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Romina Di Sacco
Romina Di Sacco
Lee Valley VeloPark
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Romina is a qualified personal trainer with strength and conditioning, core, circuit and clinical nutrition's specialisations.

She works closely with clients to understand any factors which may prevent them from progressing.

Dietary guidance, practical health and cooking tips (the Mediterranean diet being part of her Italian DNA), as well as making a realistic and achievable plan are at the front line of her approach.

Clients results should be long lasting, as Romina passes on valuable Fitness For Life's skills.

Romina firmly believes in a balanced approach in training and lifestyle. Training-wise clients are offered a mixture of hard and soft forms of functional training where appropriate.

Romina is a state-certified personal trainer.
Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (REPs / YMCA)
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (REPs / YMCA)
Strength and Conditioning
Circuit Training
Core Strength and Stability
Clinical Nutrition
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Romy is an amazing personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone! She is so motivating and encouraging and always convinces you that you can do more than you think. She has helped me improve my confidence, my technique and my overall fitness levels. I always look forward to a session with Romy as I know I will leave the gym in a much better mood than when I went in, she is a great trainer and such a fun and happy person to be around, I couldn’t recommend her more.
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Romy is a brilliant trainer, she makes every training session unique and fun, is a great motivator and very encouraging. I could definitely notice my technique getting better and feeling stronger. She is also great fun to hang out with and the sessions go very fast. Would definitely recommend!
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I have been training with Romina for 3 years now and I can honestly say I am a different person as a result.
When I first started with Romina I had never lifted weights. I was too scared to use free weights, or to attempt to use most of the equipment available in gyms - I only ever did cardio. I didn’t enjoy exercise and couldn’t get my body to look how I wanted it to. I now love lifting heavy weights and do it most weeks!
Working with Romina has been such a great pleasure. She is kind, funny, super energetic, patient and inspiring. She pushes me to achieve things I never thought I could, whilst always being supportive. I feel fully comfortable to discuss any issues or doubts I’m having about my training. She has great knowledge and experience and is great at tailoring training to meet your goals.
I cannot recommend training with Romina enough - she makes me look forward to going to the gym.
Ellen Pearson
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I never even considered working with a personal trainer until recently when I realised how important it was to maintain muscle strength and flexibility as you get older. I didn't have the self-discipline to do that on my own. I looked for a trainer who I could work with and who I hoped would be able to work with me.

I wanted someone who was both well qualified and experienced and when I met Romina, I knew I had found that person. After an initial assessment, Romina has planned a programme which each week pushes me a bit more. She is an excellent trainer- patient, professional and a good listener. Romina loves fitness - all types of fitness - and it comes across in her sessions.

I'm not looking to be able to lift heavy weights or run 5k before breakfast, but I believe everyone could benefit from strengthening their muscles and bones to prevent injuries and a regular programme of activity. Obviously even more important as you get older, or you live a very sedentary life in front of a screen.

I recommend that Romina could be the person to help you with this. Get in contact with her and you will not regret it.
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Romy is amazing, she’s been training me for a few months and I’ve already signed up for more sessions. She’s very patient with me, and helps me so much with my confidence and gym goals. Highly recommend her, she’s the best!
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Romina is super Personal Trainer. Since I have started to train with her I never felt disappointed, she understand what are the goals you want to achieve and makes it happen.
She pushes you hard to the limits in each session but making it fun and enjoyable in the same time!
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Romina is an amazing personal trainer. I’ve been training with her for about a year and she keeps coming up with new ways to challenge me. She does a great job tracking my progress and encouraging me to give 100% during every session. Beyond that, she’s such a lovely person! Romina is caring, friendly and so much fun to train with.
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I have been training with Romina for the past 2 years. She is very professional and super friendly at the same time. For who struggle commit to gym, she does make you want to go and create a very good atmosphere. Simply tell her what results you want to achieve, and she will help you to find the best plan for you. She will push you and correct you and sometimes she will train with you also to go the extra mile. Whatever your goals are, you will come out from these session much stronger and also you will be more confident using the machines and know the right exercise right for you.
I really recommend Romina, she is incredible!
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Romina really helps you understand the value of what you’re doing. I began feeling confident in the gym alone, understanding what to do and how to train myself. You don’t feel intimidated and she’s always happy to answer questions and push yourself !
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Last year I decided that I wanted to get fit and incorporate regular exercise into my daily routine, but I was anxious about going to the gym alone and using all the scary equipment!! From the initial consultation I had with Romina, she immediately put me at ease and has helped build my confidence. Romina has a great sense of humour, is incredibly warm, encouraging, and patient, so if you want to start your fitness journey or pick up where you left off, I would highly recommend getting in touch with her! A fantastic PT.
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Romina is the best trainer ever! I met her in May 2021 after a very difficult year - because of the lockdown, for the first time in my life I gained weight and could not fit my favourite clothes anymore. This also affected my mental health, as I was not confident anymore. Not only she helped me reaching my goals, but she also made training at the gym fun! She is a great person and amazing human being, she listens to your needs and pushes you in a gentle way. She is very understanding of each person’s needs and really helped me not only with my goals, but especially to gain back my self confidence and strength. I will never thank her enough for all her support and I will never, ever, change trainer - as much as I moved to a different part of London and I am still going at the gym in Stratford!
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I never thought I would actually look forward to going into the gym until I started my sessions with Romina. She made me feel very comfortable in the gym and helped boost my confidence greatly. Her sessions are always different, challenging and will push your limits to ensure that you reach your goals.
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When I first started training with Romina I hadn't a clue how to exercise properly. But with her help I quickly improved. She has the ability to make exercising fun and effective. I would highly recommend Romina to anyone looking for a highly qualified personal trainer. She gave me the confidence I needed to join a gym and healthier lifestyle.
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Great PT. I have trained with her for a few months and I have achieved great results. She pushes you hard and uses all your potential. Very friendly and chatty too, puts you at ease. Highly recommended!
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Romina is a very professional, beautiful private trainer. I love the time that I spent with her
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Romina is a great personal trainer . Adapting her sessions to my needs , motivating me and always pushing me to be the best version of myself in the gym and outside the gym . Working out with her in the gym makes everything to be enjoyable and wanting to spend more time in there . Thank you for helping me with my journey romina !
Andrada Caruntu
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Romina is a brilliant personal trainer! She understands my goals and really pushes me every session. I am very happy with the results that I have achieved with her. She is highly motivating and very bubbly. I would definitely recommend her!!
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I did train with Romina for a while. I have to say she understood exactly what i needed and the sessions were really well planned.
She made me work hard but in a very clever and effective way.
I usually don't like working out. But Romina made it feel more pleasant.

I can definitely recommend her.
Divina De Rose
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Romina is an amazing trainer.she was so friendly helpful and has an fanatastic ability in pushing u to achieve ur best.never felt hard in gym she makes u feel comfortable and motivates u to do ur sessions. After I met her she made so confident and it became so ease to go to gym everyday.Her sessions were always focussing on different areas.I’m looking forward to take a full time plan with her.shes very flexible and the tips she gives on workouts helps u a lot.
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I started training with Romina 6 weeks after giving birth. Romina was a great personal trainer, very motivating and flexible. The sessions were always different focussing on different areas, legs, arms, core etc. I would definitely recommend her
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Romia is an amazing trainer she creates you a workout plan before she trains you she a wonderful person to talk to she is very hard working and makes sure your doing your workout correctly Romia pushes you and makes sure you get the results you need perfect trainer ever.
Catalina Vecino
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Romina is amazing! Works you really hard, gets results and is bubbly and chatty, making you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend !!
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Romina is a great trainer! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a PT. She provides a great mixture of fun, motivation, varied and interesting sessions, and punishing regime, *ouch*, in order to keep you improving and coming back for more. Throw in some cheerful banter and an hour's session absolutely flies by. If you have specific goals then Romina will help you put a plan in place to get you there, including meal planner if required. When I started with Romina I was looking for help getting motivated more than anything else. I used to find it all too easy coming up with excuses not to go to the gym. Now, I really look forward to our sessions (apart from the core exercise days, they kill me, ha!). My goals were to get fit for some cycling events and to tone up overall. Both of these goals I am confident I will achieve with Romina's help.
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Not only has Romina helped me to lose nearly 2 stone in 3 months (in a healthy and balanced way) - but has also helped me to stay motivated and consistent with a healthy lifestyle. She is flexible with her schedule and each session is different, using new techniques and equipment to keep every workout fun and unique. Her knowledge, skillset combined with a great personality make it a real pleasure to work with Romina - she will certainly be able to help you reach your fitness goal, whatever that may be.
Sam Morter
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So to be honest I wasn't sure about working with a personal trainer. I am an older lady and a bit shy of PT people. But Romina was so helpful, passionate about what she does and knowledgeable that she has got me pushing myself and I am actually getting results. I am learning for life, not just a quick fix and then back to status quo. I'd really like to develop an ongoing routine I can work on myself after we say bye bye....but not bye bye just yet!
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Wonderful skilled PT with a bubbly personaly. Did wonders to push me towards my goals. Highly recommended
Rob Cornell
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Romina is perfect, amazing and super personal trainer. she is very friendly and motivate person. I enjoyed working with her, she was very punctual to the time and create a new sessions accordingly to my body and wait to reach my goal.I recommended her if you would like to reduce your weight, As I was a fully vegetarian and Indian cuisine, she made a perfect diet plan for me which help me to reduce my weight.
Rujuta Patel
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Romina is a great personal trainer. She really thinks about each clients needs on an individual basis. I worked with her specifically for helping to strengthen my back after a back injury. Working as a nurse, I was in constant pain after every shift. After completing a month of personal training I was no longer in pain. I have progressed to the point I can start running again, something my back injury prevented me from doing for years. I have seen real progress and felt tangible results. Romina is very knowledgeable around adapting around injury/disability. She is also a warm and friendly person and can always make you laugh, despite making you sweat!

I would recommend her to anyone, in particular to people with disabilities/injuries.
Rebekah Baker
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Fantastic session ! Can t wait to start my full program with her. She is motivating and so fun to work with!! I'm now more confident then ever to reach my goals with her help.
Francesca Arpagaus
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She is a an amazing trainer! Simply with her help I am achieving my goals.With the passion in her job she motives me every lesson to give my best.She creates a programme cut out for you that guarantees results.She is always friendly and very flexible to yours needs. I recommend her if you would like to turn your life around.

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