Oliver Fletcher-Bryan
Oliver Fletcher-Bryan
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Hi I’m Ollie.

As someone who is passionate about helping others, I pride myself on my diversity and knowledge of health & fitness and my ability to adapt to different people’s needs.

I have helped a wide variety of people with different goals in my time as a personal trainer from body recomposition, fat loss, strength gain, lean muscle, flexibility & correcting postural deviations.

To me fitness isn’t just about looking great, it’s about enjoying the process of becoming the best version of yourself and understanding what you can do to keep your health in check and also how to put that knowledge into practice.

So whether you are a complete newbie looking to gain confidence or an experienced lifter trying to overcome a stubborn plateau I am confident in my ability to help you progress on your fitness journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and book yourself a free consultation!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094992077007
Instagram: www.instagram.com/olliefletcherpt
Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer
​Level 2 Gym Instructor
Nutritional Advisor
Body Transformation
Muscle Gain
Fat Loss
Programme Planning
Motivation & SMART goal setting
Resistance Training
Functional Training
Weight Management
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Ollie is very knowledgeable and professional. In the short time we have been working together I am stronger and much more confident lifting weights. He has adapted sessions where needed and is incredibly motivating and encouraging. I am very pleased with my progress so far!
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Since getting over rotator cuff and frozen shoulder injures, lost confidence with upper body exercise. Personal training by Ollie has helped enormously with confidence and use of equipment with correct exercises to follow.
Couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Thank you very much Ollie and keep up the good work.
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Ollie is a wonderful PT. Before I became a client of his i hated the gym and never felt comfortable or confident. I now look forward to going to the gym. I have gained back some confidence and actually have fun. Its obvious Ollie cares about his clients. He always takes the time to listen to me and encourages me to do the things i dont believe i can do. Im finally seeing the results i want and it's all thanks to Ollie.
Grace Ridge
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I’d never even stepped foot into a gym up until 6 months ago when I decided I wanted to make a change and finally found a little bit of courage to sign up. Obviously I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and didn’t really know where to start to achieve the goals I wanted to.
That’s where Ollie stepped in, I’ve been working with Ollie for 12 weeks now and not only has my knowledge of the gym improved significantly but so has my confidence.
Ollie takes the time to understand his clients, not only their goals in the gym but also as a person. He keeps me motivated on days where I’m not really feeling it and remains patient and understanding when I get frustrated!

I’d 100% recommend Ollie if you’re looking for a PT, he’s friendly and approachable but also professional and determined! I actually look forward to going to the gym now and I’m even more determined and excited to see my journey progress now I have Ollie in my corner!
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Ollie has been fundamental in my health improvement thus far – I have been with him for just over 2 months now and who would have thought you would not only enjoy gym sessions but look forward to them too!!! All this is from Ollie’s support. I was apprehensive to start with but we soon built up a bond and this is down to Ollie’s expertise and putting you at ease no matter what your reasons for finding him – I have read his other reviews to date and can’t agree enough. My story and reason for being with Ollie is menopause symptoms and arthritis. Ollie has evaluated my needs in our initial assessment and has even changed things as we go – to ease me into improving both my strength and joint stiffness – I am now both stronger and my joints don’t hurt as much. I can now even climb stairs – which for about 90% of the time – I had been unable to do – small steps (literally) but I am getting there. Due to my fitness levels and weight gain from menopause – I am lacking confidence – but I have Ollie in my corner willing me on as much as I am my own conscience pushing myself to achieve the results I so want. Ollie is fantastic in watching you complete your exercise sets with form and the disciple of using any equipment correctly – he will gently assist/remind you if you need to adjust stance, breathing etc – which is great as you know that you are not going to injure yourself – important for anyone but especially when you have medical issues. As said before I am now looking forward to our sessions as I am beginning to see results. Persistence from both Ollie (and me) is just beginning to pay off! Losing weight, muscle toning and strength – due to muscle loss from menopause is my goal and I can now walk upstairs again – without much discomfort – that is a win! Ollie is always ready to adapt my programme if I am struggling on a gym day – due to muscle stiffness, so I never lose out on my programme and more importantly he is there to encourage when I am struggling – ensuring that I don’t injure myself – very important. Our hour sessions go by so fast… time flies when you are having fun. You won’t go wrong if you make Ollie your PT, he is friendly and approachable, but also professional and a serious PT instructor.
Michaela Manning
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Ollie has been absolutely instrumental in helping me get my confidence back up in the gym. After not setting foot in a gym for over 6 years, since the birth of my daughter, I lacked confidence in terms of my form and using the equipment, and generally felt very self conscious in the gym. I’ve been going to Ollie for around three months and it’s safe to say I love going to the gym now and really look forward to our sessions! Losing weight was never my goal, for me it is about toning up and building strength to help with my overall posture and movement. Ollie has built a programme to suit my needs and is always very thorough when explaining the exercises, ensuring I don’t injure myself! Our sessions absolutely fly by and I really enjoy them. When I was looking for a personal trainer it was important to me that they didn’t take themselves too seriously, and we could have a laugh. Ollie is very friendly and personable, but he has a great level of professionalism and it is clear that he is very passionate about personal training. Thanks Ollie, and see you soon at our next session! :)
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My approach to gym and training started after conversations about posture improvement. I am not a gym user and still not 'too' comfortable in one, and Olly has been amazing: he has listened to me blabber for a long time, he understood from that what would work for me and he adapted his approach. I have seen him train another client before my session and seen him change tactics and approach when with me, levelling his energy to mine.
Above all else, is knowing that I am heard and that it's about my experience, my progress and my objectives, and how understanding he has been of my feelings towards the gym space (which in time is also turning out to be different from what it looks like on the outside) that have made the experience easy and fulfilling. Looking forward to train more now! And recommend him, especially to anybody neurospicy and/or unsure about training.
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I started looking for a PT, with myself being a total beginner at the gym. I came across Ollie and booked a free consultation with him.

It has been around 5 months since I have been with Ollie and it’s just been brilliant. Before I had sessions with him, I had zero confidence or knowledge in the gym in terms of compound/ isolation exercises, good and correct form, and strength building.

Because of Ollie’s professional knowledge and competence, the sessions have enabled me to swiftly build confidence and gain lots of knowledge, which has simply changed my life!

I am a skinny guy who has always been quite satisfied with my body and physic. Although I’ve never been completely happy with being skinny. Just before I got Ollie on-board, I finally got the courage to do something about it - wanting to gain more muscle, look bigger, and become toned with a better physic.

Having Ollie personally train me, and him creating bespoke training programmes to fit my desires and needs has not only changed my body for the better, but it has really improved my mental health.

As a result, I would 100% recommended Ollie! He his friendly, determined, goal-driven and very professional. If you’re looking for a PT, don’t look any further. Ollie will definitely help you with any of your goals and you will not regret it! I cannot thank him enough. Cheers mate, I appreciate everything you’ve done so far.
Liam Collis
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Ollie has helped me with two programs over the last 6 months. They are perfectly tailored to my needs and the equipment available at the gym. His tips and pointers on technique and form make a huge difference to performing the exercises and ensure I am getting the most from my routine. Perfect combination of friendly / approachable personality with the firmness and drive to make sure you push yourself and benefit from the workouts.
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I have been working with Oliver for the last five months. He has adapted the exercises to suit my needs. I am a 75-year-old, leisure cyclist. He uses varied routines to keep things interesting. Always pushing me that little extra to increase my performance. I have noticed the improvement when I am out on the bike. As they say, cycling does not get easier, it just gets faster!!
Robert Ient
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Ollie is brilliant. Very professional and takes time to understand his clients needs. I’ve learnt so much in the 4 sessions and Ollie has a really good way of explaining the difficult things of training. 100% recommend.
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I have just started to go to the gym and Ollie pointed me in the right direction. He helped enormously with knowing which weights to use and made sure my technique was spot on so I didn’t injure myself. His knowledge of exercises using weights and how to reach your goals is great. I felt I could always ask if I wasn’t sure and sessions were so fun that the time flew by! I can’t wait to continue going to the gym and use the plan that Ollie has designed for me. Thank you Ollie :)
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Ollie is absolutely amazing.
Before starting with Ollie, I had no motivation for exercise and despite being a member at the gym for several years I had no clue what I was doing. Ollie has helped me to understand what to improve my fitness and how best to achieve it. I had no clue what I was doing away from the cardio machines but Ollie has given me the confidence to see the weight area as a less intimidating place.
I came to Ollie wanting to feel fitter, but have got so much more. I have now got a much better exercise routine which has helped me to consider my eating and sleeping habits. I feel fitter, but also more confident and much happier. - I can’t wait for our next weigh in to see my progress and am looking to what else I can achieve with Ollie’s help.
Nathan Mison
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So for me when I first thought about getting
A personal trainer with some previous knowledge of the gym. I thought I was going to get someone who was just going to drip feed me information, do these basics exercises you already know and I’ll see you for another session!
With Oli that was not the case we sat down talked about my goals came up with a routine and a list of new exercises to do to help me with my goals , did the routines together to make sure I was comfortable with them and able to do them safely and off I went. Must say I love the routines really benefited from the support to get the new form correctly on the exercises and feel confident in what I’m doing. I just gotta do the work. Also Oli is a nice friendly chap and always pleasant to talk to during sessions but also very quick to bring the focus back to the training session so you’re not paying to chit chat. Very professional and a nice guy. Thanks for everything Oli keep up the good work and see you soon 💪🏻🤞
Sean Leggett
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I have been active all my life, but as I got older(now 67), I became aware that my strength, stamina and general fitness was in decline.
I started with Ollie 4months ago focusing on strength training and have been very pleased with the results to date. I feel stronger, fitter and more confident than I have for a long time and my muscle tone is returning so I look better.
I have found Ollie to be very professional in his approach to my training. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraging, and his first concern is to my safety and well-being, being very hot on technique and not over stretching myself, all the while motivating me to make small but possitive steps forward.
Whatever your personal fitness goals are, I would recommend him without reserve.
Steve Ady
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Ollie has helped me massively in the gym

I started the gym when I was 17 and came to Oli before he was a PT so I could ask for some help with form and tips and he always helped me without hesitation.

Since then I have had Oli as my PT for past year through the ages of 17-18 and helped me put on 12kg of weight, completely transformed my physique and has made me so much happier with my body.

I was able to achieve all of my goals whilst first starting out in the gym because of Oli. I’ve learnt how to correctly perform exercises as well as improve my strength incredibly.

In just a few months my squat went up by 50kg from 25kg to 75kg with good form, my pull-ups went from 3 to 11 and that’s just a small part of my training accomplishments.

Oli has truly made me a better person and has helped me in my life overall.
Jono Addi
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Words can not explain how amazing Ollie is. I have been with him for quite some time now and have lost weight and also built strength. He listens to what my goal is and creates amazing workouts based on achieving those goals.
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I joined the gym to have something to do while my son was football training , I would be very set in my ways doing the same exercise machines feeling like everyone else knew what they were doing. I got speaking to Ollie who gave me confidence not just to use the exercise machines and try new exercises he made me realise that the exercise helped my well-being and helped me take the little steps to improve my whole lifestyle. The gym is not an effort anymore it’s a healthy habit that I look forward to especially the HIIT sessions there are no failures just continued improvements . I can’t thank Ollie enough for the confidence he has given me back
Jane Riches
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Ollie has helped me so much over the last few months. He has helped me to lose weight and keep it off, got me to really enjoy going to gym to the point I'm disappointed when I can't go.
If I'm feeling a bit off when I arrive at the gym he always gets me feeling motivated again by the time I leave.

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