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Lenka Pirova
Lenka Pirova
Highbury Leisure Centre
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Hello, I am Lenka, a natural Bikini fitness competitor from Slovakia. I am coming from a military
family and I know how to motivate people to be the best versions of themselves. As polyglot
I can understand English, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Polish, French and German on various
levels but my preferred language is English. My main focus with my clients is to educate you
about nutrition, mental health and physical wellbeing. I work with all ages, genders and
weight categories. I have experience with training bodybuilders, triathletes, people fighting
addictions, mobility and mental health issues. I want to make sure that in the future, you
will be able to maintain your new healthy habits all by yourself with confidence. So give me
a call and start your new journey now!
Track and Field Performance Specialist
Strength Sports Performance Specialist
Collision Sports Performance Specialist
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Performance Movement Coach
Level 4 Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes Coach
Youth Strength and Conditioning Specialist
First Aider
GP Referral
Yoga Teacher
Weight Loss
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I highly recommend Lenka as a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer. In a few short weeks, she has transformed my core strength and attitude to fitness. She is focused and serious about her work, but is friendly and happy to share her expertise in healthy lifestyle and well-being. I have made significant progress since we started to work together, both in terms of muscle definition and resilience
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Lenka is professional in strength training and specific training for triathlon and other sports. And she also helps me recover from my sports injuries and get back to competitive running. If you are looking for improving your athletic performance, she must be able to help you achieve your goals.
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I've started working out with Lenka after gaining weight and loosing confidence and motivation during the pandemic.
She is always there to motivates you and push when you are ready to give up!
Each session is different and enjoyable and also extremely challenging.
Alongside being a very good trainer she is also very flexible and approachable when arranging sessions, which made a massive difference for someone like me with crazy shift pattern.
I cannot recommend her enough!
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I loved to work with Lenka! She helped me to prepare for the skiing season and I smashed it!
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I have lost 10kg thanks to this lady. She’s a tough cookie, but it’s definitely worth it. She is
always there when you need her. She’s not only your trainer, she’s your friend.
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This girl is THE reason I can finally say I feel strong. I’ve never been a fit person - I didn’t grow up playing sports and was never taught how to work out. Lenka has taught me so much and pushed me to be a better, dare I say, athlete? She’s the perfect mix of positive reinforcement and tough love. Can’t recommend enough.
Sarah Young
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Lenka is an incredible Personal Trainer. I have been working with her for a few months now. This is my first ever PT and I am so grateful for Lenka’s support. She pushes me way beyond what I thought were my limits! With Lenka I am able to get in those extra reps and weight increases that I cannot do on my own. I really look forward to our sessions after a hectic day at work to de-stress. I would highly recommend Lenka to anyone looking to build muscle/ lose weight/ improve diet/ strength and most importantly feel good! 10/10 skilled service and she is very sweet, but definitely pushes you to be your best!
Emma Draper

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