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Patrice Bromley-Robertson
Patrice Bromley-Robertson
New Barnet Leisure Centre
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Coming from a sporting background, I have always enjoyed teaching, training & competing in different sporting environments.

After graduating with a BSc in Sports Psychology, qualifying as a swimming teacher and having a natural competitive ability, I have found a passion in helping others reach their goals and changing people's mindset towards fitness and making it an enjoyable environment.

With my enthusiasm and bubbly personality, I always bring a smile to the gym and have lots to offer from weight loss, strength training, muscle building, nutrition, women’s health, pre and post natal.

Going above and beyond to help others, I am always here to help.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.
BSc Sports Psychology
Level 3 Personal Training - Focus Fitness
Level 2 Fitness Instructor - Focus Fitness
Level 3 Nutritional Advisor
Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Training and Nutrition
Weight Loss
Muscle Building
Functional Training
Pre & Post Natal
Women's Health
15 Reviews 15 out of 15
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My goal is to fall back in love with the gym, learn good techniques to lose weight, tone and improve upper body strength.

Patrice has been amazing. Always great to see her. Always bright and bubbly! She knows what she is talking about. Learnt so much from my sessions with her. I asked her to proper push me, as I feel I don't push myself enough - she does exactly that.

Thank you Patrice, my inspiration. See you in abit 😜
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Patrice has helped transformed my mindset and body in the matter of months. Her sense of humour and passion for what she does makes each training session enjoyable, I look forward to them! Patrice adjusts each session to your specific needs and helps you hit your goals. I am so happy I found Patrice, I have been a client for over a year and I look forward to future training sessions. I highly recommend :)
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Patrice has been amazing, her patience and compassion with me is something I don’t think I could get from another PT. Patrice has truly transformed my mindset towards training and my approach and relationship with food. Her passion is unmatched and does what she does from the heart and I think her quality in believing in people and not giving up is what makes her unique. Thank you
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Patrice is excellent! She engages with you, ensures you understand the exercise and the plan. She’ definitely keeps me engaged and pushes me just enough to get better and not give up.
She’s amazing 🤩
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I love going to see Patrice. It is testament to her that I have not missed a session other than for illness or holiday since we started in September last year. I never dread the thought of PT with her and 45 minutes flies by. I am stronger and have more muscle mass now than I did 10 years ago. I feel much more confident about using the gym equipment and less intimidated about going on my own to the gym. If you’re looking for a PT who is knowledgeable, patient and endlessly full of fun, Patrice is the one.
Philippa Hart
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I honestly couldn’t recommend Patrice any more highly than I do. She’s simply the best.
As a personal trainer she’s patient, good-humoured, supportive, bubbly, (very) funny, kind and encouraging, but above that she’s just a fantastic person who you look forward to working with.
She’s very skilled at knowing exactly how to push me right to my limits, somehow without ever pushing me too far, so I’m not discouraged for the next session.
She creates a tailor made programme, and mixes up all the exercises and difficulties so it’s always a varied programme. I’ve never felt bored by any of the exercises, and even, shockingly, enjoy some of them now.
For someone who pathologically avoided exercise for 20 years, and was incredibly unfit, I’m now exercising four or five times a week, and feel a bit rubbish if I don’t. If someone had said to me two years ago that I would look forward to personal training sessions, I wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing. So if Patrice can take someone who hated exercise as much as me to the level I’m at now, she can do it with ANYONE.
If you’re a bit scared or daunted by starting down this path, please sign up with Patrice, you won’t regret it!
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Patrice is a great personal trainer who provides varied sessions each week so it’s never boring. Her sessions were definitely challenging (in a good way) and she helped me achieve my goals!
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Patrice is honestly one of the best things that has happened to me! I started my health and fitness journey with her just under 1 year ago and it’s been life changing. She is so supportive, inspiring and motivates me on a daily basis. He energy is incredible and she’s simply a pleasure to be around even when I’m in pain working out- she makes it all worth it. She specifically creates a plan that works for you and has helped me to mould my mind and body into exactly what I want (but had no idea I could achieve) I recommend her to any and everyone because we all need Patrice!
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I feel very fortunate to have found Patrice. I am an unfit overweight woman in her 50’s who lacked confidence to exercise in gyms. Patrice is knowledgable, encouraging, kind with a wicked sense of humour. She is considerate of any injuries and knows ones limits. I can’t recommend her enough.
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Genuinely cannot recommend Patrice enough! She completely changed my attitude towards exercise, and took away the scary aspect of it. Because of her encouraging attitude and wealth of knowledge, I now feel comfortable and confident in the weights section, and completing a workout both with using the machines and with the free weights. Even outside of our PT sessions she was only ever a text away if I needed advice, and would constantly send encouragement my way to get me in to the gym.
Every PT session I had with Patrice featured new exercises to ensure I didn’t get bored, and taught me new skills.
If you’re looking for a PT that’s full of knowledge, fun, and encouragement then Patrice is the perfect PT for you!
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Patrice has got me looking forward to gym sessions. I feel we are getting the perfect balance of progress without suffering. She pushes me but also gives me a break when really needed. Patrice is always patient and conscientious, professional and very personable.
Marc Itzler
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Patrice is a brilliant PT. She's always so bubbly and motivating. Her eating plans and training sessions are personalised to you, so you know you'll get the best results for your own body. No one session is the same, so it really makes the training enjoyable. Highly highly recommend!
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Patrice you are the best Personal Trainer I have ever come across. You are very calm. Very understanding and friendly you have supported me to achieve my goals with your positive attitude towards all your Clent
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Patrice deserves high praise. She is highly skilled and devoted to her clients needs. I am on her PT programme. I was a 60 years plus, slightly overweight female with a poor attitude to fitness. The huge difference she's made, by tailoring her approach to my needs, that's led to mproving my muscle strength and overall mental attitude is remarkable. Her gentle but firm approach is exactly what I needed and I am so much fitter, thanks to her help.
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Patrice definitely scores 5/5. She is very bright and funny and it is a pleasure to have her put me through my paces.
Her sessions are really tough and she does push me to my limits. That said it pays off as my overall strength, fitness and an old back problem have all improved since working with her. I would recommend anyone trying to get fit to sign up with Patrice.
Lisa Coutts

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