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Peter van der Heever
Peter van der Heever
Pelhams Leisure Centre
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Coming from a background of road running, open water swimming and other sports, this has given me a good base to understand the difficulties in achieving one’s goals. I understand the importance of working closely with my clients to make their exercising journey progressive and pleasurable, and this is my approach to getting great results. I am passionate about helping people to achieve their goals, whether that be weight loss, to build muscle and tone their bodies or to become a healthier version of themselves. I believe that with healthy eating and the correct meals, with an active lifestyle and a good training schedule, everyone can reach their full potential.

It is important for me to understand my client’s challenges and goals while we work together in 1 to 1 personal training sessions, to assist you in getting the results required. With my passion for a healthy lifestyle and my tailored approach to stability and technique, I will give you the confidence needed in your health and fitness journey.

If you are looking for training, to improve your health, or as a total beginner to gym, or a restarter in the gym, or even to lose some weight or perhaps a new approach to achieve your goals, contact me about a consultation, so we can discuss how best to achieve this. I look forward to assisting you on your journey.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 2 Swimming Teacher
Diploma in Weight Loss
Diploma in Eating Disorders
Certificate in Nutrition
Suspension Straps Certificate
General Fitness
Weight Loss
Exercise Technique
Strength Training
Suspension Training
Personalised Program
Nutritional Advice
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I am thrilled to share my experience with my incredible trainer - Peter. His expert guidance has been instrumental in transforming my approach to fitness. The personalized training program not only taught me the correct ways of working out but also made the entire process enjoyable. His patience and friendliness created a supportive environment, making each session a positive experience. What I truly appreciate is his ability to challenge me, pushing me to learn and grow in the best possible way. I can confidently say that I've gained not just physical strength but also a newfound enthusiasm for my fitness journey, all thanks to Peter.
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I cannot express my sincere gratitude
for an amazing personal Trainer.
I started my journey six months ago with no experience of how or what to do at the gym .Peter has not only transformed me physically he has given me the confidence and the knowledge to take forward my journey alone .Peter has an amazing gift he has the ability to really understand what his client needs physically and mentally. With out a doubt I could not have achieved any of my goals without this man. Peter has truly been an inspirational outstanding trainer and will sadly be missed .
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I have been training with Peter for just over a year now and it is the first time in my life I have committed to and stuck to any kind of exercise.
From the beginning he has made my training achievable and fun, he encourages but does not let me get away with ‘half measures’ and he recognises where my weaknesses and strengths lie.
Each session is varied and I am building in strength and fitness gradually, I enjoy my sessions and look forward to each work out.

I love the variety of exercises and how incrementally they change to acknowledge my increase strength and fitness.
I love Peters patience and the fact he makes me believe I can do it and I really appreciate his flexibility when I have to change dates/times.

Since I started training I have noticed so many positive changes in my health and fitness and I am so glad I made the decision and commitment to my fitness, I know I would not have continued in this journey with out such an amazing trainer who makes every workout fun and worthwhile.

Thank you, Peter, for helping me to be a fitter version of myself. 😊
Finola Sullivan
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I would highly recommend Peter as a personal trainer. He takes time to listen to any concerns you may have and takes on board your overall goals.

Peter explains exercises fully, telling you what muscles are being worked and the correct way to use any equipment.

Peter is professional, friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
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Peter is the best!!
I had been with Peter for half year, he is super knowledgeable on every aspect on workout postures, safety, workout schedule, even on food nutrition. I once had a lot of misunderstanding on these topics because I perceive all these information from YouTube... and I always thought I had a lot of knowledge. But then when I met Peter, who has been keep on studying different courses to get the up-to-date information, I just realised how wrong I was! Every session with Peter was very enjoyable and no matter what stupid questions I asked Peter, he always has the patience to answer me, with scientific support (not just simply saying other people are all wrong).
Peter was very willing to update my workout schedule from time to time, when my priorities changes (if I want to stay fit or train the muscle up for snowboarding), or when he saw I had difficulties on doing certain workout. Some workouts seem so basic and useless, but Peter has a reason to arrange in that way, and he is willing to explain the “why”.
When it comes to the end of my training sessions after half year, Peter also made sure that I am able to independently train myself safely – this is one of the best accomplishments I have had 😊.
I highly recommend you start some trainings with Peter, and you’ll know!
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Pete is a great guy knows his stuff and I lost 3 st training with him. He gave me a food plan to follow and also gave me a training plan when I wasn’t training with him. I would highly recommend him if your goals are to lose weight and tone up.

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