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Parmzy Kaur
Parmzy Kaur
Wavelengths Leisure Centre
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Hi, my name is Parmzy and I am a Personal Trainer at Wavelengths Leisure Centre.
Whilst promoting an active healthy lifestyle, I like to remind people that health and fitness come in all shapes and sizes and that there is so much more to exercising than just looking fit! I enjoy empowering people and building their self-confidence, encouraging them to appreciate their body for themselves and not the idea of what they think it should look like. With the continuous trends of fad diets and the constant pressure of social media, I understand that this can be difficult. Which is why I am here to support you!
Whether you desire to achieve your physical goals of building muscle, losing fat, getting stronger or even more flexible. Or if you would like to train for the psychological benefits such as building your self-confidence or managing your stress and anxiety, I am here to help. I am also happy to work with small groups if you would like to workout with your friends!
We will work together on developing a realistic programme for you, creating something that is not only achievable but sustainable. Based entirely on your individual needs with simple yet effective workouts, coupled with a nutritious balanced diet to achieve natural long-lasting results. I will teach you how to easily incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle in a life full of other commitments.
If you are someone who aspires to be happier and healthier, contact me today for your FREE consultation.
• BSc Psychology (Hons)
• Level 2 Nutrition and Health
• Level 3 Personal Training
• Level 3 Gym Instructing
• Personal Training
• Strength & Conditioning
• Self-Confidence Building
• Stress Relief & Anxiety Management
• Motivation
• Building Muscle
• Weightlifting
• HIIT Training
• Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction
• Nutrition & Weight Management
• Stretch & Mobility
• Sports Performance Enhancement
• Injury Rehabilitation
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I worked with Parmzy for two months, I had very specific needs following a surgery that Parmzy worked diligently to structure a detailed diet and training plan that’s not only enjoyable but has also transformed my lifestyle and proven results in such a short timeframe. Parmzy has been incredibly supportive and flexible in and out of the gym giving me the confidence I never had and I look forward to working with her in the future.
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Parmzy helped me get back into the gym and take my health and nutrition seriously. I would definitely recommend her services to others
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I have been working with Parmzy since March 2024. Having adjusted my eating regimen on the Zoe plan and losing 10 kilos I needed to increase muscle tone and strength through a safe, supervised training programme. I also had specific mobility issues even though I had been very physically fit and active in my younger working years. Approaching my 8th decade I sought a trainer I could trust and empathise with regarding their approach to training both mentally & physically. Parmzy was perfect!

From the outset she instilled great confidence. Her pre- course preparation was extremely thorough including a face-to-face meeting via WhatsApp. This covered medical background, any physical limitations, previous exercise regimen as well as aims, objectives and possible outcomes. I knew I was in experienced hands.

I signed up for the physical training programme, without a personal nutrition plan, but Parmzy continued to show great interest and support for my continuing progress on the Zoe eating plan and its positive impact on my general health.

I have been delighted with the progress achieved under Parmzy’s guidance during the past 3 months. Her dedication to all aspects of teaching, preparation & research is highly professional. She displays great curiosity in extending her knowledge and empathy with all her clients, particularly those with more extreme health issues requiring extra care and encouragement. As a result she has drawn from me quite extraordinary positive results in a safe, caring manner. I couldn’t be more delighted. Her encouragement is never forced and she is acutely aware, at all times, of correct body alignment and posture throughout each exercise.

She has travelled every inch of the way with me in both mind and spirit. I highly recommend Parmzy. Clients will not be disappointed!
Hilary Ball
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I have been working with Parmzy for a few months now. She has been very understanding, kind and helpful! She is considerare of my goals and lifestyle and flexible with her approach. She has really helped me enjoy exercise and I can already see the difference in my fitness levels!
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Every session has been very fun whilst engaging. I have learned a lot from Parmzy about how to reach my goals of losing weight and building muscle. She also gave great advice about dieting and how to deal with prior injuries. I cannot thank her enough and highly recommend anyone looking to surpass their fitness expectations to check her out
Thanks Parmzy
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I had the privilege of working with Parmzy as my personal trainer, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Her dedication and expertise in fitness and nutrition have truly transformed my lifestyle.

Parmzy's approach is multifaceted. She not only helped me adjust my diet but also created training programs that are nothing short of intense, dynamic, and incredibly demanding. What sets her apart is her ability to make every session exciting and far from boring. It's easy to stay motivated when every workout is a challenge you're excited to tackle.

Within just 6 weeks of training with Parmzy, I witnessed remarkable changes in my body. I lost 5 kilograms without feeling like I was depriving myself of the things I enjoy. Parmzy's emphasis on a well-balanced diet, combined with her intense training routines, made this transformation possible.

What truly stands out about Parmzy is her unwavering commitment to her clients. She is right there with you, pushing you to give your all in every exercise. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and it's hard not to feel motivated when working with her. Parmzy not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but also encouraged me to surpass them.

I'm immensely grateful to her for the incredible change in my lifestyle. She's not just a personal trainer; she's a lifestyle changer. If you're looking for a dedicated, results-oriented, and inspiring trainer, she's the one to choose. Thank you, Parmzy, for helping me become a healthier, fitter, and happier version of myself!
Bilal El Amri
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One of the best PTs I’ve ever had, very engaging lessons and specialised workouts based on your fitness goals, with dieting help also there’s not much more I could ask from her she’s everything you need as a PT.
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Great Personal Trainer.
Teaches you proper techniques to get maximum results and shes with you all the way.
She is a superstar
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Fantastic PT.

Anyone wanting to achieve those goals.
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Flexible, welcoming and adaptable
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Great personal trainer
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Parmzy is fantastic PT. She’s got me back into the gym and was able to help me reach my goals in short time.
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Building muscle was essentially for me and now I see changes over 2-4 weeks. I'm happy
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Everything perfect, the staff & the facilities
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She's highly skilled, motivational and knows her stuff. Highly recommended!
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Excellent job!
Very professional, lovely, friendly and skilled 👌
Thank you Parmzy 😊
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Great fun to work in the gym with and very patient.
Parmzy has helped me gain confidence to go back to the gym. I would highly recommend her to everyone, newbies and those that have taken a real and needing motivation to go back to exercising.
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Parmzy lovely person with great knowledge and helps you a lot

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