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Sam Canham
Sam Canham
Duston Sports Centre
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Hi I’m Sam and whilst I am passionate about health and fitness…I know you have better things to do with your time than sit-ups and squats. That said my experience tells me that when you make yourself a priority life gets infinitely better.

When you feel great in your skin, you live a happier, more successful, more fulfilling life. Even so, you don’t want to spend your life in the gym & never eat pizza again to get there right?

Through a decade of trial and error, I've refined fitness down to the essentials. It’s now my mission to help my clients get in great shape with minimal wasted time, effort, and sacrifice with a coaching experience that goes far beyond the gym floor and lasts for life.

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BSc Sport Therapist
MNU Certified Nutritionist
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Weight Loss
Injury Rehab
Nutrition Coaching
Behaviour Change
Corrective Exercise
Lifestyle Change
Weight Lifting
32 Reviews 32 out of 32
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Sam is an excellent PT, good knowledge of all thing’s health related, exercise, nutrition, sleep, supplements and everything else in between. Flexible, funny, easy to get on with, educated and really well informed… I’d highly recommend Sam
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This is my first experience with a PT and I could not have a better one. Easy going personality, great knowledge in regards to workouts and nutrition, adapting to your own goals. Sam is a great motivator and really helps and supports your goals and changing daily habits, encouraging so in a way that you don't feel pushed or that is getting intrusive in your life
Guzmán Lopez
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I can't say enough good things about my personal trainer Sam. From the moment I walked in with loads of anxiety, he made me feel welcome and supported.

After just three weeks of training, I feel like a completely different person – physically and mentally. His expertise, encouragement, and personalized approach have helped me surpass my own expectations.

If you're looking for a trainer who truly cares about your progress and well-being, look no further. Highly recommend giving him a try – you won't regret it!
Suthan vasanthan
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Sam is a great PT. He is really knowledge, down to earth and makes sessions enjoyable. He is really motivating and makes you want to train hard. Since training with Sam I have been more driven towards my goals. I have noticed a difference in not only my physical health but also mentally I feel a lot better within myself. Really recommend training with Sam :)
Chloe Fletcher
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Sam is an excellent Personal Trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and condition
Martin Aldred
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I have been working with Sam, coming up to a month now. I am so pleased and thankful for the experinace he has helped me gain so much confidence in the past month. I can see results happening and really appreciate his help when I am stuck on something he will go over it in my sessions so I can smash it for next sessions. Can’t wait to carry on!!! Thankyou !!!
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I know, I'm only new to join the gym. When Sam introduce his self as a Personal trainer. Me and my friend agreed to join the session to him. Sam is an amazing and very helpful coach.
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Sam is a great coach with good knowledge, he is helping me with my nutrition weight loss and strength trianing would definitely recommend him
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I know, I'm only new to join the gym. When Sam introduce his self as a PT. Me and my friend agreed to join the session to him as our PT. Like today, it was really good work out. Thank you Sam, you are amazing.👍
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Sam has been a massive support to me over the past coming weeks i have had two sessions with him and I have noticed a massive change in my ability. He sets you up packages to do on the days you’re not with him and he sets me to a challenge to achieve it. Appreciate his work so far Thankyou, highly recommend.
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My health and well being journey started a year ago when I retired. I managed to lose nearly 2 stone by swimming and walking but my weight had plateaud so I knew I needed to do something different but didnt have a clue where to start. Thats when Sam introduced himself at Duston gym and offered a complimentary session which I took him up on! I have been working with Sam for a few weeks now and he is helping me work on improving my core strength to enable me to continue to swim and walk. Sam has structured a training regimen in the gym for me as I would not have had a clue which equipment would be of benefit to me and this has helped me focus on what I need to do to continue my fitness/weight loss journey. Sam is very encouraging and positive during the one to one training and is knowledgeable, patient and non judgmental. If you need a kick start and want a personal trainer then look no further than Sam.
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I had the pleasure of working with Sam for last 4 weeks. His expertise and dedication truly made a difference in my fitness journey. They tailored workouts to my specific goals and fitness level, ensuring each session was challenging yet manageable. His encouragement and support keeps me motivated, even on tough days. Thanks to his guidance, I've seen improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall well-being. I highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for personalized and effective fitness coaching.

Pinal daya
Pinal Daya
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After training with him at his previous employer when I heard he was going some iI jumped at the chance to train with him again. He’s meticulous, knowledgeable and highly motivational. It’s great fun working with Sam and he comes highly recommended.
Sean Kennedy
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Amazing first few weeks with Sam. His knowledge is first class and his ability to
Adapt exercises to suit is also first class. The package he sets up for you is first rate and encourages you to succeed.
Steve Rolt
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“The biggest win I had with Sam’s coaching is my change of mindset and my relationship with food. I’ve stopped viewing foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and instead ask what this food offers me. He’s transformed the way I think about my body. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others and I’m focusing on my journey. I’ve made great progress already and I’m excited for what the future holds
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“Before the plan I was over 16 stone, my confidence was so low I wouldn’t have taken photos of myself. I had no idea how to control my diet but now...Now I’ve lost over 2 stone I feel more confident which has helped hugely in my personal and professional life. I’m unrecogniseable from where I was last year.”
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“Before working with Sam I was OBSESSED with Scale Weight. I was stuck in this diet club mentality. Only through consistently working on myself and changing my perspective from looking at the scales to what my body can do did i achieve lasting weight loss. I’m over two stone down, my clothes fit better and I’ve run my first 10km!!”
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I'd tried everything, a chronic yo-yo dieter. I'd always be so confused when I didn't get immediate results.
But working with Sam, I have learned SO much about my natural fluctuations and when to ignore the scales!
I'm now 100x more confident, I'm now wearing clothes I NEVER would have before and at last
I feel in control.
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It's a miracle, I'm so happy! Since working with Sam I've lost 2 stone and I'm more in control now than I have ever been. Sam has helped to make it so easy & simple
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Absolutely buzzing with the results Sam! Honestly I don't think i could have done this without your support and guidance. You've taught me so much not only life lessons on how to maintain my health but you've helped me tackle my anxiety too which is invaluable. I'm excited to see how far we go and I'm ready!! I'm so grateful and appreciative, I cannot tell you how glad I am that I joined up when i did!
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After my first session today 22/01/24 with Sam really impressed with the exercise, was able to walk properly down the stairs with minimum pain as i have been having sciatica pain for quite a while. Yes Sam I will do my homework exercise and look forward to working with you. Nice one Lad
Mavis Brown
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Sam has been a huge support to me over the years, when I was diagnosed with PCOS, Sam was able to help me make some lifestyle changes with his extensive knowledge of nutrition and personal training. I always recommend Sam when anyone asks me about personal training or nutrition advice!
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Sam is an outstanding personal trainer who has completely transformed my fitness journey. Working with him, I've not only lost weight but gained confidence and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Sam's tailored approach to training, considering my fitness level and preferences, has made every session both challenging and enjoyable. His positive attitude and unwavering support boosted my confidence, making me believe in my abilities both inside and outside the gym.

Under Sam's guidance, I've achieved significant weight loss through a balanced workout routine and valuable nutritional advice. What sets Sam apart is his ability to make exercise enjoyable – turning workouts into something I genuinely look forward to.

In summary, Sam is not just a personal trainer but a mentor who has positively impacted my life. If you're looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable male trainer who makes fitness both effective and enjoyable, Sam is the one for you. Grateful for the progress we've made and excited for more to come!
Ethan Abery
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I've only just started working with Sam at the Mounts gym, but I'm impressed so far. He knows his stuff and checks to make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly in order to get the most out of it. He's got a great attitude and I know he will push me to do more than I think I am capable of. Highly recommended.
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At the beginning of this process I wasn't in a great place. I can look back now and see whereI was going wrong. My lifestyle is MUCH healthier, I'm over 2 stone down and so much more confident. I'm still working to improve but I'm very happy with where I am at now thanks to Sam
Connor Rawlins
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Before working with Sam I'd picked up some really bad habits since having my first baby. I wasn't in a great palce but now I've lost over a stone and learned 1000x more than I ever did with Slimming World.
My confidence is completely transformed and I cannot thank Sam enough for his support!
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Before working with Sam I had ZERO motivation and I'd failed so many diets in the past. But now I've lost well over a stone and I've learned an incredible amount and realised that those diets failed me.
I now know you don't need a crash diet, you can lose weight and still live a normal life
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Sam is a great coach. I've been an on/off client for around 5-6 years and I always see a big difference in holding myself accountable and motivation when I have him as a coach
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I've really enjoyed my first few sessions with Sam. He's not remotely intimidating and is fun to be around. I'd highly recommend him to anyone, especially people who lack confidence. He'll soon boost that, along with your fitness.
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Sam is a brilliant trainer and coach! His knowledge around fitness and body movement is incredible! If you’re looking for somebody that will keep you engaged and motivated Sam is the man!
Daniel Callum
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Training with Sam has been great, he has taught me some valuable lessons to maintain my fitness and stay accountable to myself
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Before I started working with Sam I was an all or nothing guy. When I was in the gym I would be all in, 5 days a week, eating healthy and living healthy... but when I fell off I would drop any diet, quit the gym and head down the pub. Sam helped me find a middle ground, a way to make sure I wasn't getting burned out and sacking everything off. I have stayed with Sam for two/three years now because I'm just healthier when I work with him. He keeps me committed and can see when I'm burning out so he'll drop the workload but equally when I'm cruising he doesn't mind turning up the heat. Sam is more than a fitness coach, he gets invested and that leads to holistic changes in your life. If you're choosing your coach then you couldn't do better than Sam.
Jay Douglas

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