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Paula Louise
Paula Louise
York Stadium Leisure Complex
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Hi, I am Paula Louise a passionate Personal Trainer & Fitness class instructor.
I have been running my own fitness business now for over 5 years in local gyms.
I train clients of all different fitness levels & abilities. Helping them to achieve their personal goals.
I also teach a variety of fitness classes which adds a fun variety to my day.
One of the most important things I specialise in is making my PT sessions not only challenging but very much enjoyable, upbeat & fun.
I target my sessions on mostly weight lose, flexibility, strength, coordination & balance.
Being a certain age myself I completely understand the changes our bodies & mind goes through as we become a little older so I can relate with all what comes with it!
Fitness to me is about keeping not only your body fit but your mind to. Being strong inside & out is what fitness is all about.
I am here to motivate & help you along your exciting fitness journey offering personal training to yourself or couples & group training also.
So please feel free to stop me for a chat when you see me around the gym.
Welcome to contact me & any questions happily answered.
Let’s get your fitness journey started & work out together.
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Level 2 Fitness Instructor
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Before training with Paula I had never stepped foot in a gym as I didn’t understand how any of the equipment worked or what would work for my body. After 16 amazing sessions I now feel so confident going to the gym and really enjoy working out there! Paula took into account my fitness goals and showed me endless workouts to do and taught me the correct form. I’ve really enjoyed every session I’ve had and have found it really fun training with Paula because of her bubbly personality! She’s amazing at making working out fun whilst challenging me! Thank you so much Paula, I couldn’t recommend you more!! :)
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Facing peri menopause I have struggled with both weight gain and muscle loss and I have really felt at a loss on how to handle both of these. Working with Paula for the past six months has truly been the start of the most fabulous journey for me. She has taught me so much, and all at a level that I can take in. Our time together has also given me huge confidence in what I can do, which is surprisingly so much more than I expected. Before Paula my gym experience was really limited to cardio, now it is so much more. Painfully more some days, but it is truly a good pain! Working with Paula has given me a program that I can use on my own in the gym, then we can push it even further together when we meet. All our sessions are both fun and tough. She really is fabulous.
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Paula is an amazing personal trainer, she understands her clients very well and identify their strengths and weaknesses in training, and prepare in her mind a development plan (i believe, of course she wouldn’t verbalise her plan with client!). Paula takes her client’s health and fitness goals very seriously and gets them train well that’s fitting to their individual health capacity’s. Paula is very professional in her approach and friendly too, we had few great giggles during training. As much as I complain after every session that Paula has tortured me, so far, I had 8 individual sessions and 8 paired sessions with one another friend. I am about to make a booking for another 8 sessions (It’s all worth it). I am very grateful for Paula at this point of my life where I have to pay attention to my health and fitness, set some goals and work towards them.
I highly recommend Paula for any and all of your fitness goals.
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What can I say, Paula is brilliant!!
At nearly 70 I have been training with Paula over 12 mths. She has seen me through a new hip and all my aches and pains with a smile and relevant exercise!! Nothing is too much.
Barbara Woodliffe
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I've recently finished 12 sessions with Paula and feel so much stronger, confident and healthier. The sessions were hard, but fabulous fun. Paula is so passionate about her work and will give you the best workout. I can't recommend her enough. I'll be booking some more sessions later in the year! Thank you 💪😁
Tracey L
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Paula is a friendly and professional trainer. I have just finished a 12 booking. Paula listens to what your goals are and makes the training fun , achievable and hard. She is extremely supportive and aims to get the best out of you. I would highly recommend having some sessions with Paula.
Susan Pratt
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I have just started my second set of sessions with Paula and I look forward to my session each week! Paula’s knowledge and expertise consistently shine through…. making the gym seem like not too scary a place after all!
Paula is an amazing PT - knowing when to push you and offer the support you need at exactly the right times. Each session is fun and engaging, led perfectly by her motivation and energy. Thank you!
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I have been coming to Paula for about 8 months. Since starting with her my fitness has improved far beyond my expectations. Paula shows an extensive understanding of exercise and fitness activities and has created a programme at my request that does not use machines. This is updated frequently in my logbook.
Paula is always professional in her attitude providing exercises appropriate to my age and ability adding new exercises to maintain my interest in keeping fit.
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I’ve been training with Paula for quite some time now and since starting individual PT sessions my partner now joins me as well. Paula is excellent at motivating us and giving us varied training sessions which keep us engaged. We’ve seen a massive improvement in our fitness levels since training with Paula. She’s got boundless energy and enthusiasm and never makes you feel awkward or self conscious. She makes the sessions fun, albeit painful at times, we always finish every session pleased with our achievements
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I have been going to Paula's HIIT and Rebounder classes for about a year. Her endless energy is infectious and exercise has become great fun!
I did however lack confidence in the gym and avoided going. Having completed some PT sessions with Paula I have a new found love of the gym and my anxieties have disappeared.
Paula is very professional, she tailors a programme around you and provides encouragement every step of the way.
The progress I have made in a short space of time has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Paula 😊
Karen P
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I started PT with Paula because I was enjoying exercise classes but they were only getting me so far. I needed something to practise in between classes that was tailored to my needs. Paula taught me how to exercise without hurting my knees by providing alternative exercises and by teaching me the correct technique. I am now getting more out of my exercise classes and I have the confidence to know what to do in the gym between classes. Paula has the perfect combination of approachability and motivation and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about doing some PT. I really wasn’t sure if it was for me and I am very happy to be proved wrong!
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I found I was doing the same routines in the gym and didn’t feel as if I was getting any benefit from them so booked 8 sessions with Paula. She tailored every session to get the best out of me. Paula made every session enjoyable but knew. Thanks to Paula I now a comprehensive set of exercises and routines I use during my sessions in the gym. I won’t hesitate to book other sessions with Paula if I feel I need to refresh any of my exercises.
Even though my sessions have been hard work I have enjoyed them and will recommend Paula to anyone thinking of using a personal trainer.
Steven Ball
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I have just done 12 weeks of sessions with Paula,
I have complex medical and mobility issues, she has been patient, kind, encouraging, always so happy to see me and found different ways around things for me, made things interesting, but most of all she has worked absolute wonders with my physical strength and given me the confidence to carry on.I can do things I never thought possible a few months ago, she really is amazing.
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I started to train with Paula online since Covid and when she stopped the online classes I had decided to join her on PT sessions in Jan 2023 until Sep 2023.
Paula is one of a kind. Her energetic and the positive outlook are addictive.
In each hour of the training, she ensured that you are working towards your goals. The workout were always changing and never become boring. She ensured that my form was correct and always gave me a challenge to become better. She noted every workout and progress so I could use the program to workout on my own as well.
Thanks Paula for the wonderful sessions you had given me. You have transformed me mentally and physically.
Definitely 10 stars from me.
Vicky Hudson
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I contacted Paula after years of going to the gym on and off with no real motivation or idea what to do at the gym and easily gave up. I finally decided it might be worth trying a PT as it is something I’ve never done before. Choosing to have PT with Paula is one of the best things I’ve ever done! I feel more confident to go to the gym and know what to do now. I’m getting stronger and feel much more confident about myself. She also does a little book for you to write down programmes so that when you go train by yourself, you remember what to do! Paula is lovely and made me feel at ease. She also runs classes which are so much fun as well, so will still be going to re bounder 😁 Thanks Paula!
Katrina York
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After my 6 sessions with Paula, I felt amazing. She helped me with my confidence in the gym after a 3 year break and taught me some useful routines to use on my own. Her sessions were always different and fun and always made me sweat like I’ve never sweated before! I also really enjoy Paula’s classes and loved doing them in addition to our sessions. Paula is super motivating and friendly and I would thoroughly recommend her.
Natalie D
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I had 8 sessions with Paula to gain further knowledge about weight bearing exercises in the gym. Paula gives her undivided attention and encouragement throughout each session. I now feel more confident and equipped to challenge myself. I enjoyed engaging with Paula and would recommend her to anyone looking to make the gym a more positive experience for themselves.
Jane Douglas
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I have had the pleasure of being personally trained by Paula for 8 weeks. I would highly recommend her to any member who wishes to learn, train hard and gain confidence in the gym. My fitness levels have altered immensely during that period and I have achieved exercises I never thought I could. Her personality makes it fun and enjoyable. I will definitely have some more sessions. In Arnie's words, "I'll be back." Thank u lovely lady.
Alison Hopwood
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Paula is such an energetic, supportive and motivating PT. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions, which have given me the confidence to leave the safety of classes and train in the gym - on my own!
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I can 100% recommend Paula for PT sessions.
She has been brilliant at planning a variety of sessions for all areas of the gym.
As a woman of a certain age I knew I needed to incorporate weights into my weekly routine and didn’t know where to start and Paula structured everything accordingly. Pushed me harder than I thought I was able. She is very knowledgeable and great fun. Bubbly, energetic and look forward to signing up to more sessions in the future. Thank you Paula xx
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I had known Paula from classes and decided with my friend Jayne to have some PT sessions
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Paula researched it and gave me a suitable training programme with slight changes for me and Jayne
We’ve loved our sessions in the gym and have learnt a lot and got a great plan for going forward
It gives me lots of alternatives to classes only
I would highly recommend Paula for some fun Motivating PT sessions
Thanks 😊
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I would highly recommend Paula as a PT. Before our sessions with Paula, I only did classes, never venturing into the gym! I decided to share my PT sessions with my friend, Paula took into account our different abilities and created an enjoyable workout for us both. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions and have a reason now to go into the gym. Thank you Paula x
Jayne Batt
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I started training with Paula to recover from a serious motorbike accident.
Paula’s knowledge and expertise has been second to none. She has researched different exercises for me to be able to do, as I was limited in my movements when I first started.
I am now a year on since I started with Paula and my recovery has been much better than expected and that is a direct result to Paula’s motivation and enthusiasm, that she brings to every session, which has made my training great fun.
I would recommend anyone to choose Paula if you want to get fit and have a good laugh and fun whilst doing it.
Dave Horn
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I started PT sessions with Paula to try and improve my mobility. I have disc and knee problems and advised to strengthen my core and the muscles that support my knee. I struggled to do the exercise needed at home that the physios gave me so thought a personal trainer might motivate me. Paula was amazing. She is enthusiastic and encouraging and she has me doing exercises that I never thought I would ever be able to do. Her sessions are fun and varied. The sessions with Paula have changed my life. My mobility improved after the third session and I can do everyday things so much easier.
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Paula is super knowledgeable, motivating and supportive. She has a lovely bright personality which makes the sessions fun. You feel the progress in building strength week to week and she keeps things interesting and challenging. I have learnt so much! I used to only do classes but now prefer and feel confident working out in the main gym. Thank you Paula!
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I have booked 8 PT sessions with Paula and I am really enjoying them. My aim is to use the gym (rather than classes) and Paula has taught me how to use the gym equipment safely and to my ability. Paula is friendly and very supportive - I would highly recommend her!
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Having known Paula through classes, I decided to try her as my PT as I really gel with her fun and bubbly approach to fitness. Paula has taken the time to get to know me and she pushes me in the right direction with kindness, laughter and care. I love my PT sessions and I would highly recommend Paula!!
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After going to Paula’s fitness classes since last year, me and my friend decided to do one to one PT sessions with her I can honestly say i’ve never sweated so much or pushed myself so hard in the gym before. Paula is absolutely lovely, gets involved and a bloody good motivator. If you are looking for a PT in York she’s woman for you🤍
Laura Jacques
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I really enjoy my PT sessions with Paula, she makes training really good fun, she is encouraging while pushing me to work harder and achieve what I thought I’d not be able to do. When I started training with Paula I had not been to a gym in 20 years and now along side my PT sessions I go to the gym 2-3 times a week as well as swimming. I Would highly recommend Paula she’s a great PT.
Trudi Black
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I started with Paula last summer and she definitely keeps it fun! I've learnt a lot of new exercises and am never going to be a fan of cardio but have learnt to enjoy it more than I thought I would!
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I would highly recommend Paula, she’s a fantastic trainer. So passionate about her job! She’s super energetic and bubbly which makes those training sessions so much more fun!
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Highly recommend Paula! Can definitely see an improvement in my fitness level. She is very motivating and always provides a fun challenging session.
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What can I say, this woman has changed the way I view fitness and exercise!! I have been doing gym classes for years and years, and although I thoroughly enjoy classes, I wasn't really achieving the results I wanted. Within just TWO sessions with Paula, I noticed a complete difference in my body... Paula showed me I could target specific areas of my body easily with specific exercises. I get so much more from my classes now I am more confident with my technique, and I'm no longer scared to use machines/ weights in the gym by myself. I will continue to train with Paula alongside doing my classes. We don't call her 'pocket rocket Paula' for nothing.... she is everything you could want in a PT
Amy Walmsley
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I came to Paula when I felt my least motivated, unhappy with how I looked, uncomfortable in myself and not feeling very confident. Paula has quite literally turned my world around and I genuinely think I would feel a little lost without her in my life. She has infectious energy, endless positivity, great knowledge and above all, she is absolutely fantastic at what she does. I can now say I feel so much more confident in myself, I am smashing my goals and weekly targets and I really enjoy my workouts now. If you’re thinking of getting some PT sessions in with Paula, just do it. I couldn’t recommend her more. She is kind, patient, motivating and makes working out fun (something I never thought I would say!) Thank you Paula, you are totally amazing.
Steph Loseby
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Paula is fabulous!! I was very nervous contacting a PT and did not know what to expect. Paula was so supportive and kind and instantly put me at ease. Her energy is infectious and she has given me the confidence and skills to continue my fitness journey. Couldn’t recommend her more!
Sarah W
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I had been attending classes but not really getting the results I wanted to achieve and had enjoyed doing Paula's classed so decided to take the plunge to do p/t sessions and is honestly the best desicion I have made!
We have made more progress together than I anticipated and really enjoy the sessions together. Paula is super supportive in-between sessions too and would 120% recommend doing sessions with her 😀
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I had 8 sessions with Paula to boost my confidence in the gym. She was an amazing PT and gave me the confidence I was looking for, she educated me on how to use all of the equipment and always pushed me to my limits! Very friendly and enjoyable sessions, highly recommend.
Betsan Williams

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