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Liam Bryant
Liam Bryant
Keynsham Leisure Centre
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Hi my name is Liam and I'm far from perfect!

I’m not the biggest, strongest or smartest Personal Trainer and I don’t have an exhaustive list of letters after my name. That being said, if you're looking for help on your health and fitness journey then I'm sure I have something to offer.

Where did it all begin for Liam?
I was born in the City of Bristol in the year 1991 which makes me a child of the 90s. I do remember a time before iPhones, when you had to record songs using a cassette tape from the radio or buy this thing called a CD (but only just).

I was a quiet skinny kid who pretty much kept to himself, which of course meant I was bullied constantly at school. I was never really interested in sports during my school days and to be honest I was terrible at it anyway. I did however have the luxury of having a Dad who was interested in ‘outdoorsy’ things such as camping, rock climbing and Kayaking and I've always been fairly active because I love adventure.

I believe adventure is missing in many people's lives these days and I have met too many people who think working out and getting fit isn’t fun. As a Personal Trainer I've made it my mission to change that by creating what I like to call ‘Quest Based Fitness’

What is ‘Quest Based Fitness’ I hear you ask? Well you’ll just have to book a consultation with me to find out more.
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 5 Master Herbalist Diploma in Phytotherapy
GP Exercise Referral (Pending)
I know the secrets to actually enjoying exercise
Martial Arts adaptation for people with health conditions
Weapons Training Instructor
Fitness based Counseling
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Fitness for the over 60s
Online Coaching
‘Quest Based Fitness’
9 Reviews 9 out of 9
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Profesional, Pragmatic and an all round great guy. Liam has been the key in helping me unlock my physical fitness and ability for my Army assement.

Liam's arsenal is in his ability to coach and pull from his incredible knowledge base and tailor make a plan that fits your every need.

If you're just starting out, feel like you need to get in better shape or train for an up coming event, Liam's your guy.

(Get yourself booked in ASAP!)
Jon Jones
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Having Liam as my PT has been the best decision for my health and fitness journey in the last eight years of my time in the gym

Having a PT who is interested and invested in your goals, helping you find them out if you're unsure, and creating a healthy hobby and habit that is fun, exciting and shaped to suit your life is invaluable. Liam does all of this and beyond.
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Liam is a great Personal Trainer, before him I was an out of shape gardener with a bad back. I hated gym, but he's changed my entire perspective, with a lot of patience and guidance from him, I can honestly say I actually enjoy going to the gym. I'm stronger, fitter and after the first month his back training program seems to have completely gotten ride of my back pain. I'm going to carry on seeing him once a month so he can help me design my own training programs and teach me new things to keep gym interesting.
Mark Gibbens
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I have had the privilege of training with Liam, and I can confidently say that he has been a game-changer in my journey as a competitive bodybuilder and strongman. Liam’s expertise in designing an unparalleled calf training program has transformed the one aspect of my physique that I struggled with for years. Despite encountering conflicting information within the so-called ‘science-based fitness community,’ Liam’s system stood out and delivered real results.
Mark Lock
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I have been working with Liam for 2 months now, having never done any gym training just exercise classes. With his patient and encouraging manner he has taught me and given me the confidence to train to my ability. Now have more confidence in gym work. Highly recommend
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Even though I had my own gym programme, Liam has given me many useful tips and new exciting exercises to try out to help increase my strength. Liam is friendly, approachable and his extensive knowledge definitely shines. Very much recommend to anyone with any level of gym experience!
Jack Gerrish
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I've worked with Liam over a couple of months and can highly recommend him. He will talk you through what you need, create a plan and give you motivation.
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Liam was fantastic in helping me check my current programme and offering tips for improvements, plus additional exercises I could add to achieve my goals. Will definitely book a follow up session, highly recommended, thanks Liam
Claire Jackson
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Liam is professional, positive, friendly and understanding. I am so glad to have him as a personal trainer. Highly recommend.

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