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Rupert Burnett-George
Rupert Burnett-George
Palmer Park Sports Stadium
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Growing up I was always into sports and fitness, but I was never the best on the team. Fitness has always been a big part of my lifestyle, and this is why I’m so growingly attached to it.

After starting my career as a Personal Trainer I came to believe if you can visualize something happening then you can make it happen.

Now today I’m doing what I love doing, helping and inspiring people to achieve their personal goals while also engaging in a healthier lifestyle, and positively transform their life.
IAO Level 3 Diploma In Fitness Instructing And Personal Training.
Sports Nutrition Course.
Strong Nation Instructor By Zumba.
Weight loss
Improve Fitness
Nutritional guidance
Body fat reduction
Muscle tone, Muscle mass
Persistant motivation
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I’ve been training with Rupert for three months now. I’ve never been very sporty but wanted to get into better shape and increase my fitness levels.
He was so professional when we met for a consultation, he explained how the process works and provided me with a diet plan to follow.
He has a brilliant way of explaining the exercises and the benefits and brings a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge alongside this. I would highly recommend sessions with Rupert for any level of fitness. I’ve had a brilliant experience and it’s really encouraged me to work on my fitness goals.
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I have been training with Rupert for over a year now and love it! I always hated PE at school but Rupert has really made sure exercise is enjoyable and fun. When Rupert asked me what I wanted to achieve, I said I wanted to be strong. I can now lift just shy of 60kg and as a 5ft 1 original gym shy woman, I think that says it all :)
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I've been working with Rupert for a few months now, and I am extremely pleased with my decision to sign up and work with him.
Rupert genuinely enjoys training; he is enthusiastic about it and treats you like a gym partner rather than just a client. He adapted his approach when he realized that I am eager to push myself but also understanding when it comes to knowing when to take it slow. He is fantastic to work with, incredibly supportive, and very knowledgeable.
The difference in having a personal trainer is massive. Even if you think you know what you need to do, the power of accountability is tremendous.
I wholeheartedly recommend him without any doubt.
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My first experience with Rupert has been an incredible experience! I started my sessions with Rupert a month and a half ago, and so far the results are amazing! He is a trainer who really cares and go above and beyond to help you to achieve your goals. His detailed approach to nutrition and fitness plans has exceeded my expectations. He is always at hand when needed, responds to messages quickly and is really good in making you feel motivated. Just a quick note to thank you for everything you have done while training me and waking up early!!
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I couldn't recommend Rupert enough! He is really knowledgeable and makes you feel like you're in really safe hands while training. His patience and sense of humour helped me staying motivated even on the hardest days, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in the gym, which is not something I thought I would ever say.
Look no further if you need a personal trainer in Reading!
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Rupert is a talented personal trainer. He has helped me stay consistent with working out, as well as helping my confidence using equipment in the gym. He has great interpersonal skills and makes each session challenging but fun.
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I have been training with Rupert for the last couple of months and always look forward to my sessions. The progress I have made since starting my PT sessions has been amazing. He is reliable and motivating whilst keeping the sessions fun and effective. Highly recommend!
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Rupert i have meet him at reading uni gym as Strong by Zumba i loved his classes a-lot.
He is very friendly and lovely person always motives me.
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Rupert has been a very motivational and positive trainer, working together for the past 6 months. He is focused, works well with people of all ages, and makes the sessions enjoyable. Progress is made and there is a good focus on the best techniques to get the best results. Highly recommend.
Rachel H
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Rupert's been killing me every session and I still look forward to go back. Say alot.
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Rupert was and has been a great support in my journey! I was going through a hard time and had 0 confidence in myself - not only he helped me loss weight, he also helped me gain my confidence and believe in myself! I am forever thankful to Rupert! My journey has now finished but I now that he will always be there for me and to offer me support.

Super profissional and friendly! I would recommend him to everyone that is looking to improve their health and self esteem!
Rita Henriques
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I've been training with Rupert since late 2020. He has done, and continues to do, a fantastic job getting me into great shape, and keeping me uplifted and motivated through what was a pretty dark time for us all back then. It's been an essential part of every week for mental and physical improvement.
He loves helping people at all levels who are serious about sorting themselves out, and as long as you work hard he really goes out of his way to do his best for you. His sessions are often intense, but they're always at the right level for me. Totally recommend!
Ryan Grenz
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Rupert helped me during my darkest time in 2021_2022. He helped me to stay motivated throughout my weight loss journey. Always on time for our sessions. Flexible when unexpected event meant we had to change times. The workout were fun, diverse and progressive. Will definitely use him again in the future.
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Rupert has been training me for just over a year now. I feel very good in myself and now look really toned. Rupert is a genuine guy, very dedicated and always takes the time out to talk and encourage.
He takes no nonsense and is always pushing me to the next level.
I would highly recommend Rupert as a personal trainer, no matter what level of fitness you are.
Jim Hughes

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