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Oscar Fas
Oscar Fas
Clissold Leisure Centre
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I’m Oscar. An all-round PT providing expertise in physique development, specifically fat loss and building muscle. Throughout my years in the health & fitness industry, I have developed a deep understanding and passion for the field. I’m a highly motivated and knowledgeable trainer; my main focus is helping others not only achieve their goals, but to exceed them.

I integrate a variety of training methods with a focus on strength and resistance training, tailoring each program to suit each client’s different needs. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just improve your general fitness, I can help you achieve your goals. I make training enjoyable, whilst keeping client needs and progression at the forefront.

As a client you will gain dedicated hands-on coaching plus education throughout the process. I believe a key understanding of the process is vital in achieving long term, sustainable results. Get in touch today for a consultation and together we can realise your true potential!
BSc Sport & Exercise Science degree
European Institute of Fitness Master Trainer (Reps level 2 & 3)
European Institute of Fitness Nutrition Coach
ACSM Lifestyle Fitness Coach
ILM Fitness Business Award
Certified Exercise Specialist
YMCA Suspension Trainer
YMCA HIIT Training
Weight Loss
Strength Training
Body Transformation
Nutritional advice and programming
HIIT Training
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For years I’ve been apprehensive about getting a personal trainer, but I decided to give it a go. Having always maintained fitness through team sports and running, I’ve always avoided the gym as it is somewhere I’ve never felt confident. I would know roughly how to use everything, but I never felt I was using it right, which is where Oscar helped change all of that.

Oscar has completely transformed my relationship with going to the gym and has made it somewhere I feel comfortable and wanting to achieve more. Not only showing me how to best approach all of the equipment, but how best to approach it for my specific body type and goals.

I originally only planned to have sessions for a month, but I was really seeing and feeling the progress and ended up carrying on for a further 2 months, twice a week, until I decided to take it from there on my own.

To anyone reading this and thinking about giving it a go, I would highly recommend Oscar. Oscar listened to my needs and the goals I set out, planned a schedule around that, helped me achieve a diet to lead to my targets and also was flexible to the timings I could have the sessions.
Rob Turton
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Oscar is hands down the best personal trainer I've ever had the pleasure of working with! Over the past year, he's whipped me into shape while making every session a blast. His customized workouts, upbeat attitude, and knack for keeping me motivated have been game-changers. Seriously, if you're looking for someone to kick your butt into gear and have a great time doing it, Oscar is your man!!! I changed because I moved or I would have stayed. Keep it up mate :)
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I trained with Oscar for about a year and over that time he massively improved my confidence in the gym. I never used to like going or know what to do but Oscar really showed me the ropes, the right technique and helped me build up my strength. He took his time, showing me what I needed to do, helping perfect my movements and pushing me when I needed it. Would highly recommend training with Oscar
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Oscar is a great trainer who would support you 100% on your journey. A wealth of knowledge and resources to guide the physical, diet and mental aspects of your transformation journey.
Oscar puts a personal touch and cares about his clients.
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I contacted Oscar because I wanted to get fitter but felt very nervous in the gym and didn't know where to start. Oscar immediately put me at ease. He really listened to me and helped me set up a plan I was comfortable with. He explained everything we were doing along the way and made sure I understood what we were doing and how to do it safely with the correct form. I now feel comfortable in the gym and that's all thanks to Oscar. I'd recommend him to anyone starting out and needing some guidance. Thank you so much!
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When I approached Oscar for some help I was really struggling to be motivated to work out. I didn’t really know what I was doing in the gym and got myself stuck in a ‘must go to the gym soon’ rutt for weeks. I have always been naturally skinny and for once in my life, I really wanted to gain some muscle mass and build up my chest, core, arms, legs and general fitness. Oscar was extremely understanding and took me under his wing. Oscar developed a personalised training plan for us to work on in our sessions and over 18 months of training I really do notice the change. I feel and look much stronger and am more confident in everyday life. I now know what I am doing in the gym and how each exercise works different muscle groups. Oscar pays particular attention to form and technique and kept tabs on my nutrition and weight through his detailed online tools regularly giving me advice on my nutritional intake. Oscar is very patient with my erratic work schedule and works incredibly hard to help me reach my goals. I would recommend Oscar to anyone, he is a fantastic trainer, and his dedication and passion shows with results.
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I have been training with Oscar twice a week for almost two years and highly recommend him!

I started working with him after several injuries and health conditions had prevented me from returning to the gym during the past decade.

Not only did he accommodate my routine to account for these issues, but we also managed to fully recover from them. I have never been healthier or stronger in my life.

Oscar is highly trained, diligent, professional & data driven. He regularly supports our sessions with tracking and information on nutrition as well as lifestyle improvements.

Beyond that he is fun and easy going, a great guy to be around with. If you are thinking you might need a PT, Oscar is the way to go!
Ian Mackinnon
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I have been training with Oscar for over a year, twice a week and it's been an amazing path of learning, hard work and great achievements.
From the start Oscar not only focused on my goals but helped me setting up even better and healthier goals in terms of posture, form and lifestyle.
He has a great structure of work supported by good documents that he constantly updates and that allowed me to track my progress.
He is also very friendly and easy to interact with and open to a good laugh, but when it's time to work he is super focused on checking the form.
Very excited to work with him for another year. Really recommend him!
Marco Tullio Siviglia
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Working with Oscar has been a real revelation for me. I had really struggled to maintain consistency and make progress in the gym for years and would pick up little injuries that hampered my progress.

I've now been training twice a week with Oscar for over a year and he's completely transformed my approach to the gym and given me the skills to push myself further than I thought I'd be able to go. Oscar teaching me proper form and technique has given me much greater confidence in the gym and I've found a stronger desire to tweak other bits of my lifestyle to continue making progress. His advice is very comprehensive across fitness, training and nutrition, but he's always been really flexible with what I've wanted to get out of it and not pushed a particular perspective or dogmatic approach.

I would have considered myself as someone sceptical about whether I needed a PT. Oscar has completely changed my perception of that in terms of the results I've seen and my experience of training with him. Aside from the training, he's also a lovely relaxed guy who I'm sure would be ideal an ideal fit for all types of clients. If you're considering trying a PT or generally improving your fitness and wellbeing I could recommend Oscar highly enough!
Thomas Gelderd
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Oscar is an amazing PT! We have been working together for a year. I have worked with other people before but Oscar really takes the time to understand my goals and my weekly schedule beyond the session to tailor our training to get the most out of me. He makes sure I work hard while keep motivated and enjoying each time to come back for more.

My overall fitness has massively improved, with clear visible results and I cannot wait to keep going and see what more I can achieve with Oscar guidance.
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I have been training with Oscar for over 18 months and recommend him highly. Training with Oscar is like getting looked after like an athlete at a professional sporting club. No pseudo science, he is extremely well qualified (a degree in Sports Science from Nottingham Trent, as well as the PT qualifications) and keeps himself abreast of developments in nutrition and exercise science. Oscar keeps track of your programme on spreadsheets, and records each and every rep, set and weight that you perform - so you are training properly using progressive overload, and not wasting your time. He pays great attention to form and technique, which for me has been a real education. I had some running injuries last year too and Oscar seamlessly coordinated my sessions along with my physiotherapist’s advice. Oscar is definitely the best trainer I have worked with. If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer (you should do it), you won't do better than training with Oscar.
Rory Cochrane
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I can’t recommend Oscar highly enough. He took me from feeling uncomfortable and self conscious in a gym to feeling comfortable, confident and excited to work out each day. He’s kind, funny, accommodating, genuine, knowledgeable and a really great trainer all-round. Helped me push through and strengthen an old shoulder injury without hurting myself. Worked with him for about 8 months then had to take a break due to illness but I’m returning to him again as there’s nobody I’d rather have as a trainer! I saw massive improvements in my strength and physique during our first run and have full confidence I’ll see the same again this time round. Best decision I made last year, can’t say enough good things about him!
James Egan
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I have worked with Oscar for 4 weeks and it was very challenging which i quite like! He was very friendly and good at helping to make me realise how strong i am. He followed my workout plan and progress while i was training with him
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What a great year that was!

Oscar is a lovely lad and a spectacularly good personal trainer. I've worked with personal trainers before who were all excellent in one way or another, but Oscar was on a different level. I found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable and proactive in identifying areas to improve and creative in improving technical flaws which I didn't know I had. My strength, fitness and posture improved immeasurably over the course of the year and it was all really good fun. Apart from the walking lunges.

Oscar's a lovely lad too. Really down to earth and charming and genuine. I had to bring our sessions to a close because I'm moving out of the area, but if it hadn't been for that I'd definitely be continuing. Highly recommended.
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I worked with Oscar for 2 months, over the 2 months he helped me to build a foundation for strength training and a consistent training routine. Oscar is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, he always made sure to explain all exercises to me and help me improve my form. I definitely recommend Oscar to all beginners.

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After years of back and neck pain, I bit the bullet and decided to book 10 sessions with Oscar. I was eager to get in to a strength training regime but didn't really know how to go about it. I have always been a regular gym goer but never really knew how to make proper use of the weights section. Oscar very patiently showed me how to use all types of equipment and even after just one session, I really felt that I had learned alot! After 10 weeks, I not only felt better physically but also mentally. My back pain and neck pain have greatly improved as a result and I know it will only get better from here on out. If, like me, you spent years going to physios, chiropractors and osteopaths and have yet to see any real results, I would highly recommend booking in some time with Oscar. He will put you on the right road to recovery and all in a friendly and approachable manner!
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Highly Recommend

6 months ago I had never been to a gym before and had no idea where to start with equipment, form or fitness.

Oscar's training really changed that - he was knowledgeable, personable and really catered to my needs in every session.

I'm much more confident and fitter now, and through his guidance and support exceeded my own expectations of what I could achieve.

Oscar was also flexible with times and dates which, given my own changing schedule, helped a lot too.


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