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Ross Hayman
Ross Hayman
Clapham Leisure Centre
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With years of training experience I have developed a broad knowledge of effective training strategies for a variety of individual needs and goals. I provide bespoke training programmes designed to safely and effectively improve strength, muscle mass, fitness and fat loss in 1-2-1 sessions or small groups.

I am currently offering discounted taster sessions at Clapham Leisure Centre, so get in contact today to book yours.
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Nutrition
Strength Training: Whether you’re interested in hypertrophy, strength gain, or managing weight, strength training should always be at the core of an exercise programme. I have a wealth of knowledge around tailoring strength training to maximize efficiency and growth for people in all kinds of circumstances.
Weight Management: Through my programmes of compound, dynamic strength training, appropriate cardiovascular exercise and nutrition strategies, and the motivation to push yourself in the gym I have enabled clients to not only reach their weight goals, but to do so sustainably and long term.
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Ross is a very knowledgeable, personable, and professional trainer. I had 11 sessions with him, and he was able to guide me very well, answer all my questions, and help me think more effectively about how to schedule exercises and add in new ones. He was also understanding and accommodating when I needed to travel and postpone lessons. I had been exercising more seriously for about a year prior to hiring Ross, and I'd never had a trainer before. Ross was fantastic, and I will likely be looking to book him again in a few months. A+
David J
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Ross exceeds all expectations of what you originally believe you need from a PT. He is not only approachable, friendly and encouraging but also incredibly knowledgable in this field and has always gone the extra mile to ensure my goals are met. As a physio, finding a PT I could trust was super important, and immediately when meeting Ross I felt so at ease because this guy REALLY knows what he’s on about and it shows!

I personally struggled the most with structure, motivation and discipline and I feel I’ve come away from my sessions with Ross a much more confident well-rounded gym goer (now with impeccable form obviously) who has fallen back into actually ENJOYING the gym! He’s such a great laugh and makes sessions so fun while pushing you to get that one last horrid rep, and the results for your mental and physical will keep you going back each week. I very very highly recommend Ross to anyone, as his approach is mouldable to every ability and if this spiel isn’t enough to convince you, I have and will be continuing to recommend him to my own clientele as I wholeheartedly trust him out of any PT I have ever met (which is a lot). Bottom line is, he’s absolutely fab and if you’re thinking about doing some sessions, you will not regret it.
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I've had about four PT's in my time, and Ross is by far the best!
I'd recently had surgery and was looking to get back into the gym, and back on track track with my fitness goals. I went to the same gym as him and saw what looked like genuinely fun sessions he was coaching with his other clients.

From the absolute start he was supportive and friendly, then once up and running he was able to push me in each and every session. I left each session with more fitness/ exercise knowledge, feeling thoroughly positive and looking forward to the next one.

The key improvements for me were:
- I lost 10kgs in 2 months and kept it off
- Built up a more rigorous muscular frame
- Exceeded all of my PB's for Squats, Bench etc under his guidance.

He left me with enough knowledge and confidence to continue even after our sessions were over. Absolutely great guy and even greater PT! Do not pass him up.

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You know when you start at a gym and feel like an idiot? Overwhelmed, under-prepared, clueless. Ross not only helped me overcome all the above but fueled a passion I never knew I had about fitness and gym work.
He's enabled confidence in what I can achieve, pushed me to what I'm capable of (my legs might say otherwise) and all the time he's done it being an approachable, knowledgeable and engaging human, not like many other over-bearing PTs you can find in other places.
Sign up, choose Ross, get fit, don't regret it. Easiest decision.
Thank you Ross, you are a true hero! 💪🏻
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I undertook a 10-session block with Ross over the last four months to find a new routine and regain confidence after a long-term injury. It was the best thing I could have done and wish I had sought Ross out sooner! I learnt so much about technique, how to structure gym sessions, which exercises to suit my needs and how to progress these exercises. Plus Ross is very easy to talk to, which made the sessions sessions really enjoyable (even at 6.30am!). Thank you again Ross :)
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I've had an excellent experience of personal training with Ross. He's given me so much advice and tailor made routines to fit my goals. His approach has made me much more confident with a wide range of strength exercises, which I benefit from long after the sessions are over. On top of that, he's an incredibly friendly and approachable person making our sessions a joy each time. Would highly recommend him to anyone!
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I was new to the gym and didn't know much about workout before. I'm so glad that I went to Ross. He is professional and explains how to achieve my goal (building strength, looking fit, gaining weight) in a very logical way which makes it easy to understand and remember. Ross is always patient with questions. Effective communication when it comes to scheduling next sessions. Like the other reviews say, I have always enjoyed my session with Ross as he is very funny and cheerful.

I am still quite new but now I have confidence and I enjoy working out!

Highly recommend. Trust the reviews.
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Ross has been fabulous to work with! I signed up with Ross primarily to fix my form which we definitely did but, he also transformed my attitude and confidence within the gym! Not only is he a great PT but he is hilarious and always makes the workouts fun. Thoroughly recommend!
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Ross is highly knowledgeable and is able to seamlessly adapt his approach to his client’s abilities.

Even though I am fairly experienced, Ross quickly identified what in my approach to bench press had led to an injury as well as provided some very simple exercises to solve the problem.

Ross is extremely approachable and patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to to get better, regardless of their current level. Ross will help you to achieve your goals.
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Ross is hands down the best PT I’ve ever worked with. Having felt like I’d plateaued, I reached out to Ross having seen him in the gym. My hope was to get back on track and build more confidence in the gym. In reality I’ve gained far more than that. Ross is super knowledgeable, sharing why to do things certain ways and what works for you as an individual. On top of that, Ross makes every session enjoyable (even the early starts) and keeps you motivated and accountable. Can’t recommend him enough!
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Before I started training with Ross I always trying to find an excuse to avoid the gym. However Ross managed to make it an enjoyable experience. He is an extremely good trainer and a very good and interesting person as well. I recommend him to everyone who wants to have a professional caring and enjoyable session.
Nikos Giannakouris
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Ross is the best PT I’ve ever worked with. He is such a professional but lovely person. I enjoyed every session. He’s very knowledgable and pushes you to achieve the best results for your body. Highly recommend.
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It’s safe to say I was completely clueless about anything related to strength training and was really struggling to get to grips with it, until I was recommended Ross (hint: he’s the bomb). He formulated a plan for me that worked for my lifestyle (chaos) and goals (get stronger and wobble less). He’s incredibly knowledgable and I’ve learnt so much from him. He’s also a great laugh and has always been brilliant with my incessant whining and endless questions. I’ve finally lost my gym fear and feel so much stronger and confident, all thanks to this lad! If you’re looking for a PT/physio/dietician hybrid that’s also a bloody great guy, then you couldn’t find a better one than Ross.
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I can honestly say that Ross has got me into the best shape ever. I started my Journey with him when I was just about to hit 40 back in 2022 and I haven't looked back since. Squats, deadlines, rows the list goes on. An absolute asset in my fitness goals.
Triston Idollor
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I've been training with Ross for over a year now and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to get started in strength training or build on an existing foundation. I came to Ross with the goal to get stronger and I can definitely say it's achieved! I'm so much stronger and more muscular than a year ago. Ross is really knowledgeable and can help with stretches and adjustments as well feedback on the specific gym exercises you're do. He's friendly, chatty and reliable as well as being a great PT.
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Ross is not your average meat-head PT trying to kill you for an hour. He is genuinely interested in building a program that gets you where you want to be while also making the experience interesting along the way by clearly explaining the science behind everything. He doubled up as a Physio for me by identifying key stretches and exercises that would correct areas that were bothering me or holding me back. Also he's just a really nice guy. Highly reccomend.
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I'd seen Ross in the gym quite a few times as I fumbled my way through work outs copying what I'd seen others do in the hope I'd build my strength. He always seemed super approachable and extremely knowledgable (from what I would eaves drop anyway!) so I decided to get in touch and organise some sessions with him. I'm so very glad I did.

Ross shared with me so much of his knowledge, each session was tough and fun but also a massive learning opportunity. He helped me build my strength and my confidence so the gym is no longer the intimidating place it once was and I actually look forward to going (which I never thought would happen!)

I wouldn't think twice about recommending him to anyone looking for a PT so if you're reading this and wondering, just do it! :)
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I've been working out with Ross now for about 1 year, in the time I've gone from barely being able to do a squat with my own body weight, to now pushing 80kg squats. In this time I have also lost 20kg, and have become alot more confident in the gym; now going by myself throughout the week.
I often would hurt myself when I tried moves myself/ was ineffective in the movements, which have now been corrected by Ross. He is very knowledgeable, and he obviously enjoys what he does.
I have also found him to be very flexible.
He helped me in all shapes of life, especially in my diet, activities and confidence.
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Ross has helped enormously. I’ve been using gym for years but with his motivation and enthusiasm I have achieved so much in a relatively short time. My weight dropped from 95kg to 85kg mostly because of Ross’s advice on nutrition and I am noticeably more muscular. I’m very happy with what I have achieved under Ross’s supervision. He is a nice guy who gets results. Very happy customer.
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Ross has been beyond amazing. I have hyper mobility and really wanted to do a pull up. Before training with Ross, I was very weak and joint pain. I’m stronger now and can pull down over half my body weight and do a pistol squat. Not only is he good at his job, he would always make me laugh before 7am!
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I’ve been working out in the gym with Ross’s help for a couple of months to recover from a running injury that impacted my lower back. With his help, I’ve met my goals (I can run again), but I’m also now building strength I didn’t know I had and solving other problems I didn’t think I could. He’s super knowledgeable, and approaches the job like it’s a science, so I’m learning as I go, too. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.
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Ross has been an amazing PT to work out with. To be honest, I wasn’t even looking for a PT at the time. He saw me working out and gave me a few pointers on how to use the equipment so I thought let’s go ahead and book some sessions in.

I have enjoyed every moment working out with him and we have really connected. I finished my sessions last week and ended up booking more.

Ross is an asset to the Gym and it’s really lovely to see the friendships he is forming along the way.

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