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Monika Wojno
Monika Wojno
Gosforth Leisure Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne
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I am passionate about helping women to set and gain their fitness and lifestyle goals, whether that is body strengthen, weight loss, persistent motivation, body confidence.

I believe that through physical activity everyone can improve their physical and mental health condition.

I offer 1-1 personal training sessions.
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Weight Loss and Gain
Balance and Stability
Core Strength
Strength and Conditioning
Muscle tone and development
Lifestyle and Fitness Improvement
Body Confidence
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Monika has been a great inspiration and has really helped with my technique, which has helped me realign the foundation of most exercises and where I can improve. I am looking forward to continuing with the progress and guidance. Monika is very easy to approach and work with and has an eye for detail.
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Thank you Monika for the great sessions you've provided. Your focus and knowledge have helped me to understand how to train and apply new skills. Your kindness, friendliness and care have made the experience enjoyable and engaging. After having two babies, I am beginning to feel strong again. Hooray and thank you.
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I hadn't use a gym for over 10 years. I did would to come back to the gym but had no idea how to begin with. Monika helped me to feel comfortable at the gym again. She build my motivation and prepare well suited workouts. Those are so good as can see continuous progress from beginning until now. I am coming to the gym because I enjoy exercises with Monika. Without her help probably I did not even back to gym. Thank you so much.
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Monika is a great PT, in the past I stopped going to the gym due to lack of confidence and not being sure about my technique doing exercises. Monika has helped me regain my confidence with her support and super detailed exercise plans, she is very flexible and accommodating with exercises and is happy to change them around as required to improve my technique. She is very thorough and professional.
Working with her I feel that I can achieve my goal of becoming more healthy and lose weight
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I have been looking for the right PT for a good while! And I didn’t even know what I could truly get in a PT until i met Monika. She takes her works very seriously and she is brilliant at it! She cares beyond the session and really wants to help her clients on every possible level! She is the best PT I have worked with over 6 years! Thank you Monika
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So, where to start? Monika is very thorough PT! Always prepared, always on point. I came to her session to get back to the gym, gain confidence and help mental health. She always makes sure that I'm OK with the exercises, if i do them correctly, checking on me after each session, always listening to all of my likes and dislikes (she changes exercises if im not fan of them, to make sure that im coming to the gym with a smile, not as a punishment). It's my third month with her, and I feel much better about my health and my body. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!
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My hour with Monika simply flysheet by,she is great,well organised,good with people and patient, even with an old duffer like me! Can only recommend her to anyone!
Keith Gilfillan
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Monika is an absolutely wonderful trainer who has made me feel empowered each and every session. I am Dyspraxic so coordination and balance during exercise can be hard and it takes me just that bit longer to master exercise routines but Monika is patient, understanding and tailors the workout plan to fit me and my needs. I would 100% recommend Monika to anyone and I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey. Thank you Monika for helping me feel confident whilst working out and reminding me that I can do anything once I put my mind to it.
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I really enjoy my weekly sessions with Monika. She has taught me how to safely lift weights and helps me to improve my technique. I am starting to feel more confident in the gym each week and can see a difference in my strength and body. Monika changes my sessions every 4 weeks to include new exercises and takes the time to ask about my diet/ lifestyle. She then makes recommendations which are helpful. She’s a great PT!
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Monika is absolutely fantastic! We have been working together for one month and already I can feel the difference in the strength of my legs, something we have been focusing on as a result of me having MS. For the first time in years I have felt more confident walking and even managed recently to run a little - only in my house but running nonetheless which was amazing! Monika spends time to really understand your issues and is marvellous at explaining why she has chosen the exercises included in the weekly plans - Monika challenges you just enough to encourage you to confidently move onto the next stage and make continuous upwards progress. She is an absolute star and I would highly recommend her to everyone! She has made such a difference to my quality of life in such a short space of time!
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Thank you for a great time with you. You helped me get to know my body.
Thanks to you my spine is in good condition, I recommend
Monika, she is a great trainer.
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After one and a half months, I would highly recommend Monika as a personal trainer. She is very patient and smart. I like the way we start and I feel happy seeing the improvement in my body and my thinking as well. She can know where my weakness is, and she can replace that with challenges and confidence. She teaches me the techniques in a safe manner and we take time to make sure that the I do the workout in a good way. Thanks Monika.
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I would highly recommend Monika. I am a fairly unfit 67 year old with a few health problems which she handles carefully and knowledgeably. I am gaining more confidence as we go along and will be hopefully managing hills and hikes before long!
Maggie Thacker
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Monika is endlessly patient! She is very careful in terms of teaching safe techniques. She is also encouraging and makes the sessions fun. She is very willing to alter routines to keep things fresh and interesting and designed the exercises to match my goals.
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I have been having 1 session a week with Monika for 2 months and I can see that i’m getting stronger each week. I have fibromyalgia and experience chronic pain, Monika is very helpful at point out what muscle groups I need to focus on and how to have correct form to strengthen the areas that cause me pain. She is very thorough and considerate! I love the motivation she gives me every week. Monika also gives me nutritional advise which is helping me to eat properly. Thank you Monika!! :)
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I am thrilled seeing the positive changes in my body. I have been searching for a personal trainer for my specific goals and luckily I met Monika who is a professional trainer. Honestly, she's good at what she does. She's patient, sensitive and professional. She makes sure you don't do the wrong exercises so you don't get hurt or feel pains. She's always asking after my wellbeing and nutrition to make sure I eat the right quantity and right type of meals. She's amazing 🤩😍.
I have had great sessions with her and I RECOMMEND HER ANY DAY, ANY TIME. THANKS MONIKA 😍
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I was looking for a personal trainer to help work on not only my strength and body shape, but my confidence in the gym and reducing the risk of injury. Monika has exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She is knowledgable, patient, funny and pushes me appropriately to work harder in a safe way. I really enjoy the sessions and want to work hard. I’m just over 4 weeks in and can already see improvement and changes to my body. Fantastic, thank you!
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I am very satisfied with the training. I have already had 7 sessions and I can already see how my body is changing. Monika attaches great importance to the technique of performing exercises, which is very important. Monika is knowledgeable and patient. I recommend Monika as a personal trainer.
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I did 4 sessions with Monica to strengthen my knees as I have had problems with my knees , Monica did the a programme for me according to my needs, and did diet and nutrition for me. She is an excellent trainer, I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in fitness or wanting to do exercises correctly.
Usha Sharma
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I have been working with Monika for the past 3 months and her coaching definitely improved my condition. She tailors her program for my needs and corrects me until I do the exercices perfectly. She is patient with me and very professionnalisme, able to adjust whenever I need it. 100% recommend
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I’ve had 4 sessions with Monika, and she’s been very helpful in showing me the correct way to exercise. She’s helped me with advice on diet and nutrition, and convinced me I need to eat protein a couple of hours before exercising. She’s very knowledgeable, patient and professional, and I would heartily recommend her services! Thank you, Monika!
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I recommend Monika as a trainer with passion, great knowledge and individual approach to the client. You can really learn a lot from such people, as well as get to know your body and wisely control its development. Thank you!
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I highly recommend Monika as a trainer with passion, great knowledge and an individual approach to the client. She helped me understand my body and at the same time changed my point of view on a lot of things. Monika is truly an amazing trainer! Thank you!
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Monika has put together a programme for me to build strength in specific areas, targeting just right for a reluctant novice - making me work but without feeling too daunted.
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I have just completed a months training with Monika. A tailored program taking into account all my personal issues it is very well thought out and enables me to accomplish my goals. She is charming and encourages you in a firm and professional manner. Thank you very much.
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Monika has been absolutely amazing, so patient and thorough. Always explaining exercises, why do them, how to correct my posture and why it’s important. I can totally recommend personal training sessions with Monika such an understanding and professional person.
Janet Mallaburn
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I would 100% recommend anyone to work with Monika! She is super friendly and super helpful.
One thing I have struggled with is not feeling confident at the gym, I would always use machines and feel reluctant to try new things; Monika has took the time to encourage me, and she has motivated me to try things I may not have before. She is very knowledgeable and patient and I'm really enjoying the work we are doing together. Thank you!
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I have been going to the gym for 2years just plodding along hoping I was doing the right exercises. Then I met Monica had a introductory session with her .She showed me where I was going wrong ways to improve. She asked me what my aims and goals were she set up a program to suit my needs. Helping all the way give in me more confidence encouragement. I now look forward going to my sessions. I have 2 sessions a week with Monica every session I'm making improvements. She encourages me all the way .I'm 67years old doing exercises I never thought I would be able to do. THANK YOU MONICA Lynn

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