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Mathew Johnson
Mathew Johnson
Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub
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I spent most of my 20+ year fitness career in corporate wellbeing, managing private gym facilities for JP Morgan and the BT Group.
At these sites I was an exercise specialist working with high performing professionals. I taught a range of classes and did a lot of Personal Training until March 2020.
The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in repeated closures of the old BT Centre Gym in St. Pauls. With fewer options to serve my members and clients, I resorted to offering fitness online, whilst allowing me the space to settle down and start a family.
I have been part of the Personal Training team at Better Gym in Gunnersbury Sports Hub since November 2022 and have built a strong connection with the gym members and staff.
I have also qualified recently as a Tutor Assessor for Your Academy which works with YPT, GLL and other providers to train the fitness professionals of tomorrow.
Training myself and others is a way of life for me and being local to the park is a really good outcome for the wider community.
My knowledge and experience are vast and like the present times are constantly evolving, so now I want to help you on your journey.

Why work with me?
I am extremely passionate about what I do and this extends to you.
I am perfectly positioned in my life to help you to be more dedicated, no matter what your barriers to entry may be.
I have a ‘can do’ and ‘get it done’ attitude that encourages you to better yourself and step up.
I have boundless energy and enthusiasm that will continue to lift your spirits.
I will work with you consistently towards positive actions and outcomes.
I will support you all the way with a focus on realistic and long-term results.
Level 4 Low Back Pain
Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes
Level 3 Award in Education and Training
Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Clients
Level 3 Nutrition for Sports Performance
Level 3 Nutrition for Weight Management
Level 3 Sports Conditioning
Level 3 Exercise Referral for GP Controlled Conditions
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Advanced Instructing
Level 3 Older Adults
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Keiser Spin Instructor
Boxercise Personal Trainer and Boxercise Kick Instructor
British Weightlifting Association Leaders Award
Life Coaching Diploma
Corporate Wellbeing Coach Diploma
Canine Communication Diploma
Pet Psychology Diploma
Professional Dog Walking Diploma
Mental Health First Aid Diploma
Successful Ageing
Optimal Conditioning
Pregnancy Support
Sustained Energy Levels
Successful Weight Management
Improved Stamina
Positive Outlook
Injury Prevention
31 Reviews 31 out of 31
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Mat is an exceptional PT who gives me confidence, is always enthusiastic but also challenges my self-imposed limitations. I would recommend Mat to anyone taking their first steps in their fitness journey.
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I would highly recommend Matt as a PT. When I started doing sessions with him in 2015 it was meant to be a temporary thing to lose some timber before my wedding. In the end, I trained with him until 2022 when I moved abroad, which I think tells you a lot about how much I enjoyed his sessions and how effective they were. Matt helped me embed exercise into my daily life and see the mental as well as physical benefits of it. Keeping fit is now a top priority for me and Matt played a big role in that shift in mindset. He also gave me good advice on healthy eating and during lockdown we managed to keep our sessions going over Zoom; he puts real thought into his client's needs. Most of all, our sessions were fun and something I always looked forward to.
Patrick Forman
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I would highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer. I initially started sessions with him on a temporary basis in 2015 to lose a bit of timber before my wedding. I ended up training with him until 2022 when I moved abroad. I think that tells you a bit about how enjoyable and effective our sessions were. Keeping fit is now a top priority for me and exercise is now firmly embedded into my daily routine - a lot of that is down to Matt. I picked up a lot of very healthy habits from him! He also gave me useful advice on diet and was able during lockdown to come up with effective PT classes we could do over Zoom. He puts a lot of thought into his client's needs and is able to come up with effective solutions to your specific requirements. Most of all, his sessions were fun! I always looked forward to them.
Patrick F
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I have thoroughly enjoyed training sessions with Mat. As an experienced runner I was looking to get a broader range of fitness and had never previously set foot in a gym! He has provided a sympathetic sounding board of advice, made me comfortable in this new environment and introduced me to new routines which are helping me gain a more rounded fitness. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.
Vicky Watts
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I have osteoporosis and wanted to find some exercises I could do at the gym safely that would help increase my bone density, strength and balance. So important when we age, especially to prevent falls. Mathew was very knowledgeable and empathetic. He gave me lots of exercises I could do at the gym as well as at home. I would highly recommend Mathew's services. He is an excellent personal trainer!
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I started with Matt after a nasty neck injury to ease me back into training and build up my strength back. Fantastic. Taught me a great deal. 10/10.
Thomas H
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Mat is a fantastic personal trainer. Super friendly guy who strikes the right balance between pushing you to achieve your goals while at the same time keeping things safe. He has been great is helping me develop a more complete exercise routine. I would highly recommend him.
Luc L
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Mathew is a man in the right place.
I think he has never had as much limitations with one person as with me. I needed a tailor-made approach. At the beginning I had to answer countless questions, but now I understand how important they were to him to help me achieve my goal.
I have many health restrictions that limited him in the choice of exercises. I practiced at home, sent him videos and he gave me feedback on what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right.
I don't have any eating habits. Thanks to Mathew, I achieved a regular intake of a properly balanced diet - every week I sent him a detailed menu by email, and he beautifully and patiently explained to me every time what was suitable and what was not suitable for achieving our set goal.

I never had a firm will to stay in something. However, Mathew achieved absolutely everything thanks to his professional approach - thank you for a great and valuable, but above all, humane approach.
Karin K
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Training with Mat is a real pleasure as he knows how to adapt the exercises to yourself and your goals. He is a great instructor and always happy to answer to any of your question and enquiry. He brings you the motivation and support you need to reach where you want to be. Thanks so much for your help!!
Pauline Bieber
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I started training with Mat ahead of a challenge to Row the English Channel as part of a team. Mat gave me ideas for training to increase overall fitness and to build strength. I have always been fairly fit, but I learned so much through training with Mat. I continued sessions with Mat after the channel row with the aim of becoming stronger and to learn proper techniques for lifting weights, squatting etc. Mat knew exactly how to get the best out of me and would always push me that bit further to get me to the next level. I cannot recommend Mat as a trainer enough. Whatever your goal, he will get you there
Shadeh Ghazi-Noory Content Program Manager at Peloton Interacti
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Mat was a PT for me when I returned to work after my first child and then throughout my 2nd pregnancy. He was brilliant at getting me back to fitness and maintaining my activity levels as much as possible through pregnancy. It was invaluable and I really benefited from such a great fitness regime post and pre-baby! Mat was great fun to work with and I loved each and every session.
Katherine Ainley - CEO UK & Ireland at Ericsson
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Training with Mat has been a real highlight for me. His winning combination of infectious enthusiasm, latest fitness knowledge and excellent training support mean he is one of the best fitness professionals I have every had the pleasure to train with. For next level support, ask him about Rocky Mondays…
Andrew Boyce - Managing Director, ET Works UK (VAR/MSP)
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I have known Matt over 3 years. He has inspired me heavily throughout that period to become the best of me by attending the training sessions regularly and working out smart to get the best results. Moreover, he is always there to give generous tips in any subject of training/ diet. He is one of those trainers looking to give 150% towards whatever he focus on!
LDS. Property developer
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I worked with Mat as my personal trainer in the BT Centre gym on a weekly basis for over four years. I am not a super-keen fitness trainer - Mat can attest that! - but I would not have got through my last few years in BT in the same shape without him. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Mat, who is fun to work with and has a nice touch in knowing how to push you.
Sean Williams - Chairman at Grain Connect Limited
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I have known Mathew for over 10 years and he is an excellent personal trainer but much more than that as he helps his clients to have a holistic approach to their fitness goals. He helped me to see that fitness is more than just the time spent in the gym - it embraces all aspects of our lives - eating, managing stress, work/life balance etc.
Harry Chambers - Senior Partnership Manager
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Matt is a brilliant personal trainer and a great motivator. I trained with Matt throughout most of my 10 years at BT and I'm glad to have met Matt, who during this time became a good friend, as well as my PT, beasting me to my limits.
Matt did a great job of designing and tailoring training plans and giving nutritional advice depending on what my goals were. If you're ever in need of a tough but intelligent and fun coach for your training needs, then Matt is your man!
Dan Thomas - Corporate Communications, Agency PR and Journalism
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I absolutely loved training with Matt. He always got the balance right of pushing me to work as hard as I could, whilst also making sure we had fun along the way. He also always knew if I’d been in the gym in between our sessions so that was a great motivator to work even harder! I’d recommend training with Matt to anyone!
Sophie Daniel - Product at Maersk
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Matt was great to work with! Got Trinidad carnival ready in 8 weeks!
Victoria Pagan - Accountant at PANFOODS CO. LIMITED
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Matt is a fabulous PT who has helped me achieve a number of goals. I’m very confident recommending Matt to anyone looking for a PT.
Jonathan Pollock - Chief Executive at Elbow Beach Capital
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I can thoroughly recommend Matt as a Personal Trainer (PT).
I’ve been working with Matt since 2017 when I had to have a Knee operation and needed extensive rehab. Matt has been a patient and very focused supportive coach during that period and I have kept Matt on to help me with my new challenges for helping me get fit for big wall climbing.
Justin Morgan - Smart And Connected Devices portfolio lead
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I was a client of Matt's at BT. One of the nicest guys you could meet (although not too nice when it comes to pushing you hard!). I loved my sessions with Matt whether it was strength work, cardio or him helping me get some much needed stretching done. Thanks so much Matt for all your help with the things I just couldn't tackle by myself or wasn't motivated enough to do!
Sarah Maidment Project Manager, Get Suffolk Reading, Stowmarket
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Matt is a fantastic personal trainer and a great motivator.
Besides being very knowledgeable, thanks to his passion and support his help has been fundamental to create daily habits in my fitness routine and build upon my personal journey as a semi-professional triathlete.
Alex Ferrario Revenue Operations Lead at Yapily
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Highly recommend. Matt was an ace personal trainer, really helping me meet my goals but also exuding lots of positivity which was essential because he did push me, in a good way! He also helped organise a charity run and I know is a really active West London community members.
Lucie Emerson
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Matt is a superb PT!
I trained with Matt over the course of 3 years. He helped me towards completing a marathon, a half iron man and through a couple of recoverys post injury (nothing to do with him I should add :) )
Love his energy, his versatility and commitment…a trainer who truly cares about you reaching the goals you set and creates bespoke approaches to help you on your own personal journey. Many happy memories!
Star Star Star Star Star
Mat is a first-class personal trainer. He maintains incredibly high standards for his personal working space and his proposition and takes great pride in everything that he does. He worked with me over 8 years whilst I was preparing for triathlons, cycling sportives and pushed me to a fitness level I would never have thought possible whilst doing a full-time job! He is also a fantastic human being who has the ability to act as a coach, mentor and friend alongside the more practical aspect of his job. I consider myself lucky to have been trained by him!
Sarah Winward-Kotecha - Director | Growth Strategy
Star Star Star Star Star
Matt is an absolute star of a personal trainer! He is very caring and supportive and he will motivate you to be the best version of yourself at the gym (and outside too!) Matt makes sure you listen to your body and do whatever is best for you and your individual needs. Having recently left BT, I will definitely miss his support and positive outlook on life. Thanks for everything, Matt!
Eva Militerova - People Partner
Star Star Star Star Star
Matt has been fantastic at getting me ‘wedding ready’. Having worked with a number of trainers of the years I can honestly say that Matt is brilliant, and a great guy - he’s encouraging, professional, extremely knowledgeable and he makes going to the sessions a fun experience, despite the challenging workouts!
Lauren Hepburn - Employee Experience Consultant
Star Star Star Star Star
I can highly recommend Matt who has trained me for over a year including 8 months of my pregnancy. Not only is Matt a great PT but he also gave me invaluable nutrition advice (beige carbs!) which helped me achieve the results I wanted. Matt is approachable, and flexible but tough when need be.
Veronika Sokolova - Project leader at Boston Consulting Group (B
Star Star Star Star Star
Matt is not only an amazing person to spend your session with he is motivational and supportive with your goals.
Matt helped my get to my best while training for Tough Mudder and also help me through training with a broken foot! Highly recommended
Sarah Aspinall - Kids and Music Editor at Virgin Media
Star Star Star Star Star
Matt is simply the best personal trainer with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. Deeply knowledgeable and personable, Matt was able to keep me progressing and motivated. Matt takes a genuine interest in his clients and I am grateful to him.
Dan Fitz - General Counsel & Company Secretary at The Francis Cr
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Matt is an exceptional personal trainer and pushed me to improve my fitness and strength. He has just the right blend of challenge and charm to get the best out of people. A great trainer and a thoroughly nice guy - really professional. I recommend him highly! John
John Petter - CEO at Zellis

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