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Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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I pride myself on taking a very professional approach to my work. My main objective is to deliver optimal results for my clients. I achieve this by using scientific evidence-based research to help put together the perfect plan for you.

Obtaining my degree in sport and exercise science has given me extensive knowledge on how to develop an all around healthy and fit body. I believe you can achieve any goal you set your mind to, as long as it is backed up by the right plan. Whether your goal is to lose weight and get more toned, or build strength and muscle, with my help we can achieve it together.

As a trainer I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and varying ability levels. I’ve been fortunate enough to train youth athletes from a variety of sports to help improve sport performance. I believe young athletes should have the best opportunity available to them to not only progress in their sport but knowledge as well.

My personal goals always change however, I am constantly striving to becoming the strongest version of myself. I would like to help you to do the same. So, if you see me around don’t be shy come and say hi and let’s start your fitness journey together.
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
BSc in Sport and Exercise Science
Body Transformations
Fat Loss
Building Muscle
Weight management
Sport Specific Training
Core Strength & Stability
HIIT Training
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I was feeling weak in my body and lacked any confidence in my physical strength. I also really wanted to go down in dress size in time for a summer beach holiday after 2 years of staycations. All my clothes were feeling tight and uncomfortable, and I felt that I couldn’t even lift my shopping bags up the stairs! I really needed some help to commit to making some changes.

From our initial meeting I was excited to get going. He really understood my hates such as running and mountain climbers and therefore built a unique and tailored program especially for me.

Each session Mark pushed me in an encouraging way to unlock potential I didn’t even know I had. Just by turning up I, pretty quickly found my passion for weight lifting in a way I didn’t think was ever possible. He also knew how to make our sessions fun and boost my confidence when it was low.

Very quickly I started to see results and this is down to following the tailored nutrition plan and exercising program. As an adult I’ve never hit any targets in my life, in this way, and the reward feeling became such a motivator in continuing to put myself first and push on to be, and to feel stronger. Mark was with me every step of the way cheering me on. Mark has unwavering confidence in me - this truly built up my own confidence.

With Mark’s help, I’ve lost weight in a consistent way. I’ve gained so much nutritional knowledge, made serious strength gains and I’ve gone down from an uncomfortable size 18 to a comfy size 14. I’m still on my journey and have more goals to add, but I cannot thank him enough for sticking with me.
Once I made this investment in myself, Mark’s been by my side with every physical challenge and life hurdle to help keep me on tack and as my biggest support! He’s an excellent teacher, very personable, caring and funny! Invest in yourself with Mark’s help, you won’t regret it!
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I’ve always been into fitness and nutrition but I always avoided gyms as I never knew what to do and where to start.
I’m beyond grateful I reached out to Mark.
I can confidently say I got way more than expected out of our training sessions.
Things like nutrition, how to properly train, how important rest is AND to not forget to enjoy the process.
After a month of training I now feel confident in the steps I need to take and can confidently walk into that gym.

If you are serious about becoming the better you, then, look no further.
Mark is THE coach.
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Why did you first seek out a personal trainer?

Coming out of lock down I realized I needed something more if I was to get back to my previous levels. I tried a few things but I needed to up my game.

What was your training or fitness levels like before training with Mark?

On a definite downward slide!

What were you struggling with the most with your training/nutrition? Or, What did you want to work on the most and why?

I could feel I was not as strong as I was. And found that some important exercises were beyond me which i found dispiriting.
I wanted to enjoy the gym and it to be meaningful and worthwhile experience.

What were your main goals that you wanted to achieve by working with Mark

Get stronger and lose weight

Results achieved? (Talk about weight lost, change in dress size, more confidence, PBs etc.)

Yes I have lost 5kgs and more importantly am stronger and more flexible.

What was your experience like working with Mark?

The funny thing about Mark is that not only is he excellent at keeping you motivated and confident in tackling your supersets he is also extremely good company. The hour whizzes by and am sad when it’s over.

Would you recommend others to work with Mark and why?

I not only would I have to a lot of my friends. Why? didn’t know that going to the gym could be so enjoyable!
Caroline woods
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Working with Mark was a real pleasure, he strikes such a great balance by pushing your limits whilst ensuring you are confident in form. I always walk away from the session feeling accomplished, which isn't always the case when training on your own. He was laser focused on ensuring I met my goals, which I did. 10/10 recommend!
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After months of not seeing results that I wanted and reaching a plateau in performance, I knew I needed that extra push to get me on track to achieving my goals. I had built a bond with Mark months prior to enrolling onto online coaching with him and on multiple occasions got to experience the quality at which he trained his clients. So when I finally took action, I knew he was the right person to go to.
Prior to training with Mark, I had been on and off with the gym and needed someone dedicated to their work like Mark is to help keep me motivated and push me to my limits.
Going into the coaching, I wanted to build muscle and strength. Within the first 4 weeks, I was at my strongest point that I’d been throughout my entire fitness journey.
Mark did a great job at creating the right fitness and nutrition plan for me. They were tailored around my life and he was always there to check up on me to see how I was getting on, and answer any of my questions throughout.
I managed to see improvements weekly under Mark’s guidance. The weekly catch-ups really helped me to see progress whilst keeping me accountable and motivated to get the work done. I firmly believe that anyone who’s struggling to reach that next level in their fitness journey will be just as satisfied with Mark’s services as I was. His passion for what he does and dedication towards his clients is unmatched. I would highly recommend.
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I’d never felt confident using the gym as I found it all a bit intimidating so just stuck to gym classes instead. After having my second baby and despite going to gym classes, sometimes 4 times a week, I still didn’t feel as strong and fit as I expected to though - so I decided to try a PT. Training with Mark was the best decision because he listened to my concerns and created a dedicated exercise and nutrition programme to help me achieve my goals. I feel so much stronger than I did and feel so much better within myself for it. Mark’s positivity and drive is infectious - in fact, I enjoyed his programme so much, I booked him in for another block and it was even better than the first. I really appreciated that Mark took on board what I wanted to achieve, the exercises I really enjoyed and pushed me to lift or squat with even bigger weights. His programmes really challenged me and at the same time were so empowering, because I never thought I’d ever be able to manage weights, let alone big weights. It’s been such an eye opening and rewarding experience training with Mark. I really looked forward to my PT sessions and miss them already! I cannot recommend Mark highly enough - he is just that good at what he does.
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I wanted to get an introduction to gym workouts as it was an unknown field to me. I did yoga and swimming but nothing major when it came to lifting weights. I didn't have the knowledge and therefore didn't know where to start when it came to lifting weights. I wanted to get toned and build more muscle. It wasn't just about losing weight but feeling better about my body. I wanted to have a realistic and efficient routine in the gym that was going to help me get fit and build more muscle. I'd say I achieved my goals 100%. Mark helped me reach my goal exactly as I wanted to! Mark was just perfect. He was so friendly and understanding of what I needed. Now I go to the gym so regularly and it's thanks to him! I 100% recommend Mark as a trainer (I already did in fact)
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After months of physio for painful torn medial meniscus in both knees and nearly a year after the initial first tear, I sought Mark's help for an intense burst of rehab exercise. I couldn't be more happy with the twice weekly 5 week programme he put me through. I'm still recovering my walking ability but have regained a lot more knee stability and I'm walking longer without my crutches! Being regularly monitored by a sports professional is the key for me as while sporty in tennis and swimming, I am not a natural gym bunny! Mark is patient, good humoured and challenging and taught me to have confidence in my body's ability to heal. Thank you Mark..I know, I know ."there is more" in me!
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Being trained by Mark has not only helped me physically, but mentally too. My relationship with the gym had been a fraught one, however after booking in with Mark I found the joy in training again and looked forward to each session. He really helped to build my confidence within my own abilities and remove barriers I had formed for myself. Each session was carefully curated to meet my needs and to push me to my full potential. It has been amazing to have been trained by Mark and if you’re looking for someone to help you on your fitness journey, he’s your guy!
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I opted for a personal trainer as I wanted professional advice on my fitness journey. As a novice, I wanted to benefit from a safe and personalised training program.

For my situation, I felt it would also be more efficient to take this path as they are experts on what exercises are relevant for my goals. Their understanding in the science behind exercises is what makes the process extremely valuable.

Prior to training with Mark, I had no experience in training at the gym and I wasn’t doing much physical activity. As a result, my fitness levels were no where near my potential.

I had issues with trying to build muscle due to being unaware of what exercises and diet to follow. Hence I wanted to work on building muscle by doing the appropriate exercises and complementing it with a leaner diet.

I wanted to improve both my mental and physical well-being. I felt that having a personalised routine and diet guidance would be essential in building a solid foundation for improving my mental performance at work and university. I’ve always felt having a healthier body is essential, as I read that it can lead to better muscle and bone health.

Mark’s personalised training program and diet guidance provided the routine I needed. I’m confident in saying that my mental and physical well-being goals have dramatically improved. After the end of the program, my body felt healthier and my physique improved. I also have a better work-life balance as a result.

During my sessions, it was clear that Mark is a dedicated and true professional as he wanted to push me to reach my potential. This was done through progressive overload as well as increasing the reps every week. There were times where I doubted my ability, however, Mark was there to reassure me that I was able to meet those challenges successfully. He would also make the sessions fun by introducing new challenges and games.

I would definitely recommend Mark as he is passionate about his profession and he is intricate with his personalised program and diet guidance. He is a great motivator and his emphatic nature is what allows him to relate to his clients. I’m grateful for his patience and all the knowledge he has shared with me.
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Really listened to all my needs and requirements and eased me into a new lifestyle. He was great and creating a channelling while also having fun. I went from doing zero exercise in over 15 years to now loving the gym and going multiple times a week.

If your on the fence about getting a PT - Then Mark is your man. It was a really refreshing experience, to have some that cared, while pushing me at the same time. Will defiantly book in more sessions.
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I started training with Mark after I realised nothing I was doing in the gym was really having an impact on my body. I was relativity fit and thought I was strong….but I soon found out, I could be much stronger! Mark helped me build my confidence and technique lifting weights, something which I definitely shied away from when I was in the gym on my own. Mark has a really great approach to pushing me hard enough so that I achieve my goals, but also understanding my capacity each session- whilst making training fun and not a chore! The plan he put together for me to work through on the days I didn’t have a session with him were super helpful. I would normally have stood in the gym for ten minutes trying to work out what I wanted to do and had no structure to the muscles I was working on or training in general. Even after 4 weeks of training, I noticed how much stronger I felt, how much my confidence had grown and most importantly that the goals I’d set out were achievable!

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