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Raul Llumiquinga
Raul Llumiquinga
Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre
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My name is Raul. My passion for sports and fitness started at a young age, with my involvement in football, basketball and martial arts. This made me understand the importance of exercise and optimum nutrition which ultimately will improve one's health and lifestyle.
With the knowledge acquired throughout the years, I have helped many people of all ages and of all fitness levels to achieve their goals.

My sole purpose is to guide you towards a healthier and more active lifestyle by designing specific workout plans and by providing nutritional advice.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Group Cycle Instructor
Junior Gym Instructor
First Aid Qualified
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Nutritional Advice and Programmes
Functional Movement
MMA Training
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Raul Llumiquinga is an exceptional personal trainer. His passion for sports and fitness is evident, and he understands the importance of exercise and nutrition for improving overall health and lifestyle. Raul's commitment to my fitness journey has been remarkable. He customizes workout plans and provides nutritional advice tailored specifically to my goals and needs. Under his guidance, I've experienced significant physical improvements and developed a newfound passion for fitness. Raul's adaptability during challenging times, has been shown through his dedication to helping me stay on track. His extensive knowledge, effective training routines, and positive impact on my fitness journey have made a significant difference. If you're looking for a personal trainer who is knowledgeable, motivating, and supportive, Raul Llumiquinga is an excellent choice.
Ben Whittaker
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Before I started working with Raul, I dreaded going to the gym. It felt like a chore, I hadn't been happy with the way I looked in 10 years and I lacked motivation to stay consistent with my workouts. However, Raul completely transformed my outlook on fitness.

Raul not only knows the ins and outs of exercise and nutrition, (he's a true fitness enthusiast and knows more exercises than I thought possibly existed), he understands how to keep sessions challenging but motivating. He took the time to understand my goals, limitations, and even my hesitations about the gym.

Under Raul's guidance, I've not only seen incredible physical improvements, but I've also developed a newfound passion for fitness something I thought impossible previously.

Raul is a game-changer!
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I have been training for a while and was in pretty good shape before the first lockdown started and like most people, lockdown really set me back and took me away from fitness all together. I started training with Raul just after the first lockdown was lifted and within that time i spent training with Raul I became stronger than I’ve ever been, putting on size and burning fat all at the same time. Raul supplied me with a meal plan Catered to me and my goals alongside excellent training in and out of the gym. I work in Securuty and do crazy 12 hour day and night shifts back to back and Raul managed to help me stay motivated and keep on track with my goals. Raul in an excellent PT with alot of knowledge and an awesome guy I highly recommend training with him if you are considering training with a PT.
Corey Laurent
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Raul and I started training just before lockdown and I was loving our sessions. So much knowledge and perfectly suited to my level of fitness. When lockdown started he suggested we workout in the park and he was so able to adapt, I even asked if I could bring some of my own bands so he could show me how to do more things at home and he incorporated it into our workouts which was amazing. The restrictions got more severe and we couldn’t meet but knowing I still had some sessions left after the restrictions would lift made me so motivated to try at home and I would try and repeat some of the things I learnt from him and it worked! I would have been lost otherwise! When we met after lockdown we continued but he made me stronger and made me feel it was okay to go Into the section of the gym with all the strong men and not to feel self conscious at the gym! I am now the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my skin and I’m sure I will look great in my wedding dress (which I wasn’t so sure of before!)
He’s also a very kind person and I like to think we’ve become friends.
Thanks for everything Raul!

I also want to add I now go to the gym for pleasure rather than a chore and that is HUGE!
Harry (Harriet) Reeves
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What can I say, Raul is simply the best PT I have had, period! His commitment and dedication to ensuring you meet your goals and aims means that you will definitely get there! Raul is very passionate about fitness and training and it shows in his vast knowledge and training routines. I benefit daily from his expertise and train with him at least twice a week. He is a rare gem so if you can get a slot with him, you will not regret it! I really cannot rate Raul high enough! Train with him and you will understand what I mean and you will see why all the reviews here simply rave about him!
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I have been going to the gym for many many years, however when I trained with Raul for just under a year thats when I started seeing the best results. In a short amount of time with our consistent work out and plans, he helped me tone up, increase strength, go from 27% body fat to 22% and most importantly helped me with my confidence. He has pushed me mentally and physically and made me realise I’m much stronger than I think, and for that I will always be grateful. Professional, knowledgeable (and just a really down to earth guy!), I highly recommend Raul as PT and fitness coach.
Sonia Khaliq
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Getting back on track with exercise it was quite hard but that changed when I met personal trainer Raul. A very professional and experience Personal Trainer. I look forward going back to the gym because exercise is not boring anymore.Highly recommend
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As someone who wasn’t new to the gym, I felt that I needed extra motivation and a new workout structure to push myself past my comfort zone. I trained with Raul for a few months, during which I managed to tone my body and build muscle. He was very helpful and motivated me to change my approach to a healthy lifestyle. Would definetly recommend him as a trainer if you’re looking to make a positive change.
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When I joined the gym, I had no clue what to do but I wanted to lose weight and get healthier. I decided to train with Raul and I lost 15kg with him in the space of a few months. He designed a diet plan that worked, and even when I stopped training with him I gained valuable knowledge from the time period which allowed me to lose 8kg more. He motivates you to train hard and together we achieved brilliant results that changed my life. Would recommend him to anyone, no matter what your end goal is.
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I first visited Raul over a year ago with a shoulder problem. We discussed a plan of action and Raul was brilliant in helping me to recover from my injury and maintain my success. We now work together to keep me healthy and balanced. As someone who was not a keen "gym" person, Raul has encouraged me all the way and I am so happy with the results. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Yvonne Nazareth
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Brilliant trainer. Extremely knowledgeable, plans perfectly pitched and highly varied sessions, manages to quickly work out which buttons to push to keep the motivation high, and is completely invested in seeing you progress. Most importantly, a friendly and engaging man who makes the whole experience fun, even when it really hurts.
Mark Riddaway
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I had the chance to train with Raul, last summer.
He is an expert PT able to focul on guiding you to rich your goals. He does it through the wide experience he has in various fields such as: nutrition, muscel gain, weight loss, conditioning ect.

On the personal side, he always shown a professional and friendly approach pushing to achieve always more within the personal best. He has been a great support during my fitness journey and I would highly recommend to anyone from very beginners to advanced athletes that need that extra push!

Rha Stranges
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After a few months of struggling at the gym to lose fat in order to become stronger and fitter, I decided to hire Raul. He made me completely change the way I see exercise and helped me change my lifestyle in order to help me achieve my goals. With his help, I was able to lose the fat without feeling like I was dieting - simply by having him help me eat healthily. I never enjoyed exercising, yet somehow now I'm in love with it, and I'm the "fit, gym girl" amongst my friends. After 9 months of training, I've not only lost nearly 7kg of fat, but also gained 2kg of muscle thanks to his great approach to training and nutrition (Body fat % down from 29.3% to 22.2%). I couldn't have done it without him. Efficient training together with the change in my nutrition is getting me closer and closer to my desired six-pack.
Raul made me realise that losing fat isn't about dieting - it's about consistency and change of lifestyle.
I now eat more than before, yet I'm still somehow losing weight due to the increase in my muscle mass.
I'd recommend hiring Raul to anyone who is serious about improving their life through exercise and better nutrition.

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