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The fitness industry has been a part of my life for the past few years in which I have seen, heard, learnt and developed knowledge and fitness skills.

Fitness is my passion and I truly believe that everyone has the ability to train and transform their body shape through my training sessions and live a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, reduce health risks, improve your sport performance, or look and feel better about yourself - I can help you achieve your goals.

I am a PT carrying secrets you need to achieve your fitness goals. A PT who has the keys for your best fitness results achievement. And a trusted guide to get you into the body shape that you have dreamed of.

Do not hesitate to approach me.
Level 3 Personal Training Advanced Diploma
Level 2 Gym Instructing
Circuits Training
High intensity Interval training/HIIT
Suspension Training
Boxercise Training
Weight Loss
Muscle Build
Toning Up
Weight Management
Core Strengthening and Stability
Overall Body Strengthening and Development
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Nivard is just one of those trainers you must have in your journey of fitness, his level of knowledge and experience shows at every session and teaches key skills both at the gym but also improves your mindset leaving you the skills to tackle the gym independently.
Nivard had changed my life for the better and now because of him and his care for his clients, I’ve got the tools to achieve the goals I’ve always dreamed. His a must of coach.
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Nivard is an excellent PT. He shows up with 100% to every session, and is supportive and encouraging while also pushing you to perform your best. He makes sure that you get as much as you can out of each session, making fitness possible even with a busy schedule.

What sets Nivard aside from other PTs is his focus on imparting his knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and training techniques during sessions. He takes time to explain correct form to prevent injury, and finds inventive ways to build up training in a way that matches each clients needs. Nivard is really friendly and professional, and makes clients feel comfortable when training together. It is clear that he really cares about helping his clients reach their goals. I hugely recommend him if you are looking to make real and long standing changes to your fitness and physique!
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If you need personal growth, want to be stronger and healthier, and feel more supported along your fitness journey, Nivard is definitely someone you would want to train with! Nivard has been training for more than a decade and is therefore really experienced in all aspects of fitness knowledge. He’s given me life-changing advice on both training and nutrition. He tailors your sessions according to your goals and your preferences. I’m now more confident than ever that I’ll achieve my personal goals in the near future!
Jessie Guo
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I have been training with Nivard for 3 months now and he has changed my life, not only my lifestyle choices but my positive mental attitude when it come to exercising.
Before having a personal trainer I used to be scared of the gym, but Nivard went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and taught me how to love exercise.

I have noticed a massive change to not only my body but my fitness levels as well, I look forward to training with Nivard every week!
Thank you :)
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Nivard is an inspiration. He kept me feeling super positive and built my confidence immensely during our 6-week stint. When I first met Nivard, I was demotivated and anxious about returning to weight lifting after a long time away from the gym. In a short period of time, my body was transforming and my mental ability to try new things was expanding. Nivard not only shared important nutrition and muscle development information, he made me laugh and encouraged me to keep pushing harder. I can't wait to book in my next sessions with Nivard - couldn't recommend him more!!
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His effort for making me fit is awesome. His knowledge about maintaining good health and sharing & communication is really helping out a lot to stay fit. In addition to fitness he also knows and share nutrition diet plan for having good health.

Since I have been training with him, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel better about myself. Thank you for being flexible with your schedule, and ensuring I get the most out of the time I have with you. You take great care of me and I am thrilled to be on this fitness journey with you!

Roya qadiry
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Nivard is meticulous in his work and cares about what he does. As a gym goer for over a decade, Nivard helped me reach potential I never knew was in me, with a little tweak here and a twerk there, Nivard is reliable, treats all information very confidentially and thrives to make his clients become better. He understands what is needed of him and does it well. I highly recommend his services.
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I’ve been training with Nivard for 2 months now and he’s helped me push myself to reach goals I wanted! He is very flexible with session which worked around my long work hours which was very convenient! Also I was finally able to leg press 200kg after failed attempts ! I have also seen a huge difference in my lower body which I love! I will say that sticking to the meal plan was hard but doable. I would definitely recommend Nivard to anyone trying to reach their full potential. I will definitely continue training with him!
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a very helpful and understanding pt, each session was thorough and tailored to my abilities, highly recommended
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Nivard is a excellent and professional personal trainer. He is very supportive , understanding and caring about his clients fitness achievements and goals . He gives the best advice to help. I hired him for some outdoor training when the lock down started. The sessions were always exciting and full of new fitness ideas, using some equipment and going to all different outside parks. Nivard is friendly and down to earth I would definitely hire him again for any further fitness training.
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One of the most inspirational trainers I've ever met. Always pushes you to your limits and beyond. Anyone wants to start training and needs that person who goes the extra mile Niv is your man
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When needing the motivation and drive Nivard is always available and ready to push you beyond to achieve results.
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Experienced and attention to detail. Nivard helped, encourages and fostered good fitness routines from the very beginning of my program.
I highly recommend him if you’ are serious about getting fit and achieving your fitness GOALS.
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A very nice and enthusiastic personal trainer!!! After giving up working out for 2 years, I was so hesitated and didn’t know how to start. Nivard has helped me build my confidence and motivation. All tips he gave me were effective and useful. And the customised nutrition plan suit me very well. Highly recommended!
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Nivard has been a great trainer! The sessions are always interesting and fun. You get to do lots of different exercises and there is so much variety that it is never boring! Nivard always takes the time to explain how to do things and go through techniques with you. I started training after a long gap of not doing exercise and within two weeks, I could do a plank for over a minute! Would 100 per cent recommend.
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My first time working with a personal trainer and I wasn’t disappointed. It was the best decision I made in ages. Niv is an excellent personal trainer. He is very professional. All these year I was working out. I was doing everything wrong. He showed me how to do all the workouts the right way. I was able to see a difference in myself within a short time. I would definitely recommend him.
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I highly recommend Niv!! professional, friendly & pushes you to your goal. I have been a gym member for over 3 years , paying the membership fee and not showing up. Niv has helped me show up & work on my strength & achieve my goals.I highly recommend him.
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I started training with Nivard in May. I was completely new to the gym and had no knowledge of where to begin with losing weight or improving my fitness. Since then i have gone on to lose 2 stone and i am stronger and fitter than i have ever been.
Nivard has not only helped me reach my goals but has also boosted my confidence in fitness. He is supportive, encouraging and continues to motivate me to stay on track. I've learnt a lot from him and can now say i enjoy the gym :)
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Top tier trainer! Nivard has helped me achieve my goals. Whilst consistency has been the key to my transformation, I would not have had the motivation or drive without regular sessions with Nivard. I really enjoy working with him! Motivating, friendly and punctual.

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