted me mentally and physically.

I decided to make a change in my life and do something for me, I joined a gym and started undertaking fitness classes, and within weeks I felt physically and mentally stronger and found a new lease of energy. I never thought I would have the energy to workout, but the more I exercised the more alive I felt, I found time within my busy days, and I made it work. Within in year I had lost 4 and half stone, I fell in love with fitness and nutrition and creating tasty enjoyable meals that where clean, healthy and provided me with the fuel and nutrients my body needed.

Fast forward to now, I am currently studying a degree in sports, fitness and nutrition, I am a qualified lifeguard, swimming coach, a level 2 fitness instructor and a level 3 personal trainer. it’s not just the physical transformation my body has gone through, but the positive impact it has had on my mental wellbeing, balance isn’t something you find, its something you create.

You may not think you have the time or energy; you may not think that your health is a priority, but self-care is how you take back your power back. I am ready to help YOU, find the time, enjoy the process and achieve your goals, what ever they may be.
“Our bodies are capable of anything, its our minds we have to convince”

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Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
NPLQ Lifeguard
STA Swimming Teacher
Weight management
Nutritional support and guidance
Hypertrophy/ muscle toning and growth
Strength and conditioning
Building confidence
Positive Mindset
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I couldn’t recommend a better PT than Kyrie. I had major gym anxiety for as long as I can remember, being a bigger girl I’ve always felt like I didn’t ‘fit’ in at the gym and Kyrie has slowly but surly changed that for me. She has given me the confidence that I needed to not only walk into our local gym and feel like I belong, but knowing what equipment is used for what and how I should be using them with the correct form. Kyrie is helping me with my mindset around everything gym related along with giving advice on how to properly fuel my body. Kyrie has written a great plan that fits in perfectly with my hectic work life giving me the structure that I so desperately need. We are on this journey together, I believe and her patience, friendly and calming nature has really put me at ease. She’s really made me believe that I CAN do it for the first time♥️
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It was coming up to my 60th birthday and I didn’t like the way I looked and felt, I had no energy, I was starting to struggle with moving around, I found it difficult to get up from sitting on the floor and bending over. So I decided to join the gym, on my first session there, Kyrie made me feel comfortable and at ease, I was extremely nervous being nearly 60 and never stepped inside a gym before. Kyrie completely changed my mindset on exercise and made the process enjoyable. She gave me the confidence I needed within the gym, she helped me with my form and technique, and showed me exercises for the areas that I wanted to target, that I never thought I could change. Within my first 6 months I had lost over a stone in weight, my fitness levels continue to improve, and my confidence in myself continues to grow. I would highly recommend Kyrie, she has such a lovely relaxed bubbly nature about her, which really makes even a lady in her 60’s feel like anything is achievable.

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