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Natalia Przybylska
Natalia Przybylska
Hough End Leisure Centre
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Hi, my name is Natalia and I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer with mega passion to Fitness.
All my life I lived for sports and healthy nutrition, it was always my dream to become a coach and help people to achieve their goals of health and fitness.

Iam in industry 20years, gained a lot of experience when I was part of the athletic club. I'm skilled in running short and long distance, long jump, javelin throw, military style training and many other sports disciplines.

I was awarded 2nd place as a Regional Personal Trainer Of The Year 2019 North which gave me a lot of motivation and willingness to work harder with my clients because it shows that my work is important and gives visible results.

Before and after pregnancy training: as a mother of two children, I know how important it is to strengthen the muscles that are stretched during pregnancy. I know how important it is to work on the spine and deep abdominal muscles. I will help you get back into your figure after pregnancy and even better.

If you are looking for an open, motivated, creative, well-organized, punctual, sympathetic, smiling and positive Personal Trainer its exactly me :)
Send me a message, fill in online enquiry for a free taster session/consultation and I assure you it will be an adventure of your life.
Premier Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
Premier Certificate in Kettlebell Training
Premier Certificat in Circuit Training
Massage Therapist
Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
Level 4 Strength and Conditioning
Muscle Hypertrophy Training
Fat/Weight Loss and Menagement
Muscle Tone
HIIT Training
* Spinning
Pre/Post Natal
Health and Wellbeing Caoch
Nutrition Advice
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After nearly 20 years of not exercising, I hired Natalia to help me get over my irrational fear of gyms, and to gain fitness and strength so I could keep up with my (very active) two year old. Being able to do workouts at home and in my own time was brilliant, at the end of my four month programme I felt so much stronger and more comfortable going to the gym on my own. Natalia is a terrific personal trainer, she designs great workouts that are achievable as well as challenging, and get results quickly. She’s also a lovely person with a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend Natalia, especially to anyone wanting to improve their postnatal recovery.
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Natalia is a great PT. Her knowledge of exercise and body is truly remarkable. I joined Natalie last year after knee surgery. She has helped me to build strength in my legs and helped me with my recovery. She is fun, flexible and pushes you to your maximum and slightly more . I have enjoyed every session with her. If you are after PT, Natalia is the one !!
Ketki Dhanak
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Natalia is the best PT I’ve ever had. Not only is she knowledgeable about the body, nutrition and how to properly use gym equipment, she’s friendly, kind, works at the clients pace and helps you get the most out of each session. I’d recommend her to anyone!!
Freya Felsenstein
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I would recommend Natalia to anyone. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the body, nutrition and how to use gym equipment, she’s friendly, approachable and teaches you how each exercise helps and strengthens the body. I’d recommend her to anyone.
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I really enjoyed working with Natalie. She helped me understand how to use the gym. She helped me understand the various training elements such as when to use HIIT and when to use strength. She also helped me support my muscles and help with upper body strength.
She also worked around my schedule.
Amazing PT.
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I’ve been working with Natalia for nearly a year now and it’s been brilliant. I had zero confidence or knowledge in the gym to start with and now I feel stronger than ever. Natalia immediately put me at ease and showed me exercise can be fun! She is a true professional and incredibly supportive. I look forward to every session. Would highly recommend her to anyone!
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Started with Natalia early this year with 1-1 sessions but wasn't always able to work thru timings with my busy schedule.
I decided to sign up to the online coaching app. Best thing i could have ever done. It is so easy to use and i enjoy my training each time i go. (3 x per week)
Natalia sets my program accordingly to my local gyms equipment & home workouts too.
Never stuck to any workouts before this online app.😁
Ive seen my body shape change & feel so confident now & built up my muscles (a must especially going thru menopause)

On the app if theres a specific workout u dont like or find difficult u can message Natalia, and she will change it. Its also cheaper in the long run than paying for 1-1 sessions with the PT but is like having your PT with u.
Natalia is one of the nicest trainers with a vast amount of knowledge & helped me massively with my sciatica. Ive recommended her to all my friends as she always checks in on you.
In a nutshell she saved my life.
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Fantastic PT.
Very supportive and encouraging.
Listened to my requirements and goals, and modified sets as required.
Started 3 months back and already have seen a significant improvement in core body strength, muscle mass and tone.

One of the best investments I have made in a long while!

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Natalia has been absolutely wonderful. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and positive attitude have been invaluable to me. I feel listened to and empowered through the process, a wonderful experience to date.
Robyn Dowlen
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I have worked with Natalia for about a month now, and it's been great so far! After our initial conversation she recommended we embark on a hybrid PT programme, where we have a face to face session every two weeks and in between I do our exercises twice a week, which I can access through an app. This suits me really well because I have quite a busy life and this approach gives me the flexibility in case things change at the last minute. I can always contact her in case I have questions as well, and because she can track my progress via the app as well, she can hold me to account, which is great! Our face to face sessions have each time been super useful, improving my confidence and motivation for the next few weeks. While it's still early to see visible results, I am very positive about how I'm getting out of my comfort zone and learning new exercises, and I can definitely feel that I'm working muscles which I've neglected in the past!
As if all this isn't good enough as it is, Natalia is a super nice person, professional but also easy to chat to and approachable. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Barbara Cassimon
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Natalia is amazing at what she does she’s not just a pt shes an amazing friend I use to hate going to the gym but I always look forward to our sessions together, she mixes the sessions up each time so you never get bored and you definitely see results, she shows you that you can do it even if you don’t believe that you can
Jade Burkill
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I think Natalia is just fantastic. I had a session with her and she showed me all the exercises I need to do to reache my goals and how to use properly all the machine in the gym. After the session, I was in pain, which means that the work out was done properly. I would raccomand Natalia to everyone she is a very good trainer but also a lovely person.
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Natalia is a fantastic personal trainer! She was really friendly and tailored sessions to what suited me. She motivated me to do better and taught me a lot. I don’t think I would be as confident in the gym if I hadn’t worked with Natalia! I would highly recommend Natalia!
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Natalia is a fantastic PT she is very motivated and professional. She explains everything to you and work with you at your pace and still get results. She has helped me to transform my body and receive results in a short space of time. I am much stronger physically and mentally. We have fun at our sessions. She is friendly, open, honest and hard working. She is a great person and a great PT. Thank you Natalia
Valreter Blake
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Natalia is a very promising PT.she is very friendly she understood my concerns regarding my health (back pain and strengthlessness in my entire body )very well and planned the workout accordingly, which was very effective and my back pain has gone completely. Thank you Natalia would recommend her to those who are looking for a good PT
Remya mamulla
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I was very nervous about starting training with a PT and felt very self conscious. Natalia immediately put me at ease and gave me confidence. I have been training now for 5 years with Natalia and I gone from strength ( not much at first ) to strength. Natalia is not only a fantastic PT , she has become a good friend
Susan Dawson
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Great! My lower back pain got so much less painful the stronger I got. Thank you!
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Natalia is a true professional. She tailors her sessions to your requirements and indeed understands any limitations you may have. The sessions speed by and when finished you certainly know you’ve had a thorough workout. Natalia is an excellent trainer I would recommend her to anyone .
Rob Pugh

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