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Ray Shakesheff
Ray Shakesheff
Ledbury Swimming Pool
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Hey, I've officially been a Personal Trainer for the last 10 years! Wowzaaa how time fly’s!

My own experiences when I was younger, aged 18 - 25yrs was restrictive eating, over-exercising, and poor self-esteem. I didn't know any better then, I thought this would give me the body image I had in my mind with no guidance and no help from anyone. Oh, how wrong I was, If only I knew what I know now!

So I became a Personal Trainer, I could help people take the right steps towards being happier, healthier, and more comfortable in their own skin. I could help people look and feel good – regular exercise boosts energy and confidence so the role is as much about helping people's minds as it is their bodies.

Seeing the progress that people make from the start of their own fitness journey is so satisfying and rewarding. Honestly, nothing beats that feeling and for me, it's the number one reason why I love being a Personal Trainer.

I can help you figure out if your goals are realistic. Program your sessions to include cardio, weight training, and flexibility training. Help you stay motivated: Knowing you have an appointment with me will help you maintain motivation to exercise during the week. Push you a little harder: People often don't see results because they're not working as hard as they could.

Even if your goal is to create your own workouts and exercise by yourself, hiring me for a few sessions will benefit you greatly. This is especially true if you're new to strength training or weight loss. Not only offering 1 to 1 but also Group Personal Training.
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Weight Management Certification
Level 1 Weight Lifting
Precision Nutrition Level 1
TRX Certification
Weight Loss
Weight Lifting and Olympic Lifts
Muscle and Strength Gain
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I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Ray. I decided I needed to improve my strength to combat/delay age related muscle weakness. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and week by week has taken me through exercises to achieve my goals. He is always supportive and encouraging and has helped me to understand what I need to do and how to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend him.
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I have been seeing Ray for PT for over 12 months now . Initially only booked 10 sessions. 🤣
Ray has help me with injuries, both damaged knee and more recently a torn Achilles. He has shown me alternative ways to excercise but also supported my physio in strengthening muscle groups to support damaged areas .
Fitness is a big thing for my mental health and well being so Ray has absolutely brought me through this .
Menopause has also taken its toll in recent months and I would reach out to any woman that is struggling as Ray can give you the support to bring back your sanity . We have worked on weights and talked lots about diet .
I really can’t recommend Ray enough.
Tracey Bentley
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Am rapidly approaching 70 and signed up with Ray for a weekly session a few months ago. My fitness and energy levels have improved. One of my goals is to swim 5k in the Swimathon next year and this combined with a stroke improvement class is making a big difference. My swimming has noticably benefitted. Ray makes the sessions fun (even the hard bits), and carefully work round any minor injuries.
Steve Dawes
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I initially booked in for 10 sessions with Ray in a hope to get me back into fitness and to show me how to use weights effectively.

I get so much out of the PT sessions that a year and a half later I'm still going and continuing to learn and push myself every single week.

I'm much fitter, stronger and happier than when I first started!
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Ray is an absolute fantastic trainer. He is very engaging, makes working out work for you and tailors it for what you are looking for. Would highly recommend.
Milly hh
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I’ve been working with Ray for the last four months and can really feel the benefits, so much so that I’ve booked in for more. I’m 64 and have had real problems with a shoulder injury for years. Ray has been able to help me work on the injury, as well as general strength training, over the last few months. He challenges me enough to feel the difference but not so much to aggravate the injury. I feel stronger, fitter and more confident about continuing my own training. So I would highly recommend Ray to help anyone achieve their fitness and health goals.
Tim Bray
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Ray constructed me a personal programme of exercise to assist with my recovery from surgery. Exercises were varied at each session I had and my fitness not only recovered but reached one of the highest levels it has ever been after just 10 sessions. I would highly recommend Ray.
Hilary Leman
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I decided to approach Ray, as I am nearing 40, and have an at times physically demanding job as a Paramedic in the Ambulance Service. Recently I felt I had lost the generally good level of fitness I had kept and had become demotivated with the gym doing the same routine and seeing no progress. I have been having 2 weekly PT sessions with Ray now for 3 months, in this time I have gained strength and muscle tone, and am alot happier with my physique. Ray has also focused my mind around calorie intake using an app, this has helped me lose weight and body fat in a controlled way. At work now, I have more energy and find carrying equipment and lifting and handling patients a lot easier. Ray's sessions are always enjoyable and he engages well with me as a client, finding new ways to test me and move on to my next goals with lots of encouragement. I would highly recommend Ray to any one who is considering improving their fitness and making positive life changes.
Gareth Turner

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