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Micol Donvito
Micol Donvito
Littledown Centre
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Hello all, I'm Micol (but will also most likely answer to Nicole). I am a Personal Trainer based at Littledown in Bournemouth.

I've grown up around sports from a young age and competitive environments were always my happy place. When I started going to the gym, I was introduced to weightlifting and bodybuilding style training and at the time, I am telling you, this did not come naturally! It took me YEARS of trialling different training styles until I finally found what excited me, which ironically is lifting heavy things. Little me would never have expected this in a million years and as a result, I can finally bring competition back into my life!

What I'm trying to say is that the gym doesn't have to be boring or feel like a chore. There is a style of training that suits everybody. I will help you to find the fun in becoming strong and confident and I will expose your competitive side.

Let's chase PBs together!
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Nutrition in Weight Management and Athletic Performance
Level 1 Coaching Olympic Weightlifting
Strength training
Olympic weightlifting
Muscle building
Body fat reduction
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Micol has really supported me in my goal into returning back to hiking after an injury, whilst also improving my cardio ability. She’s created a plan and is flexible in adapting it if needed for a certain week, whether it’s feeling a tad too easy, or too hard. She’s friendly, approachable, and easily contactable! I couldn’t ask for better support from anyone else!!
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Micol has been training me since June 2023, and what a journey it has been. Before I started training with Micol my confidence was at a all time low, I couldn’t even think of entering a job or even having the motivation to set myself goals. Micol has taught me that the gym is an amazing place to be, especially when she is right by my side. Micol has crated and personalised plan for me, helped motivate me to put some achievable goals in place, answered my 101 questions and most importantly found alternative exercises for me when my body isn’t capable. Before training with Micol I didn’t even understand the basic of movements, now I train with her twice a week and the rest ALONE. Thank you so much Micol for making me believe in myself and giving the best advice! I would highly recommend to anyone!
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I am training with Micol since July 2023. She is very knowledgeable about the fitness. She is patient with my (I can be difficult sometimes). Micol keeps motivated, she keeps track on my progress. Thank to her I build my confidence at the gym and out of the gym. She never let me down. Because of the motivation and support I am receiving from her I went of of my comfort zone at the gym. I always wanted to train with the free weight, but didn't believe I can. With her support,advices and motivation I'm getting better and beating my personal best nearly every session. If something doesn't work for me she always is looking for alternative exercises. I'm 100% sure that without her I wouldn't be in the place I am now. I recommend her to everyone who start their journey at the gym,lost motivation or can't progress.With Micol everyone will achieve theirs goals.
Thank you Micol, you are great.
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Micol is incredible! The plan she has made me is so detailed yet simple and easy to follow. Anything I was unsure of, she would demonstrate and break the movement down until I fully understood it. She was always available to answer my questions, and so so supportive! My confidence in the gym has increased so much since Micol has started training me! Not only that but I feel so much stronger and I can notice such a difference in how much I’m lifting and how I’m looking. 100% recommend whether you’re new to lifting or looking for an experienced coach!
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I highly recommend micol, 10 years experience and it shows, not only that she is a caring lady, who is so passionate about getting you to your goals. Lots of smiles and happiness around her .
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Micol is so knowledgable and passionate about what she does. She really takes the time to understand your goals and get you where you want to be in such a supportive way.

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