Ryan Marsterson
Ryan Marsterson
Clapham Leisure Centre
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I am a Personal Trainer with a huge interest in health and fitness, who believes not only in the physical benefits from exercise, but also the benefits on mental health. I would like to assist others in order to achieve their fitness goals and improve physical and mental health, alongside this I aim to build fitness programs that are enjoyable.
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal trainer
Level 4 Nutritionist
Weight/Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Sport Performance/Overall Fitness
12 Reviews 12 out of 12
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Really enjoying training with Ryan - feeling good and seeing results! He understands what works for me and how to adapt any equipment or exercises to suit me better. He's keeping me on track - he does a great job!
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Prior to connecting with Ryan, I was a novice in the gym, grappling with low confidence not only in that fitness setting but also in my personal life. Through Ryan's guidance, my perspective on training has undergone a transformative shift, resulting in substantial positive changes both physically and mentally.
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Ryan Marsterson is a standout personal trainer who not only excels in his expertise and dedication but also possesses an exceptional ability to boost confidence in the gym. As someone who initially felt intimidated by the gym environment, Ryan's unwavering support, patience, and personalized approach have been transformative. His guidance not only honed my physical fitness but also significantly bolstered my confidence within the gym walls. Ryan's motivational skills and tailored routines not only pushed my physical limits but also instilled a newfound self-assurance in navigating various workouts and equipment. His commitment to clients' well-being extends beyond fitness, making each session an empowering and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, passionate, and results-driven personal trainer committed to not just transforming bodies but also bolstering confidence.
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I’ve been training with Ryan over the last 2 years and highly recommend him! He is patient, kind and has a fab sense of humour. A great combination which has helped me build my confidence and with my motivation in the gym. He will help you achieve your goals and make the experience enjoyable.
Mary C
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Ryan has been fab! He’s built my confidence in the gym when I was previously too terrified to go. I actually feel like I know what I’m doing these days when I walk into the leisure centre.

Ryan has also been super patient with me, helping adapt my exercises around a number of medical conditions.

Thanks Ryan!
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I highly recommend Ryan I have been training with him for around 2 years now and his approach to my training has significantly improved my fitness levels. Ryan creates challenging yet enjoyable workouts, and is extremely flexible in his approach.
Chris Hughes
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I tired with Ryan for well over a year, he is friendly, funny and really listening to what you want to get out of training with him.

If I didn't move so far away I'd still be training with him. Can't recommend more highly
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I look at each session I have done with Ryan and celebrate everything I have achieved so far. Training with Ryan has been an amazing way to develop one of your most valuable assets- belief in yourself. Thank you for being a catalyst for positive change in my life. If you are looking for a personal trainer based in London then look no further.
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Ryan has really built my confidence in the gym. He’s really supportive and makes exercise fun. Sometimes Ryan gets more excited about my achievements than me!
I really enjoy our sessions and wouldn’t go to anyone else.
I definitely see a difference both physically and mentally after our time together.
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From someone who is massively out of their comfort zone in the gym I found Ryan to be very supportive and approachable . I have been training with Ryan for several months where he has assessed my capabilities and pushed me to my limits .

I’m very pleased with the results so far !
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Training with Ryan has been great. I really feel the benefits of training with you . Before this I had fear /resentment towards the gym as it was something other people did . Now I feel confident there and always feel a sense of achievement at the end of sessions .

I’ve learned many techniques and feel comfortable using any machines as well as knowing what exercises I can do at home . In short , I’ve loved it .
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I honestly love my training sessions with Ryan. I look forward to our training sessions every week and couldn’t imagine training with someone else .

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