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Becky Arnold
Becky Arnold
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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When I first joined a gym, I stuck to the cardio machines because I was intimidated by the weights section. However after a while, I realised that endless running wasn’t actually getting me the results I was looking for - I overcame my fear and began lifting, since then I’ve never looked back! I fell in love with the process of getting stronger and seeing my physique develop, and it brings me so much happiness to help my clients enjoy the journey too.

I have spent the last 5 years navigating the common myths and misinformation within the fitness industry, I understand that it can be overwhelming and frustrating when you’re not sure who to trust. This is why I always aim to further my knowledge and educate my clients as I guide them towards their goals.

I’ve also found that the best and longest lasting results come when you’re not solely focused on how your body looks, but also how your body can perform and how you feel within yourself. I’ve worked with clients who have had varying goals; from fat loss to muscle gain and everything in between, but I always ensure that the results we achieve are sustainable and repeatable.

Let’s work together to create a programme you’ll love, one that fits around your lifestyle and gets you to your goals as efficiently as possible. Come and say hi in the gym or email me and we can set up a chat!
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Pre and Postnatal
Fuelling Physical Activity
Strength training and muscle building
Fat loss
Body recomposition
Lifestyle improvement
Pre and postnatal
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I worked with Becky for one year and can feel such a difference both physically and mentally, (with my relationship with my body). When we started, my goals were fat loss and muscle gain. What I really appreciated was how hands on she was with my nutrition as well, which is an aspect of my fitness that I really needed help with. Her leg days are my favourite (they're really hard!!), and she's always got such a positive perspective on training, and has helped me so much with my body image. Lots of love for Becky!!
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Becky has been brilliant. I’ve worked with her for a few months and love her easy going nature combined with just enough push to get me achieving more. She’s never judgy and has been incredibly accommodating around my sometimes annoying schedule. She’s warm, understanding, really listens and gently pushes to help you achieve your goals. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Becky!!
Kaveh Rahnama
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Becky is an amazing personal trainer who has greatly improved my strength and confidence at the gym! She has a positive and thoughtful approach and always pushes me to do my absolute best. I would recommend Becky to anyone looking for a PT who is knowledgable and enthusiastic about what they do
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I’m so glad I found Becky.
I’ve wanted to start strength training for some months now but didn’t feel confident about using gym equipment or work out routines.
Since training with Becky over the past few months I’ve grown in both strength and confidence, she explains exercises clearly and patiently but also pushes me to give 110%.

Couldn’t recommend Becky enough!
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Becky has been an exceptional trainer who helped me to achieve my fitness goals. Thanks to her, I have made remarkable progress. Her personalised approach to training, tailored to my specific needs, has been instrumental in surpassing my own expectations. Every session is infused with enthusiasm and positivity, making the workout even more enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Becky to anyone seeking a highly knowledgeable and passionate trainer dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals.
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I’ve been working with Becky for a few months and I’m really pleased with my progress. I was a complete beginner to strength training and nervous about my competence and the equipment. Becky’s approach has been really thoughtful, she has helped me to push myself and meet some early goals whilst working at my pace. I enjoy my sessions and feel more and more confident each week.

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