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Luke Mitchell
Luke Mitchell
Cockermouth Leisure Centre
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My mission as a Personal Trainer is simple. To help you unlock your true potential by breaking down your physical and mental limitations with compassion. In order to achieve this, I will listen with the intent to design a highly personalised workout plan, and teach you how to train smart and efficiently while showing that this process can be fun!

Whether you are looking to:
Lose weight and gain energy
Gain muscle and definition
Build more confidence in or out of the gym and be more self-competent
Work on niggles, tightness or weaknesses that might limit you
Excel in your chosen sport

Ultimately I will be with you every step of the way.

Change in life only begins when we decide to act. Contact me now to arrange a consultation and begin the next stage of your journey.
Lvl 2 Fitness Instructing
Lvl 3 Personal Training
Weight Loss
Body weight training
Resistant bands training
Running mechanics
Weight lifting
Muscle development
Muscle definition
9 Reviews 9 out of 9
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I first contacted Luke in September of 2023. Having stopped playing sports and going to the gym in the previous 2 years I wasn’t in great shape. I’d put serious weight on and didn’t feel good physically or indeed mentally.

Starting with body weight exercises, challenging but enjoyable workouts, Luke explained and walked through each session. Despite being hard, he helped me to keep coming back. He has great knowledge of physical exercises and changes up each workout so no one is the same!

Luke wrote a workout and running plan that fitted around my week, with any commitments considered.

By January, I’d set new 5/10k PB’s, could do a pull up (never been able to do one before) and was feeling great. I have hit goals and signed up for my first half marathon, with eventual goals to do a full.

Luke helped me not only get in to shape again but this also helped me outside of the gym and running. I am really thankful for the time spent and would highly recommend him to anyone I know.
Oscar Hendry Pickup
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I’ve had several PT’s in the past but Luke has been the best by far and I couldn’t recommend him enough.
I started with Luke in May 2023 with knee pain from running. Since training with Luke I’ve had no pain in my knees for the first time since I was a kid! He’s really attentive and pays attention to each movement, highlighting improvements and progression plans. He demonstrates each move himself several times and if at first you don’t get it he will then explain it in a different way to help you understand.
I also had goals of doing pull ups and push ups. These goals seemed so far out of reach, I’d tried to achieve this for years! But within a few months of Luke’s training I managed to do both!
Luke is really empathetic and often changes his plan depending on how you’re feeling. He is really understanding if you have anything going on which means you can’t perform at your best.
He also provides workout plans for when you’re training by yourself and explains it to you so can follow it.
He’s great at responding and always gets back to people promptly.
Luke will do his best to work with your schedule/needs.
Luke is kind, funny, knowledgeable, easy to get along with and always makes me feel comfortable in our sessions.
Each session is different, he’s got such a deep knowledge base so the variety is massive.
Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building, injury recovery, improving fitness or just want to start doing something, Luke can do it all!
If you’re considering training with Luke I’d urge you to go for it! It’s potentially the best thing I’ve done in my 12 year fitness journey, I couldn’t sing his praises enough!
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I can't recommend Luke enough as a PT! I've been training with him for several months now and came to him as a complete gym beginner. I initially had a specific goal in mind, to become stronger to be able to thrive in my other fitness related hobbies by using mainly my bodyweight and core strength. Luke is super knowledgeable when it comes to all things fitness, he has listened to exactly what I was looking for, base's the sessions around my goals and I find it really useful that he explains why the exercises are important. He is always punctual and has a plan ready.

I've always felt really comfortable around Luke, he has taken the time to understand how to push me and encourage me past what I think my limit is but more importantly, never beyond my actual limit. He ensures my techniques are always correct by demonstrating each exercise and thoroughly checking my form. Each session is different with a good range of exercises. Down to the sessions, I am finding my other fitness related hobbies so much easier and smashing goals all round - including being able to do controlled pull-ups! My sessions with Luke are a key investment for both my health and my wellbeing. His vast knowledge and support physiologically, nutritionally and psychologically are what sets him apart from the rest!
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My Journey began 4 months ago after being hospitalised in February with an underlying and undiscovered heart condition. Luke’s intuitive understanding of his clients ability, limits and goals affords Luke the title - certainly in my experience of Outstanding Practitioner. No two sessions seem the same and thus the evolution of my physical progression I can only liken to turning the pages of a book you just can’t put down. I hope this journey will be a series of books - each one bringing with it a greater understanding of physical improvement, mental agility and being whole. My family and I feel extremely privileged to have Luke as the co-author to our journey.
Ian Lindner
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I have been training with Luke for nearly 4 months and I have come on leaps and bounds!, He is very knowledgeable and approachable with the experience to boot. He's worked with me in improving my endurance and with my weight lifting, my technique has come along massively and it is all down to him.
He is currently training my partner who has never been in a gym environment, he has helped her with her confidence and all of the above which is what I knew she would get when she started training with Luke.
Highly recommended!
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I’ve been training with Luke for 3 months now - my aim was to stay healthy and toned a as part of my weight loss journey. Luke is a really personable and friendly guy and very knowledgeable on the gym equipment as well as being able to tailor activities to take into account issues (such as joint problems) I’ve been able to use some gym machines I would never have attempted on my own. Signing up has been a great decision for me. I couldn’t recommend Luke highly enough. Val
Valerie Marshall
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I began working with Luke in March and would highly recommend as an excellent PT. He’s extremely professional and knowledgeable, balanced with a very friendly, encouraging and supportive personality meaning gym sessions are worthwhile, enjoyable and achieve results.
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I started my journey with Luke 6 weeks ago doing 1 session per week. My ultimate goal was to become stronger and more toned and become more confident in myself and get back into the gym. Luke listened to all my concerns during our consultation including all the physical niggles and my mental wellbeing and conducted a workout plan to suit all my needs and push me to further levels I would never be able to achieve on my own. Our sessions are hard but he encourages you all the way and they are also fun as we have a laugh too. Since starting my strength has increased all over and I am feeling more energetic and happy in myself. I will continue on my journey with Luke for a little while yet and can highly recommend him as someone who will get you to reach your goals however big or small they may be.
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Luke is a fantastic PT. I’ve been training with him for over 3 months now in the run up to my wedding, and I not only feel better but most definitely can see the results! No session is the same, and he’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to using a variety of gym equipment for desired results. He’s also a really nice guy and I feel comfortable and at ease in our sessions. I would 100% recommend!
Rosie Bee

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