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Rhys Colrein
Rhys Colrein
Hough End Leisure Centre
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Hi, my name is Rhys and I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer with a huge passion for Fitness.
I’ve been competing in sports all my life and along with this I also have a massive interest in healthy nutrition and balanced diets.
If you want different result tomorrow, you need to push harder today. The power to sculpt our bodies, in any way that we choose, is within us; we just have to decide to take that first step.

Given the opportunity, I will make it my mission to provide you the motivation and training needed to help you every step of the way.
Together, we will achieve your goals so you can be the very best possible you.

I have experienced both fat loss and muscle building during my own fitness journey.
Level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing
Level 3 diploma in Personal Training
Level 2 Massage Therapist
Weight loss
Weight management
Strength training
Cardio training
Muscle tone
Body Recomposition
Health and well-being coach.
Sports training
11 Reviews 11 out of 11
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Started training with Rhys 3 months ago and this was one of the best decisions I ever made: Got fantastic results, and most importantly the mindset, the knowhow, and the motivation to keep fit, for life. My physical condition has never been better. Can’t recommend highly enough, Rhys is just… awesome! Thank you, Rhys.
Nik Konstantinou
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I have been working hard with Ryhs for the past 5 months.It's been a transformative experience, love it!
Rarely hate it lol.

Rhys is a great motivator, he is super knowledgeable about rehab of a life time of niggling injuries. He is patient, relaxed and firm as per my needs, I feel 10yrs younger. Happy days!
Jackie wilcox
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I started training with Rhys last year, having tried for a lot of my life to lose weight alone I was always I consistent and struggled. However since I've had Rhys he's helped me so much in not only losing weight and gaining muscle but helping me achieve consistency and truly enjoying working on my health. He's more than just a PT he's literally also a friend we always have a laugh during our sessions and he always pushes me to be my best and will always answer my calls to give me any advice no matter what time of day it is. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about trying to improve their health he is knowledgeable, friendly and always has your best interests in mind.
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I have been working hard with Ryhs for 4 months. He's Marvolus. Diet advice spot on.
Problem joints, flexibility, improving posture, Miracle worker! Encouragement and motivation, nice balance.
I had planned to have a PT for maybe 8 sessions. Can't see me stopping now.
Jackie Wilcox
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I am so pleased to be working with Rhys. I know exactly what I'm meant to be doing when I head to the gym so am motivated to go, and Rhys plans different exercises for our sessions in pursuit of my goals.
I decided to work with Rhys after I saw another review regarding disabilities and am so impressed with his suggestions and care around the approach we take. My physio told me to tell Rhys how pleased they are with my progress too!
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I came to the gym hoping I'd be able to figure it all out on my own! Coming from a sports background I thought it'd be easy. I soon reached out to Rhys to help me create a program that enthused me and that I could stick to. Rhys has been excellent in considering that I want to gain general strength but keep focus on exercises that will encourage the sports I already do. He is extremely easy to get on with, supporting and creates an environment free from unwanted pressure. I would highly recommend Rhys.
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Due to having a disability am unable to do alot off physical work, however I needed fitness to help with with my mental health, rhys as managed to help me with this by helping me with a meal plan that helps me with my weight, a training programme that's not to much for me but helps me feel better mentally which is Fanstatic, am so pleased that I met Rhys, he's been able to help me in so many areas and doesn't judge even on my bad days!
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Just started training with Rhys and I am more than happy with how it's going. I am a woman of a mature age and was unsure about how I would gel with a younger Personal Trainer. However, I didn't need to worry because when we started I felt at ease with Rhys and he is helping me achieve my goals. I was interested in losing a bit of weight and gaining some fitness and it is all going well.
Rita O
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I needed to lose weight for a special occasion and I was finding it hard until, I was introduced to rhys, he made it alot easier for me by setting me a manageable diet plan and a training programme that wasn't only manageable but easy to follow and stick to. My sessions with rhys by me in the gym also helped me as he makes me feel comfortable about the gym and gives me the confidence I lack when attending the gym, which I have now found.
Rhys thank you so much.
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Rhys has been a tremendous help to me in my quest to become fitter. Age had led me to becoming overweight and unfit and so I decided to try a Personal Trainer to improve my condition. Rhys set up a program of exercise and dieting that is working well. I have already started to lose weight and my gym sessions with Rhys are now showing results in my fitness and strength.
Dave Parkes
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I wasn't very confident and was introduced to Rhys to be my Personal Trainer. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable. He devised a fitness plan in the gym which is going well and I can already see the positive results. Thank you Rhys.
Diane Marie

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